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Illegal alien impregnates teen stepdaughter to try to avoid deportation


By Trey Sanchez

An illegal alien set out to have an “anchor baby” in hopes he could stay in the United States. However, his sick plan failed because it included sexually assaulting his teenage stepdaughter who gave birth to his child when she was just 15 years old.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

[Horacio] Alvarado, 32, now faces three felonies for what investigators say were several years of sustained sexual assaults, assaults his wife later knew about yet did nothing to prevent, according to the complaint.

Alvarado is charged with first-degree sexual assault, resulting in pregnancy, repeated sexual assault of a child and incest. He pleaded not guilty at a court appearance last week and is being held on $20,000 bail but has a bail hearing next week.

His wife is charged with child neglect, a misdemeanor.

The abuse started when the girl was only 14 and lasted four years. Alvarado would assault the young girl while her mother, his wife, was at work, or asleep at night. Alvarado would also sexually assault his stepdaughter at his friends’ houses and in various parking lots. The victim told police that her mother walked in during one of the assaults when she was 17. “The mother then sat down and spoke with her husband in Spanish but said nothing to her, and the assaults continued,” the report adds.

Astonishingly, a court commissioner granted Alvarado primary placement of the child just last month, leaving the mother with “reasonable visitation rights.” With the new case against him, police have retested and confirmed that Alvarado is the father of the baby.

This article first appeared at Truth Revolt.