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David Brock’s Money Laundering Exposed


A report came out today detailing the alleged money laundering scheme run by David Brock, the once-conservative journalist turned political operative for the Clintons.

As the report on The Citizens Audit explains:

David Brock has 7 non-profits, 3 Super PACs, one 527-committee, one LLC, one joint fundraising committee, and one unregistered solicitor crammed into his office in Washington DC.

Uncovered records expose a constant flow of money between these organizations.

The Bonner Group, his professional solicitor, works off a commission.  Every time money gets passed around, Bonner receives a 12.5% cut.

It appears that Brock has been passing around donations quite a bit, giving The Bonner Group a handout each time.

In 2014, Media Matters for America raised $10,021,188.

The Bonner Group was credited for raising these funds.  Media Matters paid them a $1,147,882 commission.

That same year, Media Matters gave a $930,000 cash grant to David Brock’s Franklin Education Forum, an organization that shares office space with Media Matters.

In 2014, the Franklin Education Forum reported $994,000 in total contributions.  93.6% of that total came from Media Matters!

Surprisingly, though, the Franklin Education Forum gave full credit to Bonner for raising that money.  They paid the fundraiser a $124,250 commission in 2014!

As all of these groups exist within Brock’s DC office, it would be difficult for him to claim he had no idea this was going on. The report continues:

Furthermore, the New York Times reports that David Brock shares a summer rental in the Hamptons with Mary Pat Bonner, the President of the Bonner Group!

How interesting.

Read the full report here.

For more information on David Brock, read Matthew Vadum’s August article or the December 2014 Organization Trends.