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Breaking: commie actor Ed Asner to play dead commie terrorist-lawyer Lynne Stewart in HBO movie

Plus our exclusive 10-second interview with Stewart in Hell!

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It’s a cinematic dream come true!

Communist fellow traveler and actor Ed Asner will be cast as the now-moldering communist Lynne Stewart in an upcoming HBO movie, Hollywood insiders announced.

“The physical resemblance is extraordinary,” said self-described communist-cum-CNN-agitator Van Jones. “Especially the facial fair.”

Years after this writer created the admittedly amateurish separated-at-birth graphic above, Asner, a card-carrying member of the Marxist group, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), finally gave in to industry pressure to portray his doppelganger. He plans to donate his salary from the movie to former President Obama’s Organizing for Action (OfA) group because he supports its goal of overthrowing the venal Russian sockpuppet, President Donald Ivan Trump.

“Barack Obama has a long, proud history of disqualifying political opponents for his own political gain,” Asner said. “Drumpf should be a piece of cake for him.”

Contacted at her new palatial estate in Hell, Stewart was ecstatic. “Ed’s a dreamboat,” she sighed.

(Here is a link to my non-satirical FrontPageMag article on the passing of Lynne Stewart.)

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