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The concern trolls of HealiUm plan conceptual art to punish Trump, America

Those involved are smug, irony-deprived, egotistical, hate-filled, self-righteous, humorless snowflakes trying to force their fringe worldview on the rest of us in the name of “unity"

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The HealiUm Center (website), a community arts studio in Atlanta that apparently specializes in lame puns, has announced plans for a nationwide “Art of the Heal” project to “heal” America after the election of Donald Trump.

This sort of thing would be funny if the people involved weren’t smug, irony-deprived, egotistical, hate-filled, self-righteous, humorless snowflakes trying to force their fringe worldview on the rest of us in the name of “unity”:

Everyone can agree that Donald Trump’s Presidency is undoubtedly the most controversial one in recent history. There is worry and division across the nation that is ripping its people apart sparking a need for healing and common ground. Here’s a creative solution that hopes to do that.

Cleverly named after Trump’s famous “The Art of the Deal” book, “The Art of the Heal” is a non-partisan, grassroots project that intends to join ordinary people from all walks of life in a giant display of self and communal expression.

The objective of this project is to open people’s hearts and provide a space in which they can freely articulate their emotions regarding Trump’s recent Presidency; good, bad, ugly or great. The aim is to get everyone to ‘paint their hearts out’ as a more effective tool to better understanding.

What’s particularly creepy about this sort of political activism is the presumption by the participants that they are being open-minded.

(Editor’s note: The great Oleg Atbashian wrote about HealiUm at FrontPageMag. The article is titled, “100,000 Pieces of Agitprop To Be Sent To The White House: Obama’s America shows its artistic side, and it ain’t pretty.”)

All the virtue-signaling about healing and uniting and being non-partisan is pernicious bunk.

The people planning the Art of the Heal don’t believe in listening to “ordinary people from all walks of life”: they believe the presidential election literally wounded America. They believe voting for Trump inflicted harm.

They also believe they somehow possess the power to “heal” the election’s “wounded” with their “art.”

Setting aside the casually fascistic pathologizing of political opponents, who thinks that sort of thing about their adult finger paintings? If your Aunt Martha announced that her knitted antimacassars would usher in world peace, you would get her head examined.

Of course, the HealiUm Center is housed in a former church in a part of Atlanta where cunning Craftsman bungalows run you $400K but you still can’t let your children play safely in the front yard, although it’s verboten to notice. This is mostly okay because people are generally too busy nurturing their inner children to have actual children.

And much of the programming at HealiUm seems designed to celebrate unabashedly permanent adolescence: on Open Mind Movie Night, adult attendees are encouraged to show up in “Onesies” with pillows and blankets (one imagines open minds are optional).

There is an art studio where no art skills are required and a music jam where no musical skills are required. Rather than musical skill, the jam session is touted as “an experience of freedom of self expression and connection with multicultural and open-minded individuals.” As opposed to the closed-minded, judgmental art colony down the street.

With the relentless repetition of a Tourette’s sufferer, HeliUm’s homepage announces that it is “multicultural” and “non-discriminating,” a “safe space” that is “judgment free.” And so, of course, the way they will express all this is by hosting a nationwide (they imagine) art protest against President Trump:

Join us in creating over 100,000 pieces of art to send to the White House by July 4th, 2017. We will provide canvas & paint for you to just paint your heart out. It doesn’t matter how it looks. We will hold your art pieces on display at our gallery until we ship them to the White House. You can sign your name and send a message to Donald Trump on the back or you can remain anonymous.  

It doesn’t matter how it looks.

Yet the organizers want Trump to display their “art” in the White House.

The aim of the project is to connect & open the hearts of ALL Americans (non-partisan) using a creative solution of bridging the country’s divide; specifically, the visual arts as an effective soul-searching & healing tool.

The collective art pieces will be delivered to the White House & gifted to President Donald J. Trump on July 4th, 2017; America’s Independence Day while a grand art march will be taking place on the White House lawn.

The amount of hubris involved in this “non-judgmental” project is staggering: the HeliUm collective is actually demanding that the president of the United States display intentionally amateurish (or worse) agitprop opposing the president of the United States in the White House on the Fourth of July for no reason other than the fact that they are making it and they want him to do it, and then they want to hold a “grand art march” on the lawn of the White House to celebrate their inner creativity and magical healing aura in these troubled times.

This isn’t any plea for unity: like so much else on the Left, it’s a political temper tantrum by demented, self-infantilizing adults.

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