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Decrepit commie loser claims his party’s member rolls boosted by Trump

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) claims President Trump is causing its membership rolls to swell.

The claim comes as the State of California considers opening its doors to CPUSA members as employees. The Assembly recently approved a bill welcoming commies back into government. The measure, which would repeal part of a statute enacted during the Cold War, now goes to the Senate.

Meanwhile, Emile Schepers, International Secretary of the Communist Party USA, said “although the phantom of the McCarthy era still looms across the U.S., there is growing interest in communist ideas.”

Reciting the tedious drivel that Communists are wont to spew, Schepers said: “although the United States is in no way experiencing a pre-revolutionary situation in the communist sense, capitalism is showing terminal signs worldwide.” In the U.S. “the global financial crisis affected many people and left the sense that today’s youth are worse off than their parents.”

“Neither recent Democratic nor Republican administrations have been able to resolve the serious problems affecting the majority of the country’s citizens,” he said. “History tells us that popular discontent doesn’t always take a progressive route.”

Thank God for that.

The CPUSA claims more than 600 people signed up in the final two months of 2016, beyond the 5,000 that allegedly joined in recent years.

The Marxists at the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) claim 1,600 new members signed up online in the six days following the presidential election, an 18 percent increase in membership. DSA claims 8,000 members, 2,500 of which joined after Bernie Sanders launched his DSA-endorsed presidential bid in 2015.


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