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Hugh Hefner dead at 91

Playboy founder’s hedonist philosophy led to a vast expansion of government

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Hugh Hefner died yesterday.

Good riddance.

Hefner led a so-called “sexual revolution” that resulted in untold millions of broken families, rolling epidemics of life-damaging and life-ending sexually transmitted diseases, and the normalization of drug and alcohol abuse, risky premarital and extra-marital sex, and the abortion culture.

In addition to being one of the most morally corrosive forces in American history, Hugh Hefner was also one of the most expensive: his philosophy of hedonism led to a vast expansion of government. Social service agencies multiplied to meet the needs of children left behind by divorce and casual sex, and public health expenditures exploded to address the consequences of addictions and diseases contracted in the sexual playgrounds Hefner helped normalize.

And all for what? For the chance to remain an adolescent into one’s geriatric years?

Early in his career as a pornographer, Hefner claimed that the “right” to serially change sexual partners with no consideration for the consequences was part of larger civil rights crusades for equality for black Americans, women, and others.  Politicians like Jimmy Carter flocked to his doorstep – and thus lent their “gravitas” to his porn empire.

As Cliff Kincaid documented in his presciently titled 1992 book published by the Capital Research Center, The Playboy Foundation: A Mirror of the Culture, Hefner seduced – and shut up – major and local feminist groups with cash donations. His daughter served on the National Organization of Women’s Corporate Advisory Board. He funneled money to NOW’s Legal Education and Defense Fund, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and the Ms. Foundation, though the latter decided ultimately to return his donations, and NOW voted later to take no more donations from the Playboy Foundation. However, Frances Kissling of so-called Catholics for a Free Choice publicly defended taking money from Hefner.

The Playboy Foundation still exists, at least in cyberspace. Its website indicates the philanthropy is “on hiatus.” This is its mission statement:

Playboy Enterprises, Inc. is committed to protecting and promoting the American principles of personal freedom and social justice. We honor that commitment through the Playboy Foundation, our corporate giving program, which makes contributions to local and national not-for-profit organizations that protect the rights of the individual in a free society.

Since 1965, the Playboy Foundation has recognized advocates for First Amendment rights, supported socially aware documentary filmmakers and encouraged programs upholding civil rights and civil liberties by giving over $20 million in cash grants, contributions and in-kind services to nonprofit organizations throughout the United States.

The foundation hasn’t given out grants for many years.

According to Kincaid’s 1992 report, Hefner and his daughter Christie, who took over his porn empire, made scores of political donations to politicians and the DNC, including donations supporting the Carter/Mondale ticket, Jesse Jackson for President, the 1992 Clinton for President Committee, the feminist PAC EMILY’s List, Sens. Barbara Boxer, Carol Moseley Braun, and John Kerry.

I wonder what Hillary Clinton would have to say about the money her husband took from a pervert pornographer to run for president. And I wonder if anyone will get a statement out of the sanctimonious Jimmy Carter regarding his shocking cozying up to the King of Porn. Donald Trump, of course, shamefully appeared in Playboy and with Hefner as well, but as he moved towards the Right politically, he moved away from Hefner’s leftist and Democrat political agenda. Meanwhile, Democrat politicians continue to legislate for the world Hugh Hefner dreamed of creating.

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