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Hillary Clinton still covering for Bill’s abuse of women


By Daniel Greenfield

What happened? Sexual assault. Not that you would know it from Hillary’s What Happened.

“To divert attention from his own ugliness, Trump brought to our second debate three women who had accused my husband of bad acts decades ago . . .”

Actually, he brought four. The fourth was Kathy Shelton, the little girl whose rapist Hillary helped set free and then laughed about it. On tape.

But it’s understandable that Hillary would avoid mentioning her.

Those three women certainly accused Bill of “bad acts”.

Kathleen Willey accused Bill Clinton of molesting her. Juanita Broaddrick accused him of rape. Paula Jones of sexual harassment.

Those are certainly “bad acts” and feminists would never tolerate such Orwellian efforts to minimize these abuses. Except when it comes to their own.

This article first appeared at FrontPageMag.