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Briefly Noted: May 2015

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To the Left, only some black lives matter: Weather Underground terrorist and convicted cop killer Kathy Boudin recently signed her name to a “black lives matter” mini-manifesto on the website of the Columbia University School of Social Work, where she is an adjunct professor. That wouldn’t necessarily be newsworthy except for the fact that Boudin was convicted of murdering a black police officer when her radical leftist comrades robbed an armed truck in 1981. She served 22 years in prison for murdering Waverly Brown of Nyack, N.Y.—his village’s first African-American patrolman—along with another police officer, and a security guard. The Columbia School of Social Work, long a hotbed of radical activism, has received grants from left-wing philanthropies including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Another person has been convicted of voter fraud, the crime the Left says is a figment of conservatives’ imagination. A jury convicted 49-year-old Lesa Coleman in seven cases of felony absentee ballot fraud in connection with a local government election in Dothan, Alabama. The election was decided by just 14 votes, good government group True the Vote reports. Another individual in the case already entered guilty pleas to eight counts of absentee ballot fraud. A woman who has yet to stand trial is charged with 44 counts of absentee ballot fraud.

MoveOn has been saturation-bombing its members with emails pushing the truly awful nuclear arms control agreement the Obama administration reached with the terrorism-sponsoring Islamic Republic of Iran. “An historic deal with Iran is within reach—one that would be good for the U.S., Israel, and the world,” pleads an online petition at the group’s website. “Don’t let [Israel Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and his alarmist allies abort a deal before it is even born. Reject new Iran sanctions! Reject new legislation that could undermine an agreement!”

The far-left Ploughshares Fund is also shilling for the Iran deal, even though that country is notorious for breaking treaties and its leaders can’t stop chanting “Death to America!” The group’s president, Joe Cirincione, told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that Iran “has agreed to an unprecedented level of inspection” and that “such a deal has never been negotiated in the history of the nuclear age before.” The Ploughshares Fund partners with the Marxist Institute for Policy Studies, Code Pink, J Street, and United for Peace & Justice.

Human Events editor-at-large Allan H. Ryskind’s new book, Hollywood Traitors: Blacklisted Screenwriters, Agents of Stalin, Allies of Hitler, was published recently by Regnery History. In it the son of Marx Brothers screenwriter Morrie Ryskind (Animal Crackers, A Night at the Opera, Room Service) exposes the ugly truth about the Communists blacklisted from the film industry. Too often, the “Hollywood Ten” brought before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) are memorialized as victims of an unjust witch-hunt and heroes who stood up for free speech. In fact these supposed liberal paragons not only adored Josef Stalin and took their orders directly from the Communist Party, but supported Hitler’s war against Western Europe and England during the Hitler-Stalin pact.

After 21 years of service, CRC Board member Marion Wells of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, was named Trustee Emerita. The Board also elected Michael Franc, of Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, to a new seat on the Board.

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