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Blaming Trump for a phony “tidal wave” of hate

The Southern Poverty Law Center never lets facts intrude on its fantasies

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By the time Donald Trump won the Republican primaries last year, the vile Southern Poverty Law Center was working overtime to manufacture incidents of “hate” to blame on Trump supporters.

It didn’t matter that Trump supporters weren’t committing any so-called hate crimes. Fabricating hate crime hoaxes is what the SPLC does best.

But the clock is ticking on the SPLC’s deceptions and lies: even many left-wing activists have put daylight between themselves and founder Morris Dees’s crooked hate crime racket. And thanks to the SPLC’s zealous support for the cop-hating Black Lives Matter movement, they don’t get a lot of love from police departments anymore.

So, in order to manufacture this latest fake “tidal wave” of hate, the SPLC turned to a reliably naïve and pliable cohort: left-wing school teachers who subscribe to the SPLC’s website. By April, the SPLC was holding press briefings to report that a new and dangerous hate-crime-like phenomenon had been detected, primarily but not only in the nation’s K -12 schools. They called this phenomenon the Trump Effect.

I write about it at length here.

According to the SPLC, the Trump Effect is any incident of conflict, large, small, or micro-aggressive, that can be blamed on the election of Donald Trump, including anonymous acts of vandalism that any thinking adult would understand to be committed by Trump opponents, such as the handful of swastikas drawn with Trump’s name appearing near college campuses and high schools. Anti-Trump vandalism is now Donald Trump’s fault.

The SPLCers are also officially counting crimes of violence perpetrated by Trump opponents against Trump supporters as evidence of the Trump Effect.  Go out and start a riot, or beat up a guy wearing a MAGA hat, and it is still Donald Trump’s fault – and the fault of the people who voted for him.

The Trump Effect is the perfect culmination of decades of machinating by the SPLC to project blame for all social ills on “America,” or “white people” or “Christians” or other foes. Now they don’t even need to rely on a steady stream of hate crime hoaxes to stay relevant. With the Trump Effect, the SPLC has found a way to outsource the manufacture of hate to its leftist allies who are rioting, destroying property, and attacking people in the streets anyway.

This blame-the-victim scheme is so over the top that it would almost be funny if powerful people in academia and the mainstream media weren’t still taking the SPLC seriously. But the media came running to report on the Trump Effect as if it were an outbreak of cross-species bird flu. And the left wing, K – 12, school-industrial complex is eagerly piling on.