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Conservatives under attack: Wikipedia volunteers needed!

Conservative satirical website The People's Cube is under attack by left-wing Wikipedia editors


The People’s Cube (website link), which happens to be the best conservative satire site in America, is under attack.

The site’s reference page at Wikipedia may be deleted in a few days unless some action is taken by those of us with Wikipedia editing credentials, on or before January 6, 2017 – that’s three days from now.

What’s unique about The People’s Cube is that it is written as if it were a media organ of the late Soviet Communist state. Even its graphics are Stalinist — and we mean that in the best possible way.

People’s Cube founderĀ Oleg Atbashian, an actual former propagandist from the USSR, suspects a leftist complained to Wikipedia in the hope of having the reference page erased from history.

He writes, “I suspect the complaint was made by one of the activist Wiki-progs who wish the world would comply with their Party-approved narrative.”