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GOP Congress fails us in ways you can’t even imagine

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As if we didn’t have enough problems! National security expert J. Michael Waller has pointed out how the GOP helps promote the international Left’s agenda in Congress either through ignorance or malevolence. I am not sure which it is or even which is worse. The result is the same. The Left moves its agenda forward and those we voted for — to stop the Left — play right along, while we hapless victims stare impotently from the sidelines.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) and ranking member Eliot Engel (D-NY), sent a joint letter dated October 16, to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson regarding Guatemala. In it they urge the administration to enforce the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, (P.L. 114-328, title XII, subtitle F), which allows the administration to enforce visa bans and other restrictions on influential Guatemalans known to be committing or facilitating acts of corruption. The letter also asks the administration to withhold FY 2017 assistance to the Guatemalan government until improvements are made.

A statement by Rep. Engel announcing the letter notes that:

Earlier this year, the House passed a measure (H.Res.145) authored by Representative Norma Torres (D-CA) underscoring the support of the House of Representatives for efforts to combat corruption across Central America.

Sounds reasonable on its face, but maybe not. As Waller explains:

Rep. Torres is working on behalf of Soros-funded groups in Guatemala that are using the corruption issue to beat up pro-US political and business leaders, while letting left-wing corrupt figures off the hook. The campaign in Guatemala is led by former commanders of the Marxist-Leninist URNG movement, the former violent extremist guerrilla group, with help from a USAID-funded operative from the FARC narco-guerrillas of Colombia. Royce and Engel even name the FARC person, Ivan Velazquez, in the letter.

This is part of a larger bid to seize political power through judicial means, as the radicals have very little electoral support.

There was no vetting of this legislation before the House pushed it through.

We have unfortunately come to expect this kind of backstabbing activity from the Democrats, but don’t Republicans know any better? As chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, isn’t it Royce’s job to know these things?

Guatemala is a major source of the illegal aliens fleeing hardship and violence who have been crossing our southern border in recent years. Many of these are unaccompanied youths — i.e. the DREAMERs. This is the result of escalating violence and anarchy for which Guatemala’s hard Left — with assistance and funding from American and European leftists — share a major portion of the blame. Shouldn’t Congress be concerned?

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