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Gorka goes, and Trump lets him


Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to President Trump, and an aide to former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, has resigned (or was fired). This is totally expected, after Bannon resigned, but still tremendously unfortunate.

Gorka is a good man, who I must stress, is not an anti-Semite or an Islamophobe. It is sad that I have to lead with these facts, but then again, that is the world we live in. The Forward, a dishonest leftist Jewish newspaper, has written more than 30 articles maligning Gorka as an anti-Semite. The crux of the slur arose out of a video from 2007, in which Gorka was interviewed in Hungarian, in which the Forward completely and deliberately misedited and mistranslated what Gorka said to portray him as a Jew-hater. Luckily, a fellow Hungarian speaker was able to expose the truth to those – outside of the Forward and much of the mainstream media – who were interested in getting to the truth.

Needless to say, the Forward never showed any interest in exposing the real Nation of Islam background of Keith Ellison, the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee and a U.S. congressman representing Minnesota.

Sebastian Gorka is an expert on radical Islam, and how to fight it. This is another thing that got him into trouble. Because polite people have a problem dealing with the idea that a major religion has some tenets that might motivate a sizable amount of people to commit violence, the usual politically correct crowd cannot handle that Gorka was willing to examine and to address “the straight-line nexus between Islamic scripture and Muslim aggression.” These are the religious principles inspiring the violence of radical Muslims (i.e., Islamists). The PC crowd, currently led by National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, would rather call them “violent extremists” who are “perverting” the real, more peaceful, Islam. Even worse, they seek to bar the FBI, and other security agencies, from learning what drives these Islamists.

Because of Gorka’s realism on radical Islam, and his friendship with Bannon, McMaster strongly believed Gorka had to go. And as the National Security Advisor, McMaster was able to make Gorka’s position so untenable that, eventually, Gorka recognized he should just leave before he was pushed out.

An unnamed White House aide has implied he was actually fired. It is unclear which account is true. However, regardless of how it happened, it can be said that Gorka’s opponents are like school on Sunday; they have no class.

But the problem isn’t H.R. McMaster. It also isn’t new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who may have been the one to empower McMaster to be rid of his political enemies. The real problem here is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the president of the United States. For the next four years, he is the sole possessor of ALL executive power in this nation. Every other Executive Branch official is merely delegated a small portion of President Trump’s power, to use it as President Trump sees fit. So, if Donald Trump likes Sebastian Gorka, and felt he was doing a good job in his position, Donald Trump should have kept Gorka there. If McMaster or Kelly, or anyone else, for that matter, objected, then Donald Trump had the power to remove them, and find someone else who could work productively with Gorka to implement the president’s agenda.

Yet, he didn’t do any of this. Instead, Trump let the “swamp” oust another loyal Trump ally.

Perhaps President Trump does not understand what is happening here. If so, let me channel my inner New Yorker to explain the situation to President Trump, in ways that I believe he will best comprehend. “Yo, quit your [email protected]$^# about your own people dissing you and your bros in public – see McMaster, Cohn, Tillerson, Kelly, etc. – and man up to do something about it. Back up your own loyal people, and can the rest of these wusses. You know, like you did on ‘The Apprentice.’”

Either President Trump is with the swamp, or he is not. His actions, and not his complaints, will determine which fact is true.