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George Soros Enters the “Brexit” Debate, Spews Hypocrisy



George Soros is many things: Billionaire currency trader, outspoken left-winger, and dedicated Hillary Clinton financier. In December 2015, Soros wrote a $6 million check to Hillary Clinton’s leading super PAC—Priorities USA Action—bring his total contributions to pro-Clinton groups to $8 million in 2015.

As if that wasn’t enough, Soros is now inserting himself in the “Brexit” debate raging across the United Kingdom, imploring Great Britain to stay in the European Union (EU). “To start off, sterling is almost certain to fall steeply and quickly if there is a vote to leave,” Soros argues. “I would expect this devaluation to be bigger and more disruptive than the 15 percent devaluation that occurred in September 1992, when I was fortunate enough to make a substantial profit for my hedge fund investors, at the expense of the Bank of England and the British government.”

He goes on: “A vote for Brexit would make some people very rich—but most voters considerably poorer.”

Therein lies the irony. Soros is warning the British people about a Brexit-triggered currency devaluation, even though he made hundreds of millions of dollars due to a similar situation in 1992—when Soros shorted the British Pound before the currency devalued by 15 percent. Soros, one of those “very rich” profiteers, now pretends to care about—in his words—“ordinary people.”

Does that remind you of a certain Democratic politician who gives six-figure speeches on Wall Street?

As Soros and his left-wing partners continue to openly play with British sovereignty for the sake of profit, it’s important to remember that he holds equal, if not greater, political power here in the United States. His web of nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, and handpicked political candidates are some of the most influential in the entire country—see, for example, the Capital Research Center report here.

It’s time for Americans to label George Soros for what he really is: A profiteer who uses regulation on the backs of hard-working Americans to make a quick billion.