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Biological reality beats radicals at Boise State

Rare victory of fact and the First Amendment over transgender activist smears saves a professor’s career

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The College Fix reports that transgender activists are gathering signatures on a petition to get Boise State University Professor Scott Yenor fired for writing an article for the Daily Signal about the destructive ways radical feminists have effected revolutionary changes in society. Professor Yenor writes their next big goal is to promote the transgender activist agenda, especially its drive to repeal age of consent laws so that children may self-diagnose as transgender and be socially and medically transitioned without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

The petition states that Yenor’s article “threatens the existence of queer and non-binary folks by promoting rhetorical violence against their livelihood,” and that his promotion of “an ideology of violence is grounds for his dismissal.”

There is also a separate petition urging Yenor’s retention. It urges people to sign “to challenge those who wish to force people with different opinions to be silenced,” and to safeguard the academic’s “freedom to defend the family[.]”

As a conservative lesbian and author of the forthcoming book, War in the Women’s Room: How to Get Men in Dresses Out of Women’s Spaces and Save Your Children from Confusion about Their Sex, published by Dangerous Books, I can tell you repealing age of consent laws to allow children to diagnose themselves as transgender is indeed a major goal of the transgender movement, but it is being pushed by people of testosterone, not feminists. Even the pussy-hat feminists didn’t include or give center stage to transgender activists in their big march on Washington, D.C., the day after President Trump’s inauguration.

In fact, second- and third-wave feminists are at war with one another over the demands of transgender activists that feminists must consider men to be women, if they say they are, and even privilege them above natal women because they demand special treatment.

It is transgender activists of testosterone who seek control of children and their schools to indoctrinate and convert children to their dogma that biological sex is irrelevant to determining a person’s nature. At the same time, they argue that gender, also known as taste in clothes and social presentation, has mutually exclusive qualities. They say gender is something that can be imposed on children as a social construct, yet also innate and essential, which allows them to argue they were “born this way.” As I explain in detail in my upcoming book, the reasons why transgender activists are doing this to children have to do with the largely hidden real reasons people become transgender and the fact that they discovered their campaigns to win victories for adult transgenders succeed when they use children as visual persuasion devices.

Transgender activists also want Yenor fired for a lengthy essay he wrote entitled, “Sex, Gender, and the Origin of the Culture Wars: An Intellectual History,” published in June by the Heritage Foundation. It is well worth reading because the professor traces the role feminists played in creating the concept of gender as a malleable social construction separate from the fixed realities of biological sex.

It is typical of the totalitarian nature of transgender activism to “no platform” Yenor by seeking to get him fired. When they are successful in destroying the careers of professors and researchers who challenge transgender dogmas, they don’t just silence those individuals, but also everyone who observes their example and needs to keep their job.

It is also typical of transgender activist bullying that students have plastered the campus with flyers intended not only to smear Yenor, but also to encourage physical attacks and verbal assaults on him by including his photo.

The success of the “no platforming” campaigns of transgender activists against every single person who questions them everywhere in real life and online has created the false impression of almost universal support of transgender activist objectives. However, if more people were aware of the full extent of their list of demands, they would be shocked at the comprehensive way in which transgender activists want to transform reality for everyone on the planet, exactly as Yenor writes.

Fortunately, the College Fix reports that Professor Yenor will not be fired. The university has informed students that, “The First Amendment forbids public entities, including universities, from restricting or regulating expression because of its message or ideas.”

It’s a rare victory, but if publicly funded universities now see their fortunes are tied to their reputation for fostering diverse points of view and upholding their constitutional duty to freedom of speech, it may be a welcome harbinger of more to come.

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