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PC insanity at Pomona College

Matthew Vadum author image / /   14 Comments

Politically correct leftists are at their happiest when condescending to white people. White people don’t understand and need to be told what to think and how to behave.

In this new academic year, new students at Pomona College were welcomed to campus with posters counseling them on “How to be a (Better) White Ally,” reports student newspaper the Claremont IndependentThe signs insist that white people should “acknowledge your privilege” and “apologize if you’ve offended someone,” advising them against supposedly offensive language like the words “sassy” and “riot,” which are “racially coded.”

The paper describes the poster further:

“Everyone is problematic and even the most educated and well-intentioned people will screw up,” the poster states. The sign then gives three steps for white allies to follow:

  1. Be prepared to make mistakes.
  2. Listen and apologize.
  3. Make sure to change.

“Remember, just because POC [person of color] #1 isn’t offended by something, does not mean that POC #2 will not be offended by it either.”

The poster goes on to states that “social justice is about BOTH elevating oppressed groups and simultaneously unpacking the privilege of dominant groups. These aspects are equally as important!” Additionally, the sign claims that all white people are racist. “Understand that you are white, so it is inevitable that you have unconsciously learned racism,” states the poster. “Your unearned advantage must be acknowledged and your racism unlearned.”

It’s exhausting and dumb. If you’re white, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Pomona is one member of Claremont Colleges, a consortium of five undergraduate schools (known as the 5Cs) and two graduate schools located in Claremont, which is between Los Angeles and San Bernardino. The other four undergraduate member colleges are Scripps, Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, and Pitzer. All five undergraduate colleges are afflicted by a group called The 5C Students of Color Alliance which wants racially segregated “safe spaces” off-limits to white students created.

Scripps College openly encourages students to hate white people.

“Anger is a legitimate response to oppression, as is sadness, fear, frustration, exhaustion, and a general distaste or hatred of white people,” write the student authors of the college’s student handbook. The 217-page exercise in PC brainwashing is supposed to help new students adjust to Scripps College.

All of this is yet another reminder that you shouldn’t give money to American universities.

Let them starve.

When they die, we can start over again.

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