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Another voter registration scandal

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Over at, I have a piece on two scandals breaking out in North Carolina. The first scandal involves thousands of improper voter registrations in a scam that was duplicated in all 50 states this election cycle. The second concerns left-wing nonprofits in the state, whose secret strategy to attack leading conservative office-holders was leaked. Even the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, which is North Carolina’s answer to the Ford Foundation, was gravely embarrassed, and the state GOP has filed formal complaints with the IRS and the State Board of Elections (SBE). Unfortunately, the SBE is at the center of the voter registration scandal:

The SBE general counsel wrote Civitas September 26, 2012, to assure them, “We were not contacted by any campaign, candidate, legislator, or political party” regarding registration. Yet the firm that SBE allowed to conduct “web-based” registrations brags on its website’s front page that its clients include “Presidential campaigns,” and its clients page lists “Obama for President Draft Committee.”

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