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Bo Snerdley blasts NFL kneelers and claims of “white privilege”

The second fiddle to Rush Limbaugh is a patriot who doesn't celebrate the Fourth of July

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James Golden may play second fiddle to conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh but that doesn’t mean he’s a complete dittohead.

Golden, the longtime talk show producer and call-screener known on the air as Bo Snerdley, recently sat down with Ginni Thomas of the Daily Caller News Foundation. As Thomas noted, Golden is “a clever, independent and strategic commentator whose views can be unpredictable, yet passionate.”

Golden has been a fan of the National Football League since he was five years old but he can’t bring himself to watch NFL games anymore. The politicization and anti-Americanism on display there are too much for him.

He mocked those who kneel or sit as a protest during the playing of the national anthem. He described them as “these multi-millionaire, very sensitive, highly-educated, well-versed in history football players taking a knee for social justice [which] is supposed to be acceptable while praying to our God Almighty, creator of the universe and all in it, including this beautiful, prosperous nation,” saying their unpatriotic actions should be “verboten.”

“I got triggered by this football thing because when to me I look back on the history of this country, it was for so many years, it was athletes who went through incredible pain to play, and were never rewarded in a monetary sense like these guys, were the epitomes of class.”

For example, Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers, the first black player in Major League Baseball in the modern era, was subjected to “pure visceral hate” but “he never berated his country, he never berated his fans.” Robinson let his excellence show through his athletic performance, Golden said.

Golden said his father faced racial discrimination but ignored it and pursued success on his own terms.

“My father fought in World War 2 and the Korean War and he loved this country at a time when we had Jim Crow that still prevented him from getting the kind of jobs that he deserved based on his amazing intellect. He never complained. He just kept going and kept achieving. And he kept achieving anyway because to him, I’m just going to be the best that I’m going to be regardless of all these external factors. And so these were men. That generation of men is what’s missing.”

NFL players are protesting the wrong things, Golden explained.

“Now we have these guys that want to sit and take a knee for this, ooo, notice me, notice me, ooo, I’m fighting because we’re oppressed. Who is oppressing you and your multi-million dollar luxury high-rise whatever or where – how are you being oppressed? And if you’re doing this for other people, then shouldn’t you do it in a way, shouldn’t you protest in a way that is persuasive, that brings people together or brings people to your point of view instead of alienating them?”

There are plenty of things in America today worthy of protest, he said.

“If you want to focus on the inequities in the justice system, which is a worthy cause, if you want to focus on the violence that black kids and black people face, worthy cause. I would add to that the violence in the womb that black people face. If you want to focus on areas of, let’s say, discrimination in hiring or opportunity, educational opportunity, because you’re stuck in a blue city where they’ve segregated you into these failing government schools for the last 50 years because they wanted your kids to grow up dumb and uneducated so that they can’t compete with their liberal kids, okay, if you want to protest against that. If you want to protest against the living conditions in some of these blue cities, I get that…”

That said, the idea that America is drowning in a sea of white privilege is “nonsense,” he said. “Some of us have privilege if you’re black.”

“If your kid comes home talking about white privilege and you don’t laugh as your first reaction — you need to tell this kid, stop, you’re walking down crazy road right now,” he added. “Let’s come back off of it.”

“Some people have the privilege of being born to good, decent, moral parents who pass along a moral code to be a good, decent, giving human being. Whether you are poor or rich, you live your life rich anyway because you understand the true blessings in life and the true blessings of God. That’s a privilege,” Golden said.

The fashionable left-wing concept of cultural appropriation is “stupid,” Golden said.

“Then you have these stupid idiots talking about cultural appropriation. Note to white folks, next time somebody harasses your kid about cultural appropriation, if it’s some black kid coming up with this little reverse racism trick … tell them: Good. That means you’re not going to ride in cars, right? … You’re not going to use electricity, right? Anything the white folks created is off-limits to you.”

Golden loves America but he doesn’t break out the hot dogs and apple pie on Independence Day, he explained.

“I don’t celebrate the Fourth of July. That’s white folks’ Independence Day, okay. It didn’t have nothin’ to do with no black people on the Fourth of July. That’s y’all Independence Day, y’all were freed. I wasn’t. Now I’m not mad at you because you celebrate … I’m glad for you because those founders led the way to the rest of the country being free because this is the only country in history that set in motion during the Founding the self-correcting mechanisms for what they could not accomplish at that time politically and that was an amazing thing.”

Ultimately, the system created by the Framers of the U.S. Constitution led to freedom for black people and women and the spread of democracy throughout the world.

Because of America, “now billions of people enjoy freer, fuller lives,” he said. That’s “the American Dream.”

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