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Cowardice rules on Jerusalem


“President Trump made this decision to maximize the chances of successfully negotiating a deal between Israel and the Palestinians, fulfilling his solemn obligation to defend America’s national security interests,” the White House said.

Unfortunately, last week’s decision not to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was no real surprise. If President Trump was going to move the embassy, as the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 requires, he would have announced it immediately upon taking office. Instead, his fledgling administration almost immediately started walking it back.

However, this decision is not just unfortunate. It is also both cowardly and untrue.

The Arab-Israeli peace process, which has lured every president since Jimmy Carter, has been tried multiple times before – see 1993-1995, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2014 – and has always led to failure.


Because the Palestinian Arabs hate Jews and don’t want to live in peace with them. We know this because at least twice the Palestinian Arabs were offered what they claim to want – virtually the entire Gaza Strip and the West Bank – and both times they walked away from the table and launched violent intifadas. We know this because since the 1990s, the Palestinian Authority has used its control over its population to honor and praise terrorists, along with sowing the seeds of anti-Semitism in new generations. We know this because a sizable proportion of the PA budget goes to paying Palestinian terrorists and/or their families for their terrorism, which has killed both Israelis, and Americans, and the Palestinian population does not object!

President Trump’s advisors, and he himself, should know this history. But rather than stand up to the same bipartisan foreign policy peace process expert fools that have been running this show since the 90s, he abandoned his own campaign promise. Apparently, reports of his “speaking truth to power” were greatly exaggerated! Trump also caved to the threats of violence from the Palestinian Authority – by the same terror leaders who use U.S. aid money to underwrite terrorism – and their enablers in the West. This is what the U.S. has been doing now for 22 years (since 1995).

It should also be obvious that the United States has no national interest in creating a second Palestinian state (since Gaza is already independent).

As the “Arab Spring” in Syria and the Iran deal surely show, the Arab-Israeli crisis is of no real importance to the Middle East and its myriad problems. It is just something the Arab leaders push to direct their population’s hatred towards Jews – not Israelis – given that anti-Semitism and non-Muslim hatred are rampant in the Arab Muslim world. And only the elites in the U.S. and Europe are dumb, or biased, enough to believe otherwise.

A Palestinian Arab state in the West Bank would allow terrorists to control the high ground over Israel, and thereby threaten the very existence of the Jewish state. If it happens, forget the U.S. benefiting from Israel throwing its weight around in the region to intimidate Iran, or the Islamic State, or Hezbollah. Israel would be far too weak and preoccupied to do so.

A Palestinian Arab state would also directly threaten Hashemite Jordan’s existence as a pro-U.S. ally.

A Palestinian Arab state will not be a democracy or a protector of its people’s civil rights. Neither the PA nor Hamas care about that. In fact, the Palestinian Arabs have far more rights in Israel than they would in another new state of their own.

A Palestinian Arab state is likely to support both Iran and/or Russia, two virulent enemies of the U.S.

A Palestinian Arab state will be an economic basket case, which will require and demand billions of dollars more in aid from the U.S. and the West.

Most importantly, this act of cowardice by the Trump administration will not help repair the image of Americans as spineless that the previous administration fostered over eight long years.

And it will not lead to any real peace in the region. Instead, the Trump administration will have wasted its valuable time and credibility on attempting to create another chaotic and violent Arab state in the Middle East.

Because 22 chaotic and violent Arab states is just not enough.