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Anti-Trump college president fails to condemn prof’s call to kill the president


By Daniel Greenfield, Special to Bombthrowers

If an instructor at Fresno State had tweeted something truly controversial like #AllLivesMatter, Castro would have been on it. But when Professor Lars Maischak called for murdering Trump and assorted Republicans, the response was generic.

This was what the Fresno State professor who teaches, among other subjects, Marx and Hegel, tweeted.

There is a call for the death of the President of the United States. And the deaths of Republicans. There are probably quite a few of those at Fresno State. If a professor had called for the death of any other group of people attending Fresno State, there would have been outrage. But instead President Joseph Castro offered this generic disavowal.

It’s nice that it’s not the position of Fresno State that President Trump should be hung and Republicans murdered. But Castro fails to even condemn a call for killing the President. Not to mention Republicans. But that’s not surprising as Castro has been quite vocal in defending illegal aliens and Muslims from terror states after President Trump’s executive order.

We all know that the response would have been very different is a Fresno State employee had called for Obama’s death.

This article first appeared at FrontPageMag.