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Is new National Security Advisor McMaster a squish on ISIS?

Every day the ouster of Mike Flynn looks more and more like a well-coordinated political hit job

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Video and transcripts have surfaced of President Trump’s brand new national security advisor, H.R. McMaster, making the preposterous claim that the Islamic State is not actually Islamic.

This is the same outrageous lie peddled by former President Obama and his Botox-addicted second secretary of state, John Kerry, who twisted themselves into pretzels almost daily to avoid creating adverse publicity for The Official Religion of Peace.

As Robert Spencer reports,

There have been indications that the Republican establishment has been trying to co-opt Trump and keep him from effecting the sweeping reform that he has promised, and this appointment could indicate that at least for the moment, these forces have gained the upper hand.

In 2016 the U.S. Army lieutenant general who is replacing National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, the man who vacated the key White House post a few days ago week under a cloud, proffered the line that Islamic State (a.k.a. ISIS, ISIL, and Daesh) adheres to a twisted version of Islam.

In a speech to Virginia Military Institute’s Center for Leadership and Excellence on Nov. 21, 2016, McMaster said:

We are engaged today, as General George C. Marshall’s generation was engaged, against enemies who pose a great threat to all civilized peoples. As our World War II generation defeated Nazi Fascism and Japanese imperialism, and as later generations defeated Communist totalitarianism, we will defeat today’s enemies, including terrorist organizations like Daesh, who cynically use a perverted interpretation of religion to incite hatred and justify horrific cruelty against innocents.

Was McMaster just toeing the line for his overseer, President Obama, or does he really believe this dangerous, politically correct garbage?

Every day the forcing out of Mike Flynn looks more and more like a well-coordinated political hit job.

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