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DC schools spox who advocates abolishing white men worked for Media Matters

Hilary Tone: "The Common Core is not a classroom curriculum or a federal takeover of education. It will not make your kids dumber or turn them into communists."

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The Washington, D.C. public schools spokeswoman who made racist, men-hating comments on social media used to work for Media Matters for America, a George Soros-funded slander shop that attacks conservatives.

As Fox 5 in Washington, D.C. reported yesterday, Hilary Tone tweeted at her personal Twitter account, @HToneTastic, that she wanted to “abolish” all white men. The tweet referenced a news story about former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) being selected as energy secretary in the upcoming Trump administration. In 2012 Perry said he wanted to get rid of the U.S. Department of Energy.

She wrote, “In that case I’d like to be Secretary of White Men.” On her Facebook page she added, “If wanting to get rid of something qualifies you to run it, I want to be Secretary of White Men.”

The school system distanced itself from Tone’s remarks. “The social media posts were said on an employee’s personal social media accounts and do not reflect the views of DC Public Schools, which prides itself on being an inclusive organization regardless of race, ethnic background, religion, sex, language, family’s income level, or immigration status.”

Tone has locked down her @HToneTastic account on Twitter but not her LinkedIn account. (In case she ramps up the privacy settings, I’ve screen-grabbed the most relevant two parts of her resume below.)

Hilary Tone from her LinkedIn profile

Hilary Tone from her LinkedIn profile

Her LinkedIn account described her current job, which she has had since May 2015, as “Director, Communications at District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS).”

She worked at Media Matters from September 2012 to May 2015 and then went directly to the school system.

Her job title at the time she left Media Matters was “Education Program Director/Editor.” Among her responsibilities was “[b]uild[ing] a program responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and fact-checking conservative misinformation in the media relating to education issues and policy.”

In other words, lying.

She spent much of her time at Media Matters spewing pro-Common Core propaganda. In a YouTube video published July 23, 2014, she says, “The Common Core is not a classroom curriculum or a federal takeover of education. It will not make your kids dumber or turn them into communists.”

How reassuring — especially with Tone as director of propaganda for D.C.’s atrocious public school system, which ranks dead last in the nation.

Is this the kind of person District of Columbia taxpayers want in such an important position at DCPS?

Oh wait. Don’t answer that.



From Hilary Tone’s LinkedIn profile, preserved for posterity: