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The Brocktopus may be illegally coordinating with Clinton campaign

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A hacked document published by Wikileaks shows what could constitute illegal coordination between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and groups run by left-wing slime merchant and admitted serial liar David Brock.

The leak came after the Campaign Legal Center filed a legal complaint with the Federal Election Commission accusing the Clinton campaign of unlawfully illegally coordinating its activities with Correct the Record, a super PAC that is part of the notorious Brocktopus. (The neologism refers to Brock’s ultra-sleazy network of activist organizations including the vile Media Matters for America.)

Correct the Record, a rapid response team created expressly to help Hillary, reportedly gave almost $6 million in in-kind donations to the campaign that took the form of coordinated expenditures which might violate federal law. The PAC vowed to spend $1 million for “push back” against users posting negative comments about Clinton on the social media sites Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram.

The leaked emails paint quite a picture.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports:

Campaign staffers have discussed sharing fundraising information with Priorities USA, the most prominent Super PAC on the Democratic side, courting potential Priorities donors, and having Clinton personally thank high-dollar contributors, according to emails to and from campaign chairman John Podesta and another campaign staffer.

Most of the emails were posted on the website Wikileaks after hackers breached Podesta’s personal email account. U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies believe that the hackers responsible for the breach are taking directions from high-level Russian government officials.

Brocktopus arm Priorities USA, another super PAC, has gone through $130 million promoting Hillary and other Democrat candidates in the current election cycle.

Donors to Priorities USA include George Soros, Jim Simons, Fred Eychaner, Donald Sussman, Haim Saban, and Daniel Abraham.