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DNC raising money from fake white-supremacy claims

Claim: Trump surrounds himself with "bigots, white nationalists, and enablers of white supremacy"

Matthew Vadum author image /

One almost has to admire left-wingers for their ability to lie, shamelessly, over and over and over again.

The racist, America-hating, Islamic-supremacist Deputy DNC Chairman Keith Ellison, is a prolific prevaricator. If his lips are moving, he is not telling the truth. (I exaggerate, but not by much.)

His latest DNC fundraising email is filled with vicious nonsense about President Trump and this unicorn the seditious Left calls “white supremacy”:

Steve Bannon was just the beginning — they all must go. Join us as we call on Trump to rid himself of the white supremacists in his midst: Donald Trump continues to surround himself with bigots, white nationalists, and enablers of white supremacy. They work in the White House, and they sit with Trump in the Oval Office.

The extremist Democrat congressman representing Minnesota is now one of the point men in his party for propagating the lie that white-supremacists, white-nationalists, Klansmen, or whatever they are choosing to call their targets today, are in firm control of the Trump White House.

These leftists support violent antifa groups and Black Lives Matter thugs and they won’t stop until every strong conservative working around President Trump — and there aren’t many left with Steve Bannon’s departure — is forced from their jobs.

They get absolutely frothing-at-the-mouth mad when discussing the brilliant national security/counter-terrorism advisor Sebastian Gorka. Ditto for advisor Stephen Miller — especially after his magnificent take-down of CNN’s Jim Acosta.

They hate competent people on the Right and want them gone from the White House, which is a smart play from their perspective.

But it’s a disaster-in-waiting for this country we love.