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GOP promotes voter fraud in Colorado

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UPDATE 5:15 p.m. Eastern: The Colorado secretary of state’s office objects to this post saying it is inaccurate. Safeguards, we have safeguards, they say. Lots and lots of safeguards. Please stand by…

UPDATE 7:15 p.m. Eastern: Secretary Williams’ office will send us a statement (possibly as early as tomorrow) giving its side of the story which we will gladly post.

UPDATE Aug. 30, 2016, 11:00 a.m. Eastern: No statement has been received from the secretary’s office.

First the Left flipped Colorado from a solid Republican red state to solid Democrat blue.

Now the Left is opening the floodgates in the Centennial State to massive voter fraud.

On the advice of left-wing pressure groups, Colorado Secretary of State Wayne W. Williams, allegedly a Republican, has decided to let anyone with a smartphone become a Colorado voter. Just text a word to Williams’ office and you’ll be given an opportunity to register to vote. (These online documents disappear eventually so I made a PDF for posterity. Read it here.)

The headline on the press release from Williams actually reads, “Hey, CO. U can now text 2 register 2 vote. LOL!

But Coloradans who want fair elections untainted by fraud won’t be LOLing (laughing out loud).

Like a left-winger, Williams touts the benefits of the new text-registration system but leaves out the obvious risks:

Eligible Coloradans can simply text the word “Colorado” or “CO” to “2Vote” (28683) on their smartphones, and then open the link to the SOS’ online voter registration and election information site. It’s that easy.

“It’s one-stop shopping for all the elections information anyone would need,” Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams said. “In today’s on-demand society, we’re staying one step ahead addressing the needs of millennials, Gen-Xers and anyone who wants information immediately.”

Coloradans can text to register, update their address, change their party affiliation, view their sample ballot 45 days before an election or check the status of their voted ballot. They can also get important dates and deadlines pertaining to Nov. 8 general election or future elections.

Williams brags about the activist organizations with which he worked. All of the groups identified in the press release are left-wing.

The three groups are New Era Colorado,  Colorado Common Cause, and the Colorado Public Interest Research Group. Two of the three groups are funded by left-wing grant-makers and one of the groups has an affiliated group that is funded by left-wing grant-makers.

According to IRS filings, New Era Colorado (full name: New Era Colorado Foundation) has taken money from the Tides Foundation ($117,645 since 2010) and Gill Foundation ($135,000 since 2008).

Colorado Common Cause (also known as Common Cause Education Fund) has accepted grants from the Gill Foundation ($70,000 since 2004) and Denver Foundation ($63,000 since 2004).

Foundation grants to Colorado Public Interest Research Group did not appear in the FoundationSearch database. However, grants to its 501(c)(3) sister group, the Colorado Public Interest Research Foundation (also known as the CoPIRG Foundation), were identified. It took in money from the Educational Foundation of America ($865,000 since 1999), Surdna Foundation ($450,000 since 1999), and Energy Foundation ($200,000 since 1999).

So was Secretary Williams duped or does he actually want to help the Left consolidate its stranglehold on his state?