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Communists involved in Milwaukee mayhem

Matthew Vadum author image /

Amazingly, the mainstream media is actually reporting on the terrible things that communists (yes, they still exist) do in America.

I was flabbergasted to see the New York Times reporting yesterday that the police chief in violence-plagued Milwaukee, Ed Flynn, said communists were stirring up trouble in his city. Normally the Old Gray Lady ignores or covers for communists.

Flynn said Monday that members of the Chicago chapter of the (kooky but potentially dangerous) Revolutionary Communist Party showed up “and they’re the ones who started to cause trouble.” The party claimed some of its members did go to Milwaukee to “support a revolution” but didn’t set out to cause trouble.

Angry blacks took to the streets Saturday long before much was even known about the police-involved shooting of Sylville Smith, a 23-year-old black man carrying a stolen gun. Smith was shot dead by a black police officer Saturday afternoon during a pursuit on foot after he fled a traffic stop. He ignored police orders to drop his weapon and —who’da thunk it?— got blown away by a cop who didn’t want to become another homicide statistic.

Party co-founder Carl Dix called the protests in Wisconsin a “righteous rebellion.” Dix blamed police for Smith’s death, and of course, also blamed police for the riots the police have had to deal with.

“This system sees police wantonly murdering people as part of the normal order of things,” Dix said, regurgitating the paranoid nonsense spouted by Black Lives Matter.

The Revolutionary Communist Party also participated in the unrest that rocked Ferguson, Mo. after the (completely appropriate) shooting of would-be cop killer Michael Brown in 2014.