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College Credit for Code Pink Anti-Semitism

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(re-posted from FrontPage Magazine’s blog The Point)

College Credit for Code Pink Anti-Semitism, by Daniel Greenfield


Lachelle Roddy is a Political Science major at Hollins University, which describes itself as a small private women’s college. Her interests include “Theater and Circus Arts” and she combined both of them when she disrupted John Kerry’s confirmation hearings by shouting about the evils of the Jewish State and Jewish villages, demonized by supporters of Jewish ethnic cleansing as “Settlements.”

Roddy interns at Code Pink, a hate group which has met with and lent support to Hamas, an organization whose charter includes a call for Jewish genocide. And as noted by Matthew Vadum, via a tweet from Jodie Evans, she does this for college credit.

After screeching “you’re killing people in the Middle East for no reason” and “We need peace with Iran”, Lachelle Roddy did an interview with Press TV, the propaganda organ of Iran, a regime that kills its own people in huge numbers and is helping the Syrian regime kill its own people as well.

Hollins University’s willingness to provide credit to Lachelle Roddy for her internship with a hate group certainly opens up all sorts of possibilities. Will the KKK, the New Black Panther Party or Hamas be next to take up HU’s generous credits policy?

Certainly if you can get college credit for interning with a group like Code Pink that aids Hamas, why not get college credit for spending six months trying to actively murder Jews with a terrorist group?

What’s the real difference besides plausible deniability?

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Note: Here is a screen grab of the Jodie Evans tweet referenced above:




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