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Fox Media Hit on Gun Control Propaganda


CRC senior editor Matthew Vadum was quoted by Fox News in an online article a few days ago.

The Jan. 13 post by Hollie McKay is titled, “Hollywood stars follow Obama’s gun control script, tweeting White House talking points on cue.”

Here’s the relevant portion of the article:

Still, such close coordination with the White House amounts to “Using allies to spoon feed and crowd-source radical political propaganda,” said Matthew Vadum, senior editor at the Capital Research Center.

“In the Obama era, the entertainment industry has been openly complicit in administration plans to promote so-called health care reform, for example, gleefully parachuting pro-Obamacare propaganda into TV shows,” Vadum said. “As the president tries to unilaterally crack down on firearms, it’s not like he needs to put a gun to Hollywood heads. Zombie-like, they’ll repeat any words he stuffs into their mouths.”