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Embattled Senator’s Daughter Active in Liberal Politics

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Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) is now involved in a serious scandal involving corruption and prostitution. The New Agenda, a feminist group, called upon the senator to resign from office if allegations that he had sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic prove accurate.

But little attention has been paid to the activism of his daughter, TV and radio commentator Alicia Menendez, who works for NDN (formerly the New Democrat Network), a Washington, D.C.-based liberal pressure group. NDN, founded by Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg, consists of the NDN Political Fund, the New Politics Institute, and the Hispanic Strategy Center. Ms. Menendez became a senior advisor to NDN and the New Politics Institute in 2010 .

When Rosenberg hired Ms. Menendez he hailed her as “a well-established television commentator and experienced organizer in important emerging communities. You can find her talking about national politics just about every week on the cable news networks, Fox and MSNBC. She is a veteran of both Rock the Vote and Democracia USA, successful organizations dedicated to increasing the participation of Millennials and Hispanics in the electoral process.”

Menendez earned a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College in 2005, with an honors degree in Studies in Women, Gender and Sexuality. According to a profile at Viral Read,  

Ms. Menendez is a self-proclaimed feminist and has addressed women’s issues in politics in many different ways. In a March 2008 piece she wrote entitled “Silda for Governor ’14″ she focused on then-NY Governor Eliot Spitzer, after it was discovered he had been paying for the services of prostitutes. She seemingly excused his actions for biological, boys-will-be-boys reasons, yet empathized with his wife Silda’s resilience – ultimately calling on her to run for Governor herself. Then during the 2012 presidential election (as well as her father’s own re-election campaign), in a piece for, she addressed “The GOP’s Lady Problems”, claiming that because Republicans desire to discuss women’s issues in terms of the economy, deficit and jobs, instead of contraception, abortion rights and equal pay, they were out of touch with women in general.

It is unclear if Ms. Menendez was previously aware of her father’s alleged activities overseas.

In any event, NDN and Ms. Menendez have ties to radical anti-American philanthropist George Soros. Soros’s Democracy Alliance, an invitation-only club for billionaire leftist political donors, approved a grant of unknown size to NDN in 2006.  Democracy Alliance, founded in 2005, is a financial clearinghouse that recommends to its wealthy members projects and groups aimed at transforming America into a European-style socialist state. Soros is the preeminent funder of the left in the United States. He openly favors American decline and has said European-style socialism “is exactly what we need now.” Soros praises Communist China effusively, saying the totalitarian nation has “a better-functioning government than the United States.”

NDN is a 501(c)(4) lobbying group so information about its funding is difficult to find. The Kanter Family Foundation of Vienna, Virginia, disclosed that it has given NDN $50,000 since 2009.

The New Policy Institute describes itself as a “501(c)(3) tax-exempt project of Tides Center and affiliate of NDN.” The Tides Center is related to the notorious Tides Foundation, which anonymously funnels money from donors such as Soros to radical causes that the donors would prefer not to be publicly identified with.

The New Policy Institute has received $227,000 in grants from the Tides Foundation since 2008.

Other philanthropies to donate to NPI include: Kanter Family Foundation ($57,500 since 2009); East Bay Community Foundation ($210,000 since 2009); and the Nick and Leslie Hanauer Foundation ($75,000 since 2009). Nick (Nicholas) Hanauer is a member of Soros’s Democracy Alliance.