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Housing Panel at National Press Club Today


Capital Research Center senior editor Matthew Vadum will appear on a panel about the Left’s ridiculous, destructive housing policies at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., today at 12 Noon.  It is scheduled to run till around 4 p.m.  Media are welcome.

The panel discussion is being hosted by, and is titled, “Reality Check: Fueling a 21st Century Recovery for All Americans.”

Here’s a summary of the event from the group’s website:

Restore America’s Mission ( is pleased to assemble a premier team of economists and analysts for a panel discussion at which we will reveal the path to economic growth, jobs, prosperity and opportunity. America is in imminent danger of repeating the policy mistakes that caused the nationwide mortgage collapse of 2007-8. We are committed to free market solutions and will discuss the following critical topics:

A Reality Check–Drivers of the Housing Collapse and the Mortgage Banking Crisis
Clearing the Way–Solving Unaddressed Problems & Avoiding Disaster due to Bubbles and other Financial Calamities
Driving Solutions–Clearing the Path to Economic Growth, and Prosperity through Free Market Reforms and Innovation

Restore America’s Mission panelists:

Peter Wallison – American Enterprise Institute

Steve Moore – Heritage Foundation

Rich Lowrie – Put Growth First

Peter Ferrara – Heartland Institute

Matthew Vadum – Capital Research Center