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INTERVIEW: Campus Republican reflects on Berkeley’s culture of political violence

Berkeley Republicans face death threats: ‘I'll catch you in the shadows'

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Left-wingers are allowed to be upset their candidate Hillary Clinton was shellacked in the last election.

Conservatives were similarly disappointed when Obamacare was shoved down America’s throat without receiving a single Republican vote in Congress.

Anger is what conservatives feel when Democrats demand more gun control and threaten to confiscate their firearms immediately after Islamic jihadists kill innocent Americans.

Conservatives, however, have never gone out and destroyed property or assaulted those who supported an election’s winner. It’s not who they are.

Arguing that President Trump is a fascist and a Nazi, anarchists and social justice warriors continue to take to the streets to protest the new president. The political climate across the nation is becoming increasingly stifling for conservatives as leftist venom infects social media and news coverage.

Conservative warrior Milo Yiannopoulos, a Breitbart News editor, was slated to speak Feb. 1 at the University of California, Berkeley, at the invitation of Berkeley College Republicans. (In his speech he was to launch the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s anti-sanctuary campus campaign.) Protests sprung up. The protests turned into riots. Fires were started, windows were smashed, and the rioters tried to storm the building Yiannopoulos was in. The address was canceled.

After inviting Yiannopoulos, a gay, Jewish, Greek-born citizen of the United Kingdom, to speak, members of the Berkeley College Republicans have been repeatedly physically assaulted and targeted online.

“I have been punched. I have been spit on. I have had my personal information posted online,” Naweed Tahmas, who helped organize the campus talk, told Bombthrowers Thursday night.

Tahmas says he was ambushed this past Wednesday while tabling for the Republican club by a fellow Berkeley student who tried to shame him for having “white privilege.”

“The individual came up to me and says, ‘you have white privilege,’” Tahmas said. “He continued to yell at me, saying I am wealthy and rich and come from a system of power—which is not true whatsoever. I am Persian—I don’t look white at all. I am a broke college student. Plus, I come from a single mom.”

While the College Republican club was tabling this week, Tahmas was threatened by another student who promised to “catch [him] in the shadows.”

The president of the Berkeley College Republicans, Jose Diaz, has received death threats.

The Oakland police received a note, Tahmas explained, which stated, “You can protect Milo, but you can’t protect Jose Diaz.”

Jack Palkovic, a member of the Berkeley Republican club, gained national attention after he was assaulted on campus the day after the anti-Milo protest. Palkovic was wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap and on his way to class when a white SUV slammed to a stop and two young men ran toward him.

One of the men screamed, grabbed Palkovic’s hat and started beating him. The assailants then got back in the vehicle and tried to drive away. Fortunately, police arrived, blocked their escape and arrested both men.

Video of the incident was recorded by Jodi Hernandez, a local NBC reporter:

Tahmas says Palkovic has “gone through worse.”

“He has been punched twice. He has had drinks thrown on him,” he said. “It’s part of being a conservative on campus.”

A recent study of higher education shows that conservative professors are vastly outnumbered by liberal ones .The study published by Econ Journal Watch in September looks at faculty voter registration at 40 leading universities and finds that, out of 7,243 professors, Democrats outnumber Republicans 3,623 to 314, or by a ratio of 11.5 to 1. For those interested in the particulars:

The D:R ratios for the five fields [examined] were: Economics 4.5:1, History 33.5:1, Journalism/Communications 20.0:1, Law 8.6:1, and Psychology 17.4:1. The results indicate that D:R ratios have increased since 2004, and the age profile suggests that in the future they will be even higher.

Berkeley, which despite its intolerance and noxious indoctrination of students, ranks first in the nation as a public university according to U.S. News & World Report, is no exception to the leftist trend. Conservative students at Berkeley are overwhelmingly outnumbered by radical left-wingers and the number of conservative professors at the college is zero or close to it.

Even during classes that are not related to politics, professors at Berkeley seldom miss an opportunity to galvanize students against Trump.

“I had to take a class on South East Asian studies—nothing to do with Trump,” Tahmas explained. “The day after the election my professor held a ‘therapy fest.’ I was sitting next to this girl, who was wearing a hijab. She stood up and asked, ‘Will Trump put my family in concentration camps?’ My professor responds, saying, ‘I am sorry to say this, but yes, he probably will.’”

“Just imagine your professor telling you that, “yes, your family will be put in a concentration camp,” he said. “That’s how the ludicrous the ideas are that these guys present.”

Professors at Berkeley held a “Trump Teach In” in October, where professors gathered to teach students one lesson: Donald Trump is a fascist.

“A bunch of leftist professors were basically indoctrinating the students,” Tahmas said. “One of the professors said, ‘You know what? I’m glad to say that white genocide is going to happen. I can’t wait for the white suicide rate to spike.’ I’m not white but I understand how a white individual may respond to that. But there’s, like, cheers in the crowd.”

Fearful of retribution from their radical professors, conservatives on campus refrain from espousing their political views.

“I think my political beliefs would affect my grades. That is why I never had the guts to open my mouth in class,” Tahmas said. “I just sit there, they ask for me to write Marxist papers, I play their game, I write those Marxist papers—like, oh yeah, ‘I love communism, professor, please give me an A.’”

“I can’t be open about my political views,” he added. “I think everyone at Berkeley College Republicans knows they shouldn’t.”

Leftists are demanding “safe spaces” — where students they can shield themselves from uncomfortable or dissenting viewpoints. But it’s conservative students who need ‘safe spaces’ on campus. The more power these Marxists lose, the more violent they become.

A university degree, which is supposed to be a qualifying sign of accomplishment, is becoming more like a biohazard warning.

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