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“All white people are racist … being a racist is not an option, it is a condition”

By Daniel Greenfield, Special to Bombthrowers

Anti-racism became racism a while back. But most lefties aren’t as open in discussing the implications of that.

The outgoing chair of the University of Wisconsin-Madison student government ripped her college upon departure, saying it “lacks the capacity, courage, and integrity to protect communities of color.”

“Racism is a system designed to disadvantage people of color and create inequalities in each pocket os society. All white people are racist. Not only by upholding a system of disadvantage but being born into a conditioned environment where you are many steps ahead. Being a racist is not an option, it is a condition.”

Let’s, as the social justice left likes to say, unpack that knapsack.

We think of racism as a hatred or bigotry that you feel toward people because they are different. However, the left’s contention is that racism, like class, is a function of society. You are “born” into a class or into a race. And if your race is white, you’re a racist. Just as if you’re born rich, you’re a capitalist oppressor.

If you understand that, you understand why the left is so violently racist. Their talk of “white supremacy” is the new capitalism. White people have to be destroyed for a progressive utopia (or abandon their whiteness the way wealthy people had to redistribute their wealth) the way that capitalists had to be destroyed to smash capitalism.

Being racist is a “condition”. It’s what happens when you’re white. It’s not an option. It’s a skin color.

This is the intersectional left’s own total racism in a nutshell. It’s the most pernicious racist ideology in this country in over a century. And it’s backed by the full weight of academia, the media and the entertainment industry.

It is one of the left’s assaults on America that we are fighting.

This article first appeared at FrontPageMag.


  • Louise cann

    I’m white,therefore I’m racist. So racism cannot be cured.So,drop it.Ill be racist and you can be stupid.Dont hold your breath running all the white people out. It ain’t gonna happen.

  • contrarian

    Gonna be hard times when whitey wises up n quits footin the bill.

  • James Simpson

    All the brainchild of Frankfurt School communists. Like everything else they do, it is a divide and conquer strategy that will never end unless/until we recognize it for the warfare that it is and put a stop to it.

  • Larry Chancery

    Being an idiot is not an option, it is a condition!

  • Larry Chancery

    Being an idiot is not a condition, it is an option!

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