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A chill wind blows

The antifa rioters need to be arrested and imprisoned before the First Amendment becomes a dead letter

Matthew Vadum author image / /   2 Comments

Freedom of speech is under assault by the Left like never before.

The shutting down of Patriot Prayer’s planned rally at a federal park in San Francisco Saturday is yet more proof of the political ascendancy of the evil ultra-violent “antifa” street thug movement. Patriot Prayer is an innocuous Tea Party-ish group that only wanted to conduct a rally to support free speech. Instead the group has been smeared relentlessly — and now as it turns out, persecuted by state actors.

This is America and what happened yesterday is profoundly un-American. It cannot be allowed to stand.

Somehow ordinary conservatives have become neo-Nazis and white-supremacist ogres in the eyes of the mainstream media, a process that received a huge boost when one radical kook who was no conservative used his car to murder one person at the Hijack The Right rally in Charlottesville. Yes, it was a terrible crime that deserves to be denounced and punished to the fullest extent of the law but it does not justify the mass hysteria now gripping parts of the nation.

For the sake of the country these vile antifa extremists need to be rounded up, arrested, and given lengthy prison terms for sedition and racketeering, among other crimes against We The People of the United States of America. This leftist filth, which is openly supported by Republican quislings like Speaker Paul Ryan, will not be satisfied until the First Amendment is abolished.

No one has a constitutional right to riot or silence conservatives or anybody for that matter. Violent leftist protest is not constitutionally protected speech no matter what Nancy Pelosi says.

Are you listening President Trump and Attorney General Sessions?

Americans demand action.


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