About Us

Bombthrowers is a blog about politics and the war for the hearts and minds of Americans from a conservative viewpoint.

In line with our name, we do not hold back. We have a take-no-prisoners attitude when it comes to fighting for conservative principles. The Left doesn’t play nice, and that’s why they’ve been winning. It’s time for conservatives to rise up and turn the tide.

We’re not afraid to take on anyone, especially the Washington Establishment—Republican or Democrat.

Bombthrowers aims to be easy to read, easy to share, and hard to dispute. We invite our readers to become soldiers in this war by sharing our content and triggering the Left. Together we can bring change.

Bombthrowers is tax-exempt and fiercely independent. We perform no contract work and we accept no government funds—not one cent. We depend on voluntary contributions to fund our important work.

Bombthrowers is a project supported by the David Horowitz Freedom Center since December 2017.

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