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Code Pink throws posh party for spy on his way to prison

Matthew Vadum author image /

Anti-American anti-war group Code Pink threw a posh party at Washington’s fancy Hay-Adams hotel last night to honor a convicted spy on his way to prison.

The guest of honor, former CIA employee John Kiriakou, was feted by Code Pink and wealthy supporter Naomi Pitcairn, who is also an ardent backer of traitor Bradley Manning.

Kiriakou undermined U.S. national security by leaking details of interrogation tactics used on unlawful combatants in the War on Terror. His sentence is a mere 30 months.

The Washington Post’s David Montgomery wrote a fawning post about the event, inaccurately describing Kiriakou as a “whistleblower” in the headline.


 (photo from Montgomery’s Twitter page; Code Pink leader Medea Benjamin is shown holding a microphone)