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Comey to get $10 million book deal

Crime may not pay but inside the Beltway duplicitousness and incompetence do pay


By Daniel Greenfield

Think of Comey’s memos as a book proposal. If they sounded rather overly descriptive, well beyond what plausible memos of a conversation would read like, this might be why.

If the publishing world has anything to say about it,  the nation’s ex-top cop, 56,  will be a multimillionaire ten times over from the book deal major publishers are offering to pay up front for his memoir – a whopping $10 million, can reveal.

Jim Comey’s story has everything, from White House intrigue to possible corruption and law breaking. His explosive story makes ‘West Wing’ and ‘House of Cards’ on a par with Mister Rogers,’ an acquisition editor for a major New York publishing house told

‘When his proposal hits my desk, I’ve already been authorized to offer $10 million.’

Not only that, but the publisher of another key player in the book world revealed that major Hollywood producers are already lining up to make the torn-from-the-headlines blockbuster movie about Comey’s life and his attempt to unseat the president.

A prominent movie-TV agent told ‘I know one top drawer producer who’s already talking to stars to cast the Comey role. He has to be tall, good-looking and a Jimmy Stewart-John Wayne-hero type. I was mesmerized when I spent the whole day watching Comey testify.

‘Comey could expect a movie deal tied into the book worth many millions of dollars more, tens of millions.’

Is this based on any kind of realistic assessment of potential profits?

By the time any such book would be ghostwritten and released, a year will have passed. By then the whole thing will be much more obscure. I’m sure the movie will be made nonetheless. Not because there’s a great deal of public interest, but for the same reason that Hillary and Cuomo got huge advances on books that few were interested in, for political reasons.

In their cases, it was a positive statement of support. In Comey’s case, it’s about attacking President Trump. The only reasons the left has been interested in Comey is attacking Trump and protecting Hillary. It’s only fitting that the same industries that have been in the business of handing out deals to Hillary, would be doing the same for Comey.

This article first appeared at FrontPageMag.