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Black actors ‘reclaim Black Friday’ for donations to ‘progressive black candidates’

Imagine if someone said we needed more white candidates...


By Trey Sanchez

Don’t even think about spending money for your family on the biggest shopping day of the year! You must give it to The Collective PAC and “Reclaim Black Friday!”

That’s the message in a new video by black celebrities for Funny or Die. The aim is to “take Black Friday back” and donate money to “fund and elect 45 progressive black candidates.”

Actress Meagan Good says in the video:

“Instead of splurging on stuff, let’s spend our money on progress by boosting black politics.”

Instead of a new watch, “Support black leadership,” says Ed James Jr.

A question is raised: “How can we reclaim Black Friday when it never belonged to us?”

The answer:

“Well, neither did Joe Biden, Michael Rappaport, and Justin Timberlake — before he did that thing to Janet [Jackson] at the Super Bowl — but that didn’t stop us from claiming them like dependents on a W-2!”

“Black Friday always belonged to us,” another claims.

Besides, as Good states, “Black Friday” both contains their pigmentation and the Ice Cube film from the 1990s. Can’t argue with that logic!

Good also complained that 90 percent of the electorate is white when not even that much of the country is white.

Lakers forward Metta World Peace adds, “The only thing that should be 90 percent white is your teeth.”

And on and on it goes.

The Collective PAC website states: “45 years after Congresswoman Shirley Chisolm’s historic Presidential Campaign & the National Black Political Convention, our 45th President is threatening the progress we’ve made. Join our campaign to recruit, train, fund and elect 45 progressive black candidates in 2017 & 2018.”

The political action committee seeks to build “black political power.” Which is fine, but how long would a PAC last that said it was “building white political power?”

Just saying.

This article first appeared at Truth Revolt.