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Why is swamp queen Jamie Gorelick advising Jared Kushner?

The Clinton loyalist who helped make 9/11 happen digs in to Trump's White House

James Simpson author image / /   49 Comments

Recent headlines announced Ivanka Trump would obtain a coveted office in the West Wing of the White House. Breitbart reported on March 20 that, according to Ivanka’s “ethics advisor,” she “will not have an official title, but will get a West Wing office, government-issued communications devices and security clearance to access classified information.” That is curious enough on its own.

But the stunning part is the name of the ethics advisor. The same person also advises Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, who does have a formal position as a senior White House advisor.

This new advisor’s name is Jamie Gorelick.

Gorelick is a hardcore Clinton fan. When FBI Director James Comey reopened the case of Hillary’s email servers last fall, it was Gorelick who led the effort to discredit him. In the 1990s, she served as Deputy Attorney General under Bill Clinton — that’s the number two spot at the Department of Justice.

It was Gorelick who put up the infamous “wall” between law enforcement and the intelligence community that prevented information-sharing between the two sectors and may have cleared the way for the terrorists’ 9/11 planning to escape detection. According to veteran journalist Jack Cashill, an FBI agent said at the time: “Someday someone will die — and wall or not — the public will not understand why we were not more effective.”

Following that horrific day, Gorelick insinuated her way on to the 9-11 Commission, where she deftly channeled blame for the deadly attacks away from herself and Bill Clinton. As the Washington Times reported at the time:

The disclosure that Jamie Gorelick, a member of the September 11 commission, was personally responsible for instituting a key obstacle to cooperation between law enforcement and intelligence operations before the terrorist attacks raises disturbing questions about the integrity of the commission itself. Ms. Gorelick should not be cross-examining witnesses; instead, she should be required to testify about her own behavior under oath. Specifically, commission members need to ask her about a 1995 directive she wrote that made it more difficult for the FBI to locate two of the September 11 hijackers who had already entered the country by the summer of 2001.

Attorney General John Ashcroft told the commission “The single greatest structural cause for Sept. 11 was the wall… Full disclosure compels me to inform you that its author is a member of the commission.”

But Gorelick did not apologize for her role. Rather, she diverted blame to President Bush. The Times noted she was “among the most partisan and aggressive Democratic panel members in questioning the anti-terror efforts of the Bush administration.”

Ethics my eye!

News outlets seem to be hoping we’d forget who Gorelick is. The New York Times described her as “a longtime ethics lawyer in Washington.” Breitbart simply dubbed her “an attorney and ethics advisor.”

This is incredible.

She was the second-in-command at Clinton’s legendarily ethics-challenged Justice Department but no one seems to care.

At least Huffington Post was honest:

In 2015, Gorelick represented the Clinton Foundation, on whose board of directors Hillary Clinton served from 2013 to 2015, in its successful defense against a lawsuit brought by conservative activist Larry Klayman.

Gorelick served as vice chair of Fannie Mae, the giant mortgage lender, from 1998 to 2003, and received some $25.6 million in compensation, including bonuses. In 2006, DC-based Fannie Mae was fined $400 million for accounting manipulation tied to executives’ bonuses that occurred from 1998 to 2004.

All of this is important because President Trump promised to put Hillary Clinton in jail and uphold ethics in government.

Now one of her chief advocates, and one of the most unethical people in Washington, D.C., has the ear of Trump’s daughter and her husband, a top Trump advisor. To the extent Kushner and his wife have any sway over her father, you will see Gorelick’s poisonous “ethics” undermining everything he does.

To the extent that they trust her with White House confidences, you can be sure Hillary and the entire Democrat leadership will be able to track, strategize against, and sabotage Trump policies.

Why are so many of Trump’s top advisors turning out to be problematic?

Instead of draining the swamp, in cases like Gorelick’s, Trump is making those who dwell there more comfortable.

The Author

James Simpson

James Simpson is an investigative journalist, businessman and author. His latest book is The Red Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America. Follow Jim on Twitter and…


  • Ed Naile

    Of all the creatures in the swamp, she is the most vicious.
    Time for her to go and never be in government, or government substitute, a college, again.

  • tentantoes

    Thanks for bringing this oir attention, and what gives with this?
    I thought some conservative intelligence was fighting FOR us all in The White House….

  • I’m just getting very depressed, I thought Trump was going to do us good. I guess if he builds the wall and shuts down refugee resettlement that is more than anyone else has done or will do.

    • James Simpson

      We don’t know if he knows. Writing this I have been shocked to discover how few people know about Gorelick.

    • Xanga

      I have some faith he will do the right thing. But time is of the essence here.

  • spongedocks

    Finally James and thanks. Is there any question who is leaking what and how about those informal discussions that always seem to get people in trouble later and then deny…..thanks again, as I had mentioned this to many last week myself.

    • Those are a couple of the issues, alright. And the less anyone is able to discover about the identities of any leakers, the more likely Ms. Gorelick will be in the thick of it.

    • Xanga

      Daddy Trump could have an issue brewing.

  • Looks like Gulag Bound still has a mission. Here’s my header to your article in Facebook, Jim:

    Jamie Gorelick was/is Bill and Hillary Clinton’s *fixer.” If you’ve seen Pulp Fiction, think of her as “The Wolf,” like Harvey Keitel’s character, whose job it was to clean up the blood and other traces of crime. Thematically, that’s been her job, over and over again.

    James Simpson writes about it, here. Jack Cashill has written extensively of her spectacularly perverse career with the Clintons.

    God help us, what is going on in the Trump White House?

    #Mole… no, #supermole… or is Trump that dirty, himself?

    • James Simpson

      It’s a good question. Is this a back channel to the Dems or just pure ignorance? I sure hope not the former.

      • Xanga

        And don’t like the latter either…

    • Xanga

      We’re watching, @POTUS.

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  • HW

    Still a Trump supporter but getting curiouser and curiouser and the way they seem to be in bed with uniparty idiots like Priebus and Ryan and support an Obamacare extension minus corp taxes? maybe a runon sentence but? Draining the swamp if the creatures are to them conservatives? Curiouser and curiouser

  • Bill

    She also made $20 million from Fannie mae.

  • Bill

    Next act………sabotage the Trump administration.

  • RuthAnn Crow

    President Trump must fire Gorelick now. I’m sure she had.leaked information. This is scary.

  • Vicky Davis

    I might know the reason why Gorelick is still in the swamp. They don’t need to get her out.. they need to drown her.

  • pknurbrain

    She fits right-in with the slime that has already over-taken our democracy, and I look forward to the future when this is over, and they ALL are imprisoned.

  • This isn’t by accident. You can judge someone by the company they keep. Ivanka has always been close to Clinton’s kid. Red flag #1. Many others, their political affiliations, now this. Case closed. I’m putting them on the satanic pedophile coverup team.

    • Xanga

      How about some witnesses like against Hillary?

  • Xanga

    What could he be thinking?? Are we deaf, blind and demented? The woman is another Swamp Rat..probably has Hill on speed dial! This really makes me doubt somebody’s judgement.

  • Mark Talmont

    OMG. This is the worst yet.

    I see some posters below know the story about FNMA, the article cites the horror of 9/11….but it’s even worse than that.

    She must have known of the ghastly cover-up around the OKC bombing–for those who never heard of it, (just for instance) ABC showed (once) video of the ATF looking for the bomb on the morning of the attack. There was supposed to be a follow-up report, but the video “A Noble Lie” says the FBI paid a visit and stopped it.

    Poster below references Jack Cashill, only on C-Span BookTV did any media ever allow his discussion of the Flight 800 cover-up (detailed both in Cashill’s book and another one called “Altered Evidence” by the couple who found explosives residue on the seats of the reconstructed 747). They got away with a fairy tale that the plane blew up –all by itself!

    It gets worse if you can believe that…Gorelick went on to work for…BP during the oil spill catastrophe and then on to “fixing” Google co-founder Larry Page’s little problem when the US Attorney in Rhode Island did his job and caught Google execs facilitating the sale of prescription drugs over the internet….Gorelick negotiated a $500 Million settlement that kept them out of jail. She now sits on the Google (actually Alphabet now) Board of Directors….with Al Gore.

    She’s the Deep State, the Clinton mafia, and the Goreleone green shakedown gang all rolled into one…note the above settlement was never in the big media…like this one too:

    see, the MSM “news” really is fake: it’s one big lie of omission (Orwell himself foresaw the critical nature of this). And this in turn is based on fake history. Check out if you are unfamiliar with the material, or the essential writings of Antony Sutton, available for free all over the internet. The history book version of the 20th Century is itself a Big Lie.

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