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Introducing Love Gov

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Scott “Gov” Govinsky is on the job doing his best to save Americans from themselves.

He’s the central character in Love Gov, a series of brief BuzzFeed-style vignettes produced by the Independent Institute.  Gov, an annoying but super-friendly do-gooding embodiment of the Leviathan, sums himself up in one sentence: “This is a big part of what I do, is to protect the people from choices.”

The Independent Institute describes the series this way:

Love Gov portrays the federal government as an overbearing boyfriend — Scott “Gov” Govinsky — who foists his good intentions on a hapless, idealistic college student, Alexis. Each episode follows Alexis’s relationship with Gov as his intrusions wreak (comic) havoc on her life, professionally, financially, and socially. Alexis’s loyal friend Libby tries to help her see Gov for what he really is — a menace. But will Alexis come to her senses in time? Tune in to find out!

Through comedic skits the big-spending Gov unwittingly demonstrates that government can’t get much of anything right.  The series skewers the sacred policy cows of the pro-big government left.  It explains and elucidates things such as the housing bubble, student loans, healthcare insurance, environmental regulations, and so on.

You just can’t help wanting Gov to fail.