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James Simpson: I am fed up!

Trump leaked classified information! He tweeted something stupid! He is offending our allies and encouraging our enemies! He is a threat to national security and must resign now! Such are the fanatical ravings coming from the Lords of the Press, the Democrat Party, and a rogues’ gallery of brain-dead Republicans.

I am absolutely sick to death of it!

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), that stalwart example of political grace, politesse, and comity, leveled his stern opinion: “In a week full of revelation after revelation — on a day when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, they have,” he said on the Senate floor. “I say to all of my colleagues in the Senate: History is watching.”

The heroic John McCain, ever a voice of level-headedness, moderation, and grace, said that the White House scandals are rising to “Watergate-size and scale.” Wow!

In an opinion piece, appropriately titled “No More Benefit of the Doubt,” the formidable Erick Erickson himself said, “Frankly, if there is not a course correction soon, the President needs to consider resigning.”

I have to ask: Are these people serious?

I have never, ever, ever seen such hyperbole in my entire life of watching this sordid melodrama called Washington, D.C., play itself out on the world stage. The cacophony is shaking the rafters. It is almost impossible to hear oneself think.

And after all, that is the goal isn’t it?

For there has never, ever, in the twisted history of this stinking, corrupt, self-absorbed, self-deluded, seditious city, been a greater demonstration of fraud, hypocrisy, and knuckle-dragging stupidity.


And that, my friend, is saying something!

After being treated to eight years of an almost daily assault on our economy, our Constitution, our culture, and our national security; where casual disregard for the rule of law and eye-popping corruption and scandals were so commonplace they rarely received more than passing comment; where the government was turned against our nation, using the IRS to target the president’s political enemies and intelligence agencies launched an  unprecedented, massive surveillance of our entire society, including reporters, private citizens, and politicians; where President Obama repeatedly insulted and betrayed our citizens and our allies, when those same allies – even, or perhaps especially, the Muslim ones – got the message and began abandoning us like rats deserting a sinking ship; when meanwhile Obama was telling Putin “I’ll have more flexibility after the election”, (has anyone questioned what he said to Putin after the election?); where we switched sides in the War on Terror – making mortal enemies like al-Qaeda and Iran our allies – while Hillary Clinton sold American foreign policy to the highest bidder by coaxing $176 million from 16 foreign governments for the Clinton Foundation; where we went on an apology tour among nations like Cuba, which has been seeking to subvert our country for decades; where Obama gave away not billions, but trillions of dollars to Russia, Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and his political friends; where the White House could rely on a totally complicit press – in spite of illegal wiretaps of reporters – because so many press regulars were related to White House staff; where GOP politicians violated practically every single promise made to the citizens who worked tooth and nail to elect them by giving Obama every penny he ever asked for, and then some; or where we became exhausted watching completely useless, phony hearings, that never accomplished a single thing — not one conviction in a sea of corruption — where insipid Republican spinelessness was on daily display; Washington, D.C. now has something to be genuinely outraged about:

Trump said something stupid.

Let’s be clear, that is all there is. None of the allegations the Democrats scream about have been proven. Those who supposedly have evidence of Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia and other nonsense steadfastly refuse to show their hand. Why? Because they don’t have a hand to play, and in fact are trying to redirect the gaze from their outrageous, criminal, unprecedented surveillance of the Trump campaign. We are still waiting for the intelligence community to divulge who among them has been illegally passing state secrets to press allies. Unlike Trump’s occasional ham-handedness, these are criminal acts for which they should go to jail.

Now that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has given the Democrats a special prosecutor in former FBI Director Robert Mueller, he needs also to be tasked to look into the leaking of classified information by Obama holdovers and the diabolical effort to undermine President Trump being carried out before our eyes by Trump enemies still buried within the government.

Furthermore, if telling now-fired FBI Director James Comey to lay off former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn is criminal, then where is the outrage when President Obama unilaterally halted the amply justified investigation into Hillary Clinton’s serial wrongdoings? In fact, Trump, as president, can do that. He has the authority. And in suggesting that Trump obstructed the Flynn investigation, Comey may actually have violated the law. This entire campaign is seditious hubris.

As Greg Gutfeld said:

[E]lecting Trump, a disruptive force, was revolutionary. So now, what you’re seeing is the counter-revolution, led by a frantic force that slept through the last nine years. The whole thing is silly and overwrought. It’s like a Twilight movie with old, ugly people.

Washington survives on words. Actions mean little within the rarified D.C. air. But in the real world, deeds speak much louder than words. So what has Trump actually done? Has anyone stopped for a nanosecond to consider actions rather than words?

While we are disappointed in his lackluster battle for control of the border — which we can blame at least partially on corrupt, absurdly overreaching federal courts — or the Obamacare debacle where the GOP establishment more than anyone else is responsible, once again, for betraying its promise to REPEAL the stinking, destructive, unconstitutional law, we can point to an unprecedented number of positive actions the Trump administration has already taken while this D.C. circus distracts us, to reverse the almost incalculable damage Obama did to our country during his eight years in office:

  • Rolling back heinous Obama environmental regulations, including:
  • Reversing Obama’s war on coal
  • Approving the Keystone Pipeline
  • Neutering Obama’s insane global warming agenda
  • Rebuilding our military – reduced under Obama to pre-World War I levels
  • Cutting funding for sanctuary cities
  • Strengthened border enforcement

–    Illegal Southern Border crossings have declined 74 percent since December.

  • Strengthened law enforcement
  • Standing up for law enforcement
  • Standing up for Second Amendment rights
  • Reducing regulations on manufacturers
  • Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees
  • Exiting the U.S. from the TPP
  • Despite the court stay on Trump’s executive order on immigration, refugee resettlement is down significantly, and – music to my ears – the corrupt, self-serving resettlement industry is wailing about its lost funding
  • And much more

So the Washington hysteria grows, feeding on every new concocted outrage. But if you open your eyes, it is exactly as planned.

What we are really witnessing is an unprecedented effort to destroy this presidency. They have said that is their intention. And Republicans, not content to sit on the sidelines and watch their serially corrupt Democrat brethren and the Democrats’ media and street thug allies wreak havoc, have jumped in to help out rather than get tarred with the same brush.

Washington’s roar of reactionary discontent is simply the D.C. version of what we are seeing played out in town halls, airports and public parks across the nation, where Antifa communist thugs are violently attempting to impose their own version of the Arab Spring. (If you recall, that misnamed effort at “direct democracy,” i.e. mob rule, ushered in the Muslim Brotherhood – the kings of terrorism-  that birthed al-Qaeda and practically every other Islamic terrorist group in the world. Fortunately, saner heads prevailed in Egypt and the military intervened to save that country from drowning in what would have become a Sharia-compliant, 7th century-style, brutal autocracy.)

Republicans and conservatives have been attacked, poisoned, run off the road, threatened with guns and savagely attacked in the press, but this all gets a yawn from the media.

We are indeed wading into dangerous waters.

But it is not because Donald Trump tweets out conflicting statements. Admittedly he doesn’t help his case by doing this. He should instead use his substantial powers of persuasion by taking to the bully pulpit and explaining what our domestic enemies – the Left, and the establishment that rolls over for them – is doing in this country.

Unlike Trump’s seemingly compulsive need to tweet — which detracts from the great things he has already done – his enemies’ destabilizing, anarchistic efforts are pushing this country toward a crisis from which it may never recover. They are truly threatening our nation’s very existence.

(For more hard-hitting commentary from this author, read James Simpson on Manchester: Beyond fed up! Time for talk is OVER! With the latest Muslim-led slaughter in U.K., President Trump should revive the travel ban.)

The Author

James Simpson

James Simpson is an investigative journalist, businessman and author. His latest book is The Red Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America. Follow Jim on Twitter and…


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  • GladTidings

    thanks, Jim!

  • benzgran1

    I agree. The mob is howling for Trump’s scalp. If they destroy his presidency, they destroy our system of government.

    • M. Reimer

      My fear – not just our system of government, but our way of life. When will the bullying stop then?

      • djstorrie

        When we rise up to protect the Constitution, our President and our way of life from these communist pukes that have infiltrated our government from top to bottom. Ready and waiting. Semper Fi.

      • Sarge McVey

        When the 140 million American Conservative Gun Owners begin to march through the hollowed halls of the self serving liberals institutions and drag it all down around the ears and mouths of the Communist Professors and Communist Administrations of the self severing liberal institutions as they are drug out in the streets to face the Peoples Justice.

        • Larry Beedle Jr

          What’s funny is Trump was in bed with communist in Russia! You Republicans turn a blind eye to all of Trumps mess! You want to believe this President has been good for the country! You treat this country like its a ball game! If your going to accuse people of being communist you must single them out by names before accusing anyone. Your boy is in trouble and time will tell all.

          • flibityjibits

            Hey, Larry, just where did you get your “funny” information from, concerning our President being in bed with Russia! You call it Trump’s mess when he has inherited Obama’s “Mess” we all had to put up with for eight long years.

          • rushisavietnamwarhero

            Yeah flibityjibits, Trump inherited a “mess” of a stock market that has tripled since 2009, and unemployment practically cut in half. There’s a “mess” a lot of people would like to inherit.

          • Mr.Conservative

            Larry Trump is a businessman, he has done business in most all countries. He hasn’t sold Russia American uranium like (you know who) or sold the state department like the other choice we had did. Tell us what Trump has done with Russia that wasn’t legal and above board. Not what you heard from some other liberal son of a bitch, but what you know?

          • Larry Beedle Jr

            All i can say is time will tell one way or the other. I’m not sure whats going to take place.

          • USAGunsmith

            Larry where is the evidence. Many dems have said there is NO evidence of Collusion. None, zippo zilch. However there is plenty of evidence of the DNC rigging the Election for Killary. There is plenty of evidence of Hillary’s collusion when she sold 20% of our plutonium to Russia and her husband slick willy getting paid 500k for a speech in Russia shortly there after. Have you noticed the Clinton Foundation is basically now defunct. I thought they did such great work all around the world. Don’t ask the Hatians there opinion. Let’s take a look at the comment above. Drag the Communists out of the universities and schools. here is a little tidbit for you.

          • CatoYounger

            What’s funny is you have the literacy of an 8 year old. If “your” going to accuse people at least try do so with an IQ higher than 80.

          • DLynn

            When anyone can offer proof that Trump was in bed with communist, then we will believe it. We do not believe someone who said that someone else said that they overheard someone say….Out of all the accusations of collusion between Trump and Russia, I have yet to see any proof.

          • Tony

            All we hear from the mainstream media is a bunch of malicious gossip about the Trump administration, picked up on the street. Nothing more than that.

          • DLynn

            Fox gave the actual time it took each network to report the bombing that killed 22 people in Manchester England after Fox reported it. It took from an 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours while they continued to report on the collusion between Donald Trump and Russia. That showed which story was their priority – the lie rather than a terrorist attack.

          • American John

            I see the problem now it is a proven fact that watching more than 30 minutes a month of the FOX NAZI propaganda network leads to Alzheimer’s you are obviously in the advanced stages. I understand now and apologize to you I did not realize you were mentally incapacitated I just thought you were really dumb.

          • Brian Smith

            Have any evidence or you just typing for the fun of it?

    • Dorothy Coleman

      Thank God someone finally realized this!

    • Larry Beedle Jr

      Total bullsxxt post. Destroy our system of government! Laughable!😅😆😉😎🤗😄😉

  • Ace

    I’m glad your keeping book, Jim. You nailed it.

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  • disqus_y2rfjHWjYV

    I’m fed up with these clowns who have absolutely no proof.

    • dee

      They will just lie and as they have been doing all along

      • herself311

        I read from two websites. One had an audi/video of a Democrat confessing he helped counties to vote illegally. The other website said they have committed voter fraud of at least 10 million voter frauds in the Democrat party.

        • Mister B

          How about
          Posting those.

          • Degotoga

            Yeah, post them so we can put them on Face Book etc.

          • Paul Maslak

            You mean “Fakebook”, don’t you?

        • rushisavietnamwarhero

          herself311: Which websites are those? Or are they going to remain “anonymous”?

        • Lisa B

          Hello, why did you not include them. The WH should be made aware.

        • John Lalik

          mmmmm, after 2 days you might think herself ain’t got nuttin’, like the rest of the clowns with no proof. I hate clowns.

          • Larry Beedle Jr


        • scott miller

          You saw these videos where? No link? “Voter fraud of at least 10 million voter frauds”? Question your sources herself311.

          • Larry Beedle Jr

            10 million voter fraud and no one caught it, some clown posted that and people eat it up like candy. google 10 million Democratic votes by fraud unchecked. Lots of people take things at face value instead of investigating what really happened. Duhhhhh!

          • scott miller

            A woman was caught last week for voting twice. She just happened to have voted both times for Trump.

        • Julia Sanford

          They have always done that. Why do you think it’s the Democrats who don’t want the voter rolls purged and are not in favor of requiring voter I.D.?

      • Vera Baker

        Keep calling them out on their lies and pushing back. We all need to stand together and push them out of any power in our country forever !!

      • “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

        Communist is as Communist does….

        Fight the LIEBERAL MEDIA. A different kind of boycott that will work.

    • Brooke Rimat

      In the book Shattered which is about inside the failing Clinton campaign it states clearly that she came up with the plan to blame Russia as she needed some excuse to give all her major donors as to why they just threw their money away, and ever since we have a bunch of morons disguised as the press running around spreading rumors based on the fact they don’t talk to anyone else that is outside their group think bubble.

      • Julie Ann O

        Senator Kennedy went to Russia to conspire against Reagan s reelection campaign. No law against it then, no law against it now.

        • Steve__Jacobson

          Actual there is. It’s call the Logan Law.

          • Degotoga

            Your an idiot and don’t know what the Logan Law is for.

          • Degotoga

            The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments having a dispute with the U.S. It was intended to prevent the undermining of the government’s position.

        • Stephen Reeves

          Remember, he was a Kennedy, you know, the guy that left a drowning young girl in a submerged car and didn’t report for hours later back in the 60’s. And just like the Clintons of today, above the law.

          • doug tabor

            And look at the Kennedy family, or what’s left of it, now

          • Bob Davis Sr.

            I’ll be glad when there are no more clintons either. Vermin, plain and simple.

          • Larry Beedle Jr

            Ted Kennedy is dead! All eyes are on Trump and his corruption! Period

        • Brooke Rimat

          I agree, from everything that I’ve heard and read, there have been no laws broken by the Trump team, but plenty of laws broken by some people in our government who are leaking information to the press about private phone conversations between our President and other world leaders. I truly hope they find who the leakers are and punish them to the fullest extent of the law.

          • American John

            Don’t it bother you being such a liar. You are so full of bull s**t your eyes are turning s**t brown.

          • Brooke Rimat

            Actually Un-American John, you don’t know me so to call me a liar just shows your utter ignorance. Not only am I an informed human being, but I’m also an honest one, and I don’t go through life being a sniveling, angry internet troll. You don’t want to hear the truth, so be it, but going around calling names doesn’t win you any arguments, again, it just shows your ignorance.

          • Marianne Fong

            That is true. When they have no facts to support their views they resort to name calling. Maybe amongst themselves, those who agree with them anyways it is effective, but to the rest of us it just shows lack of reasoning.

          • Neva Kubik

            Still in your little bubble, are you?

        • Mister B

          There would probably be a law against it if a Republican had done what drunken Kennedy did.

        • CatoYounger

          Isn’t that amazing. He actually physically travelled and personally met with our Cold War enemies – during the Cold War – on behalf of asking them to intervene to stop Reagan from getting elected. And THAT was illegal. Carter did it also.

          • Surly Curmudgen

            Clinton did the same visiting Russia in the early 70s for training of some kind? This was after he refused to report for induction into the military and while he was attending Oxford in England where he raped another young woman.

          • tommyknows

            Cheney served by giving us 9-11 so he could steal oil using our military in the mideast. Does that count?

          • Jim

            And you know this how? Do you honestly believe this or did you just make it up out of stupidity and anger?

          • Cuda

            Only one problem, we never took any oil from Iraq you flipping moron!

          • Surly Curmudgen

            You’re an idiot! There was no oil stolen nor was there ever any intent to do so!

          • Bob Davis Sr.

            It only counts if anyone believes your mindless dribble.

          • 1956cyndi

            please offer links of ANY kind of evidence of that. Astounding how he got so many to admit to the guilt and how he set up all proof of others having done it

          • Larry Beedle Jr

            Oil was the spoil! Black gold or texas tea! No matter how you look at it oil was what they wanted. Texas has the most oil billonaires than any other state. Hummm and President George Bush. BIG OIL That Bible says that wars are started by those who want what others have. BLACK GOLD.

          • Tom Franceschiello

            AND burned an American flag during a protest while he was in England….

          • Jim

            Clinton’s campaign had millions of dollars funneled into his Presidential run from China and that was left to speculation and not reported.

          • Bob Davis Sr.

            Only one?

        • Mick Lee Green

          That is a false conspiracy theory.

          • Bob Davis Sr.

            Yes it is. And the moon is made of green cheese, Santa, a huge fat man, comes down the chimney And the Easter Rabbit lays colored eggs all over the place. You’re an idiot.

          • Mick Lee Green

            I don’t appreciate being insulted. I’ve been very successful in my life, and do not tolerate disrespect from anyone. Disagree all you want, but keep the insults to yourself

      • T Anne

        ANY EXCUSE will do when a person lies all the time……………..

      • Lisa B

        Copy that part of the book, making sure to credit it, and post on FB. She needs to be exposed as much as possible.

      • Anthony Olejniczak

        Oh, That’s where it all “started” huh?

      • Larry Beedle Jr

        Brooke just keep up with whats going on with Trump, its all gonna unfold as time goes on. It takes a while for the truth to come out just like it did with President Richard Nixon. He did his best to cover up his wrong doing but it did’nt work so he resigned rather than be impeached. Odds are good trump could see the same verdict.

        • Brooke Rimat

          Keep fantasizing about Trump being impeached if that’s what floats your boat, but in the meantime most people, me included, don’t give two shits about the Russia, Russia, Russia story, because we work for a living. What we do understand is whenever the Democrats and their lapdog media are pointing the finger somewhere, just point it right back at them because that’s their game, they’re getting close to being caught so they try to take the focus off them, and onto others.

          It’s like a spouse that cheats and constantly accuses the other of cheating, that’s the Democrats all day long.

          • Nevajac Frye

            I believe in psychology it is called ‘projection.’ Like when a compulsive thief believes everyone is stealing from him, or a pathological liar believes everyone else is lying. They can’t see past or through their own pathological issues – it colours everything in their (mentally ill) world. Very sad (and scary!) that we have so many unhinged people walking around. There is no logic or reason or rationality in their world. Only hate and suspicion. They are very sad figures.

          • Neva Kubik
      • American John

        @Brooke Rimat More BS from another ignorant satanic tRumpturdian. Thank God this orange headed satanic fascist maggot is going to be impeached.

        • Brooke Rimat

          Go fuck yourself you angry little troll.

          • Nevajac Frye

            He sounds like he hasn’t been taking his meds! (American John). Just incoherent babble.

          • Brooke Rimat

            The only way he’s an American John, is if the John is code for toilet.

    • Born to be free
      • Russell Starr

        I cannot sign a petition that is written so poorly. Perhaps if the document had been written with proper grammar and word usage, I could have been persuaded. Until there is someone proficient in the English language writing these petitions, I will continue to observe.

        • Born to be free

          If you have TIME write a better petition.

          Form over the targeted intention?
          That is a little moronic.

    • Born to be free
      • ss442es

        There is a lot there James, need some time to read through all. Thx.

        • Born to be free

          I was writing for you slowly, because I know you’ll read very slowly!:)

    • Guy Daley

      They don’t need proof with the braindead. It is enough to level accusations on a daily basis because it chips away, SUBLIMINALLY, at credibility. Its like calling witch. There doesn’t have to be any proof but after all the uproar has died down it leaves residual traces of doubt in a person’s mind.

      Perfect example is how women came out of the woodwork to claim that Trump sexually harassed them before the election. More than likely they were PAID to do so. And yet, after all is said and done, it adds or detracts if you like from the reputation of the person in question.

      That is the liberal media’s agenda. To get America to the point of wanting another Democrat (socialist) in the next election. Proof is completely unnecessary. There agenda is going EXACTLY according to plan.

      • gun_clutcher

        ..repeat a lie often enough (via of the msm) and it becomes truth

        • paulashene

          That is a factoid, originally coined by CNN as tiny facts. Early on I knew most of their factoids to be lies.

          According to it is small fact but it is also: something fictitious or unsubstantiated that is presented as fact, devised especially to gain publicity and accepted because of constant repetition.

          • Surly Curmudgen

            Inculcate a canard and over time it becomes the truth and truth becomes a lie. The left has engaged in this practice for over a hundred years.

      • tommyknows

        Isn’t this just what Rush Limbaugh does all the time. It’s why truck drivers and traveling salesmen are so right wing. They have no one else to listen to on the road.

        • Vinson Parkhill

          When have you listened to his show?

          • Julia Sanford

            Probably never. Don’t you know the left just always knows everything. They hate Fox, but have never watched it. They hate conservatives, but have never talked with one. They protest, injure people and destroy property, but can’t even tell you why they are protesting. The truth is that they would prefer no dissenting voice at all. They want to be dictators.

      • Larry Beedle Jr

        Guy 2 months later on your post and more information has exposed Trump and his lies and corruption are growing. Hes was a business man not a politician.

    • SandyLester

      There is proof of nothing. Comey testified three times under oath, last time in May, that no one tried to interfere with investigations.
      Fifteen months and eleven committees have found nothing, zip, nada, neit.

    • It is time to fight back.

      Let SOROS pay for his own propaganda….

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  • don tempesta

    I was and am very impressed with James Simpson’s logic pertaining to the plight America is facing with it’s evil ( mostly Liberal, but not all ) opponents of a nonpolitician man that has it all but chooses to Make America Great Again. I have great faith in President Trump.
    Thank you James Simpson.

    • So right. A very wealthy man living with many more comforts than he has now. He has given all of that up to help the likes of us. Sure he talks too much in tweets but I love his diehard enthusiasm for this nation. We’ve had such bad leaders for so long….he’s tefreshing.

      • Ken

        That said, JennyC, it’s high time we start rallying hard behind him, calling our representatives and Washington demanding this assault end and they start working with him. We are the voters after all and we are who are the holders of the “Term Limits”!

        • Kathleen Lutman

          If a Rally is called for All the God Fearing Patriot’s in DC…I wk 2 job’s, but will be there no matter what…..

          • KRZNBY

            You are a true patriot Kathleen…..Thank you for your beliefs and backbone….

          • Dennis J

            A rally needs to be organized to show support for our prez..this is a clear assault

          • Billie Spink


        • DLynn

          Exactly what I told my husband a few days ago when he asked “What can we do (as individuals)?” Look up all of your elected officials – your Governor, Senators, and Representatives. Write or email all of them to let you know how unhappy you are with their actions or lack of actions. I emailed David Jolly yesterday, a former FL representative who did not win the last election because of his record – and he failure to endorse Donald Trump once ‘we the people’ had chosen him as our nominee. My husband emailed the Republican Establishment to voice his unhappiness with their actions. We are the people who put them into office and we are the people who can remove them from office.

          • Sassy

            DLynn, several years ago, a congressman came to talk to our club, and told us the best way to contact a representative is by a personal letter. He said they mostly ignore emails, and all too often phone calls don’t get reported accurately – if at all, or they simply ignore them, but they read hand written personal letters addressed directly to them. He said when someone takes the time to sit down and write a letter, “we listen”. We should start a letter writing campaign.

          • DLynn

            You are definitely right and I will mail letters to our elected officials and instead of just sharing on FB we need to start a letter writing campaign. I am going to make this a priority to post on my own FB page at least once a week. For those who are unable to write a lot of letters or can’t afford to purchase the stamps, a flood of emails will still send a message.

          • diana

            I love my congressman we have phone town hall meetings you can ask questions give comments …you can tell him you want to participate on his email…and they phone your house …alot of people on at the same time …our congressman Dr Phil Roe of Tn ..backed Trump ….Love him …but our state is heavy republican …THANK you …LORD …of course we are also cursed with 2 of the worst senators to ever draw a breath ..lazy lamar Alexander and porker corker (bob)…but i keep praying we can get those losers replaced with some good Guys …of course congress woman Marsha Blackburn is Tn We all love Marsha … <3

          • Surly Curmudgen

            That village idiot Corker is up for election in 2018. we need to find his replacement right now. If we wait we lose.

          • Nevajac Frye

            That is correct. I worked in politics and letters carry more weight than emails or ‘phone calls.

          • GrandmaHappy

            Absolutely correct! THEY work for US, not the other way around. They yell for more money all the while they steal from the Vets & SS. I for one am sick of all the ones that have held office more than once. IF the ones that are there can’t do a better job, & support our God given President, they need to GO!!!

      • Degotoga
      • CatoYounger

        Exactly! How refreshing to have as our leaders someone who actually loves this country. How sad that that is even an issue.

      • Born to be free
    • Degotoga

      Yeah, Well I don’t have faith in his son-in-law, the one that has received money from Soros and has made plenty of un-Trump waves.

      • DLynn

        I have never read one word that even says that his son-in-law took money from George Soros – let alone proof. However, there is proof that Soros contributed huge amounts to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, a much smaller amount to John Kasich’s campaign to enable him to stay in the race longer against Trump, and he is behind the creation and funding of, an organization run by Bill Ayers, the man who kicked off Obama’s campaign in the living room of his home in Chicago, IL.

        • Vicki Dyl

          I have read that he did. I believe it was $250 million for his startup business or something. Not sure if it is true or not. But I did read it.

          • DLynn

            Vicki – That is the problem, we used to be able to read something and the majority of the time it was correct. However, that is not the case anymore. I just googled Jared Kushner and connection to George Soros. Every article refers to ‘a’ source saying such and such – not one of the articles names the sources OR what the connections are supposed to be. Does that mean they can say anything they want to say and we are to believe them? No where do any articles from legitimate sources even suggest a connection between Jared and George Soros. Jared and “his family’ have a net worth of $1.8 billion. This has always been a very savy highly intelligent business orientated family. The exact amounts donated to Hillary’s campaign were documented. The small donation made to Kasich’s campaign was noted (my reasoning as to why Soros would donate to Kasich). I lived in a Chicago suburb at the time of Bill Ayers reign of terror and when Obama kicked off his campaign in Ayers living room (still own my home there). When I ask for proof, I mean proof rather than supposition.

        • Nevajac Frye

          George Soros is, literally, the man behind all of this. He officially created The Shadow Party in 2004. He has been very close to the Clintons for decades, even saying,(when Bill Clinton was president), “We work together as a team”. He personally mentored and groomed Obama. HRC was supposed to be a shoo-in. He paid $26.million toward her campaign. He has been at work for a long time to get American sovereignty to fall and install his “One World Government.” He has been actively working in this country long, long before Trump came along. Now Trump has upset the apple cart. What we are seeing is a well-planned, organized, and well-financed attempt at a coup – to get Trump, the obstacle, out of the way and, in Soros own words: “Burst the bubble of American Supremacy.” Soros essentially owns and controls most of the MSM. He has one organization, Media Matters, whose SOLE job is to squash any opposing/conservative viewpoints, including discrediting any Republican or sane Democrat political figures. They plan, organize, and disseminate smear campaigns to do so – that is what we are seeing in the MSM against Trump.
          I also have been trying to find facts about the loan to Kushner but haven’t been able to nail anything solid down.

          • DLynn

            What amazes me is how many people when you mention George Soros say “Who?” If you go to moveon dot org created supposedly by Bill Ayers – the guy who stated a few years ago that his only regret from his past was that his organization didn’t bomb more – you will find this: “Major contributors to during the 2004 election cycle included financier George Soros who gave US$1.46 million to Voter Fund.” Sors is up to his eye teeth in all the disruptions – and in fact moveon gives a way to sign up for all future ‘resistance calls”. Do people really believe all of these protests are spontaneous? Not hardly – well funded and totally to destroy our country as we know it. Soros is all about NWO (New World Order – one money, one government, one religion). Trump, unlike other politicians is not playing by their rules – he is all for the U.S. and Americans. I do not know of many men who could take on what President Trump has done and survive. I often wonder if he had any idea what his family would be in for though – and I have to say, I admire them greatly for the way they are dealing with it. It says a lot about who Donald and Ivana are as parents and as people.

          • American John

            Thank God for sending his servant George Soros to help US fight the anti-American satanic fascist tRumpturdians.

    • Larry Beedle Jr

      Trump had no political experience, its like someone walking into a business without any experience and expect things to be done in order and run smoothly. On top of that the person looking for job doesnt have a clue about the business but wants to be top dog. It will not be a success. One must go through the ranks and learn what it takes to run the business. Being the President is a HUGE responsibility.

      • GDW

        Obama was a great community organizes and senator for a short time who mostly voted present!

      • DLynn

        Unless you are a mind reader, how about giving President Trump a chance. Afraid he will prove you wrong? He is doing something monumental right now. Our previous president and the majority of politicians have managed to get our country into a huge mess – so how much did their experience help in running our country – or should I saw ruin our country? They have gotten us so far in debt that our great grandchildren will still be paying on the national debt – about time to let a businessman try his hand at it.

    • Guy Daley

      How much faith do you have in Americans though? To wit, look at Maxine Waters and the huge number of other socialist Democrats getting relected, over and over and OVER again.

      I have no faith in Americans because slowly but surely they are all being converted to socialists not to mention the fact we’re also importing them by the millions, legally and illegally.

  • munched55✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    I’m glad I kept reading. I thought the first paragraph of manure was coming from Simpson. Sharing and Tweeting.

  • flashman1954

    Great article ,will be posting to help get the message out .A hell of a lot of people see what is going on.

  • Mimi Lee

    I agree with you, Mr. Simpson. Thank you..

  • Gia Brown

    Start enforcing domestic terrorism laws and prosecutethese thugs!

  • WeirOnlyHuman

    Excellent points! We’re in an epic struggle pitting our duly elected president against a leftwing media eager to prove that they, not we the people, are in charge of this nation.

    • CatoYounger

      We are witnessing nothing less than an attempted coup.

  • Zeek

    Today’s media are to the First Amendment as Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth were to the Second.

  • antilib


  • HG

    Maybe after we get a special prosecutor for obozo , Killary and Susan rice who surprise!! Is asking for immunity we can then get to the truth!!

  • candice baron

    I agree 99 percent We have just began to drain the swamp Circle the wagons around POTUS and keep draining the far left maniacs and NUT JOBS out Vote them out Insist on a not rigged election as Dems think that is their right to rig elections Deport illegals call ICE Voter ID Absolutely required to vote No early voting

  • Rosen Rennie

    There will come a time when us patriots at going to have to assemble to stand up for the freedoms we take for granted. And maybe that will need to take place in Washington DC. Unfortunately we can’t send money to the RNC, they can’t be trusted. We are going to have show up in numbers to let them know we are serious. We have to be willing to go as low as the enemy goes.

  • Fingersflying

    This is the Saul Alinsky plan on steroids paired with the Joseph Goebbels propaganda media

    • Dorothy Coleman

      I wondered who else could detect the Saul Alinski poison in this whole takeover attempt!

      • Fingersflying

        smart girl – follow me on Twitter @Fingersflying

      • Larry Beedle Jr

        take over! Trump will either be impeached or resign just like Richard Nixon did! Has nothing to do with a take over! It takes time to see if Trump has committed any crimes, treason or go against constitutional Law Mr. Take Over! LOL

  • deimos19

    They are playing with fire and don’t realize it. If it is a revolution they want, they may get it but they will be consumed by the very monster they created. They could see about 10,000,000 people march in D.C., grab a few dozen congress critters and show what Voltaire meant when he wrote “pour encourager les autres”.

  • Joanne Fusco DeStefano

    President Trump is a strong man…he will handle these swamp creatures

  • Francine Hayes

    Bravo, James. Bravo.

  • Jimmy Wilson

    There is an old saying that goes; “when you are up to your ass with alligators, it is hard to remember that your main objective is to drain the swamp”! Trump is up to the task because that is what the American people sent him there to do! He will succeed because he is a winner, and he knows how to get things done! Yes, he will make mistakes, but he will learn from them and move on! Nobody has ever said that draining the swamp will be easy. He has only been in office for four months, but the swamp has been filling up and breeding for years!

    • Caroline Mc Gilloway

      Jimmy, the problem is that the rats in his own party
      Are trying to bring the Pres down. I hope he is truly aware of who they are.

      • That’s good….then he knows what traitors to fire next. “You’re Fired!”—President Donald Trump

    • Sarge McVey

      Starting with the Election of Woodrow Wilson, and every damn liberal (Communist) Democrat President since, a well as more than one or two Republican (RINO) Presidents.

    • He’s a Pro! Get it done Mr. President. We’re behind you all the way.

    • rushisavietnamwarhero

      Yes, he’s “draining the swamp” with a bunch of Wall Street insiders and corporate schills. Or in other words, he’s refilling the swamp with sewer water.

  • GTElmore

    So – OK, James – you “don’t like it.”

    ….’preciate that. And I’ll take it as proof that it can’t be all bad.

    I guess you arrogant knotheads aren’t going to be happy until you foment war in the streets across the USA. You ought to recognize that a good many of us consider that to be an unacceptable outcome.

  • Ricky Phillips

    Even if the Russian collusion narrative is proven false, the Democrats will continue with it the same as with Michael Brown’s “hands up don’t shoot.” Once these people have told their lie enough reversing it becomes impossible. They are a sick party that needs to be put to sleep.

  • Michelle Castañeda

    This all falls on We The People. That is way we have the right to bear arms. We need to march our ass to the White House and demand some of these idiots to resign. Those who have taken an oath to uphold our Constitution against foreign and domestic are the domestic enemies. They are not standing by their oath. Therefore should resign ASAP.

  • Gray Liddell

    Trump is a loose cannon, even looser than James Webb the former Sen from Va.
    That is what they hate hate hate about Trump, he is not full of that implanted control rod called White Guilt(neither is Webb, check out his Joe Six Pack opinion piece). Usually the White Guilt control rod is substituted for your back bone as you go thru the government sponsored education system(*Kingdom of Mali …indeed.) Trump seems to be missing his control rod/lib backbone and the Dark state hates that.
    Plus Trump has the gall to trumpet on Twitter his disregard for kowtowing to the Dark state. Thus he bypasses the media and makes them irrelevant and that is their very livelihood!. And thus the levers of control are shown to be somewhat tenuous and chimerical. But Trump has the media savy to know you never actually name the subject you are concerned with, always eternally tangential, tacit, unsaid and guessed about.

    I hope Americans can see thru the constant chorus of faux outrage and come together for their own interests. You shouldn’t feel guilty if you are concerned about your grandchildren.

  • chris ellis

    Brilliant article! This is exactly what is happening. We need to start seeing some examples made starting with Hillary and Pedestal and sweeping up Abedin, Brazile and all other criminal murderers. We now have a special prosecutor who is supposed to be looking at the Russia connection. Good! Bu the must look at ALL OF IT. Including Hillary and her plutonium for millions scheme, Podesta and his ties and the Seth Rich murder which Pedestal called for days before it happened. Seth Rich was the leaker so the narrative Pedestal cooked up about the Russia/Trump collusion was completely false and he knew it. This investigation, if it is done right, could bring down the entire cabal and I hope it does. The American people have proven that we are ready. It will be the ugliest, most evil thing we have ever confronted judging by the insane desperation of the left but it is time.

    • Caroline Mc Gilloway

      Chris , was it plutonium, I thought it was uranium.
      Maybe it was uranium mines in Hati that Hillary gave her brother the rights to, so much dirty deals I can’t keep track.

      • chris ellis

        Oh no, you are right. It was uranium. I don’t know where I got plutonium from. But yes, I am hoping that this special prosecutor will look into all of the dirty dealings. There is a huge can of worms and the American people have decided its time to open and confront it. Thanks for correcting me.

  • Ed Gray

    The general public, the trump supporters and voters, are getting totally fed up as well. Lets be clear, a majority of this country elected Trump, like it or not. The left has not accepted the last 2 republican (wins) election results, they are willing to take us down regardless of where the majority stands. They don’t enforce the law when they are in power hence our “immigration problem” which are merely lefty voters being brought in. If they can’t pass something constitutionally they get it through activist judges they have appointed. They view the constitution as a negative rights document and it gets in the way of their agenda (which by the way that was the founders intent) I am fed up as well.

  • Manuel C Garcia Jr

    Trump interests are to line his families pockets, he doesn’t give a crap about anyone else.Remember a majority of this country thinks he’s owned by the Russians. He could change a lot of minds if he would just show his taxes, which he said he would.I want to know how much of his businesses is financed by the Russians.The truth matters.

    • Dan Medina

      Can you give me the Facts on “owned” by the Russians.” ? The Cow brandished his tax returns and showed he paid more than the Socialist Bernie. You just need to dig deeper ( I heard Trump cut the tags off his mattresses. Go with that). Research his Russian ties, if you’re curious, because you bet the best of the worst minds have been out there since day one looking for every little bit of evidence, and what have they found? Did you have a fit when Obama was off miked talking to Russia, assuring them things will get better? Bet not.

    • M. Reimer

      Yes, truth matters. Like Maxine Waters having Russian investments – but nobody would want a little fact like that getting in the way of their witch hunt all because they cannot come to grips with the loss of the election over 6 months ago. I get that they do not consider Trump to be ‘likeable’ but nobody can give me a concise, intelligent answer as to what they would want the outcome to be if he were gone. What? Bippity Boppity Boo – HRC moves into the White House and life goes on as normal? Not happening. Frankly I want her head on a stick!

    • Caroline Mc Gilloway

      Manuel G. — your mind is set in stone, even so here goes, Trump and his family do NOT need any more money. I do not believe it’s the majority of this country
      ( remember a lot of Democrats turned right) ,as far as his taxes , it’s his business not yours or mine.Why didn’t you and your cohorts look into the uranium rights deal HRC had with Russia ,not a peep, ha, ha.

      I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO KNOW , why the Democrats
      Are against the USA. If you are against our President
      So vehemently ,there is an undermining boogeyman.
      The truth matters.

  • Patrick Shirey

    The whole situation is Orwellian and the potential outcome if the left is successful?

    • FedUpLibBS

      Orwell’s 1984, was meant to be a Warning… NOT a TEXTBOOK..

  • ss442es

    James, you are correct and speak what I am thinking. There’s more. Senators fell out of a briefing from the justice department the other day (stone faced we are told) and I suspect some of this was revealed.

    2008 Obama runs for office using fake, fraudulent and counterfeit ID. Cert. of live birth doc is manufactured, draft registration card manufactured and social security number belongs to a very deceased Harrison Bounel, stick with me here!

    Obama gets elected has Clapper and muslim convert John Brennen hire Dennis Mongomery to develop software to spy on his political opposition including Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and many other high profile people. Donald Trump was a target and entire phone calls were intercepted along with email traffic etc. The president is correct about being wire tapped.

    Blixeth a real estate magnate divorced his wife and during the endeavor discovered someone had been listening to his phone calls as was Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County who had begun an investigation on the Obama fake docs. Mongomery told Blixeth he was pissed the feds were using this illegal spying tech on him and Americans for political gain and wanted to blow the whistle but wanted to talk only to Sheriff Arpaio because he is the only SOB in the entire Nation with the balls to go after the liar and usurper Obama.

    Arpio and Zullo listen and record information from Montgomery in hours of tapes—–Carl Cameron with FOX News is in the loop and comes to Phoenix to record many hours of information. Arpaio and Zullo take Montgomery to Larry Clayman who takes Montgomery to the FBI who gives Dennis immunity and Dennis gives mountains of information unlawfully gained to them but remember the FBI director refuses to move forward on a prosecution because Loretta Lynch will do nothing so he sits on it.

    Now we have a new administration. DOJ Jeff Sessions has the information and President Trump knows all about the above information but he has to allow the legal system to function as the dems and the press disassemble themselves as the fools they are. ALL the information I just wrote above is public and hidden in plain sight but few “get it”.

    There is more, a lot more but let’s see if the DOJ can do the American people right for once in 8+years.

  • John Roberts

    Excellent summary Jim and on point as usual…but what we need now is a massive, focused and very deliberate strategy to counter the Democrats, media, liberals, etc.

    I have not yet seen it. A few talk about taking the offensive instead of being defensive (which is what the left wants). The Left on other side has a very deliberate strategy that is communicated and orchestrated to attack Trump as well as ALL conservatives.

    All the media and democrats do is make headlines to put a constant smoke screen up in front of the real issues, Trump’s accomplishments and the illegal actions by the liberals themselves…Every time something comes up about a Democrat or liberal…it is covered by attacks on the right.

    If I had resources, (but my SS won’t cover it), I’d start buying media outlets, of all types, on a large scale. In lieu of that, buy full page adds, TV time, magazines, fund college conservative groups, etc…etc…you can go on…

    The left has done this for decades…and continue to do so….

  • Timothy Smith

    liberal traitors to this country think like this f#?*! who should have his teeth kicked through the baxk of his head.

  • Shirley Carter


  • Skippity

    Well Said James! Crazy times indeed! Thankfully today we have many ways to get the truth and circumvent the media. 50 years ago the media could have had their way with the populace, but today they have been relegated to a circus sideshow.

  • LaMan
    • Dorothy Coleman

      You know, I really believe that Soros is playing the part of the “bank” and OBama is the “mastermind” of this attempt to overthrow our government. Is this the shadow government known as THE DEEP STATE?

  • James McKinlay

    James Simpson: Fantastic! Best articulation of what is currently happening to President Trump that I have read. Thank you!

  • Marlene Fortner Starling

    JWAS🇺🇸 I am fed up with your LIES James Simpson

    • MaggiesMessage

      Marlene, you are an idiot beyond measure…..stuck in the mud stupid, and your a mental case…….find me the lies and point them out! If not, shut up!

      • Leslie Neblett Howell

        Why does it always come down to name calling? I could not get passed Trump making fun of the handicapped reporter. People have made fun of my son before, (they were mostly children) and I corrected them or spoke to their parents. Why would someone running for president do that and everyone saw it, and it was still ok. He later denied it but it was right there in front of everyone to see. If you made yourself believe his story to feel better, totally your call. I could not get passed it.

        • Charlotte Elliott

          I can tell that, as with most other Trump haters, you never seen the ACTUAL footage but only the chopped up version presented by the media. If you had actually taken the time and initiative to investigate for yourself the entire original footage instead of lazily laying on your couch listening to the media and believing their skewed version of the facts you would actually have been an educated voter instead of the uneducated voter you apparently are. That whole idea that he supposedly made fun of a handicapped reporter is one of the more ridiculous accusations the media has come up with. If you buy something as stupid as that you should turn in your voter card and step aside and let the grown ups take over cause you ARE the problem!

  • SilentKnot

    You know, the right is watching. They are tolerantly watching the left bury itself; however, don’t think for one minute that patriots are not ready to help the dems by lending the shovels and pitching in to dig their holes deeper and then throw in dirt while they are trying to get out. We are working on ousting WH staff…any politician that is working against OUR PRESIDENT. We are sharpening our tools and preparing for a civil war that the dems/liberals apparently want. We are researching and following those that are the loudest; usually the more guilty of corruption. Patriots have had enough! We are historically laughing that Bruce Jenner, (Kaitlyn), is even considering running for any office when he can’t make up his mind whether he is a he. Great decision making skills. There will come a time when all those who THINK they are some kind of determining factor will see just how insignificant they truly are. The people put them in office and can rip that rug right out from under them! P.S. This is the United States of America. Muslim refugee’s will not be making our laws in the not too distant future. There are people in the WH that better get their act together or pack up!!

  • Steven Evers

    This is what corruption looks like, too much power in the hands of a few and a complicit press. Now it comes out that Mueller and Comey are best friends, what’s next?

    • Tony

      Comey was a deciple of Mueller. That is like a father investigating his own son. What do you think Mueller would do to his own son? Hang him? It is a joke.

  • Jeannie McCall

    Thank you for stating all the facts, and for doing so eloquently!! We all agree with you, and are also disgusted by the actions of the DemonRats and their ilk. Thanks again!!

  • Mike Vail

    Such a refreshing article…Thank You James…

  • Sarah K James


  • Jonathan Scott

    This is their plan to not lose seats in the midterm . LIE , and Cheat . lets see how it goes this time around. BTW the Media is not a separate entity to the DNC merely The PR Department inside the DNC.

  • John Dobie

    Note James Simpson is an investigative journalist. Facts given not false news. Thank you Sir.

  • Julie Bloomdahl

    I will defend POTUS with my last breathe , he tweets because that gets around the unfair msm. Not everything can be explained in a tweet it is only so long. So you people who examine every little thing can stick it. As for 8 years o did whatever he choose. Get off his back.

    • Larry Beedle Jr

      Julie Obama had a do nothing congress so he used his executive powers! period! It amazes me how ignorant (lack of knowledge) the American public can be.

      • Julie Bloomdahl

        Absolutely agree.

  • Nailed it!

  • Martha Brown

    Wow! Mr. Simpson, You nailed it! Now what can we do to counterpunch all of this subversion?

  • Mike Jacobson

    It ain’t gonna happen moron go pout in a corner somewhere.

  • יעקב הופר

    Unfortunately, America needs another Civil War. It’s the only answer short of removing EVERY liberal, socialist, and illegal who does not wish to assimilate by wanting the “American Dream”. We spend sooo much money, why not print another 10 trillion dollars to ship out and house EVERYONE who hates The Constitution and White people. And if you ask? why them? because they’re still the minority by far, but now the powers that be wish to use the Muslim population because they average 9 children to a family, that should destroy America’s already declining culture and values in a single generation, maybe 2 if enough can permeate this country legally or not.

  • Roxie Patterson

    Im fed up with folks who dont want to take care of the earth and worship a self loving, money loving person that speaks out of both sides of his mouth. NOT a Role Model, Not someone that understands government. He is not CEO of the USA. We are the People.

  • Steve Paris

    ‘What we are really witnessing is an unprecedented effort to destroy this presidency’

    trump is doing this just fine on his own….

  • Stevon f. Nutt

    With one lie after another and to which the Left wing Media refers to as News they have attempted to stop Trump from doing His Constitutional duties as our duly elected President. It is my sincere Hope that they all pay for their Treasonous act with Prison time!

    • Dorothy Coleman

      Yes. I pray that these ppl do go to prison for attempting to overthrow our government. I am beginning to feel hatred in my heart for them and I don’t want to get to this point. I don’t mean their eternal soul but their lousy personality is fair game!

      • Larry Beedle Jr

        I’ll say it again. There is no attempt to over throw. Trump has got himself into some serious trouble. There is Impeachment or resign because of corruption like Richard Nixon did, it took time to find him guilty but he resigned. Trump may possibly get the same verdict!

        • rob1367

          Larry if it comes down to a Civil War, I hope you are in my crosshairs. It would be my pleasure to rid keyboard idiots like yourself.

        • Russell Starr

          There must be cause for impeachment. As yet, there is no cause. The only corruption evident in this case is that of radical liberal (communist/socialist) democrats and some spineless jellyfish republicans. I believe I speak for the vast majority of Americans when I say Larry Beedle Jr. should be investigated for collusion and complicity in the treasonous acts of the msm,the RNC, the Democratic party, George Soros, et al.

  • Leslie Neblett Howell

    I hope you have your blood pressure checked on a regular basis and if you are already on BP meds, I hope you are compliant. Bless your heart!

  • bill

    We must be rid of these Liars,. whiners, saboteurs and traitors. Jail them, take their Threats as Their Words and Use RICO to take down NYT, MS-NBC, CBNS, CNN NBC, ABC and the rest of this ilk. HLS has hundreds of Empty Jails. This is the time to fill them, Any Teacher or Professor that uses Kids to commit these crimes or encourages these crimes Then Jail Them. Take your time investigating them, take two three years be through before we hang them for Treason During a Time Of War

  • christine trollinger

    Libtards are traitors to our country. Drain the swamp

  • djstorrie

    I am so fed up with this shit that I wish the leftist pukes would try a coup so we could take them out once and for all.

  • djstorrie

    How many of you are willing to defend our Constitution, President and families from all enemy’s, foreign and domestic with your life? I am.

    • Russell Starr

      I am.

  • Linda Davis

    James Simpson, I could not have said it any better. Thank you. It has gotten so out of control, I was actually beginning to thinking it was all in my mind. It seems to be a bizarre twilight zone we are now living in, with all the crazy people acting they way they do and destroying our country.
    It is so sad that this, once best country in the world, has come to be a weakened society in which we stopped caring enough about, to keep it the best country in the world. I miss what America use to be and stand for. I have argued for years now, we need to open the doors of Washington and sweep, scrub, and disinfect the corrupt “so called representatives” that we trusted, out the door, only to start over with the original plan our founders had for us as a society. It is just ashamed there does not seem to be enough truly honest beings that can stay that way once they get into office.
    At this point, I am beginning to wonder, is this where it all ends?

  • Michael P Riley

    I am having some stickers made up …
    NOVEMBER 2020

  • kendalld

    I think you just about covered everything James, very good, and right to the point.

  • Emily Neall

    This is the truest writing I’ve read so far. Great

  • James Platt

    Y A W N !

  • Brenda Price

    That’s what I was just thinking…..

  • John Calis

    Tremendous article! Captures my sentiments exactly. When the zealots finally realize that it’s their OWN boat that they are sinking, will it be too late? I fear so.

    • Dorothy Coleman

      The words “too late” scare me like no other. Trump needs an expert on the power of the Presidency. There has to be a way to legally stop these thugs hell bent on overthrowing our government!

  • Al Nolf

    It’s an ongoing coup d’tat. There is no other way to describe the assault on our government.

  • Don G’son

    Until the American people stop voting out of fear there probably isn’t much hope. I feel that too many people felt like their vote would be wasted if put somewhere else, and the fear of the other major opponent winning, led to their vote for “Trump”. There needs to be an option at the bottom of the voting ballots that allows you to choose “I Demand a new vote with new candidates.”

    • rob1367

      Please stay in Canada, fortunately.

  • Julie Ann O

    They are using Stalin Tactics, to turn over a legal election.

  • Moss500

    There’s only one way this is all going to end, and it won’t be pretty.

    • rob1367

      Your right! Indeed it will not be pretty, but necessary. I don’t look forward to the day of possibly shooting at a fellow citizen, but an enemy of America is an enemy of mine.

  • Julie Ann O

    Senator Kennedy went to Russia to conspire against Reagan during the reelection campaign. No law against it then. No law against it now.

  • Julie Ann O

    How dare we vote in a brave man, that fights against them. They like the roll over Republicans.

  • Lie, deny, deceive. It’s the nature of the beast- the luciferian ascension.
    We have met the enemy- it r us!
    Toleration Is Compromise – Ignorance Is Complicity – Inaction Is Approval

  • Stewart Blume

    That pretty much sums up with the liberals, leftists, RINO’s, deep state, establishment and democrats are doing to destroy America.

  • Outstanding points James Simpson. Had to share. Call me stupid but I’m still stuck on O’s books on the WalMart shelf and Benghazi. Our past presidential team was a Trojan Horse and some of the GOP were and still are holding the doors open for the enemy of our nation.

  • Dannyboy

    Jim, as we both know, the only thing that changes is the names over the doors! I fear we will be stuck with these ass hats at least two years.

  • Patrick Kelley

    Extremely well written, documented, a patriot’s words. Reminds me of Rep. Al Green standing on the Senate/House chamber floor shouting for Trump’s impeachment. Two axioms 180deg. apart and we fight against, Islamism (multiple radical Islamic organizations), Socialism, Communism, racism, Islamophobia, leftism (in Congress, elementary schools, public schools, colleges, universities, media, corporations, churches) while leftism has partnered with Islamism to destroy America as we know it.

  • Dirk Noel Theriault

    Excellent piece. What these lunatics are engaging in is no doubt subversion and seditious

    conspiracy. The only question is will they be made to answer for their lies and treasonous acts?

  • Dirk Noel Theriault

    Excellent piece. What these lunatics are engaging in is no doubt subversion and seditious
    conspiracy. The only question is will they be made to answer for their lies and treasonous acts?

  • Iatemine

    Wheres your proof? Comey cleared Trump….even that hosebeast California Rep. Maxine Waters admitted there is no proof! You Sir….are a fool and the people YOU back are the greatest enemies to personal freedom and the Constitution we have ever had. You are on the wrong side Pal. Unless YOU hate America and Americans. You look the part!

  • Dave Stocker

    Actually, if Comey honestly believed Trump was ordering him to stop the investigation into Flynn, then he is required to make this known to the Deputy Attorney General (his immediate boss) or another ranking official within the DOJ. If he doesn’t do this, then he has violated the law and faces criminal prosecution himself.

  • CC1980

    Trump needs a bigger army of loyal people he can trust, time for each and every Obama holdover to be shown the door.

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    I like the fact he tweets, it is unfiltered by the press distortions of every word he says.

  • Goldminer77

    YES!! And look at the change President Trump has already done with the Saudis! And he hasn’t been there 24 hours!

  • perdue1111


  • Mick Fischer

    As long as Obama’s choice of abode is DC, the travesty is likely to continue! This was predictable!

  • Ken

    That was a great column. Everything I read is all negative against our President. I remember saying prayers of thanks on that November Wednesday morning after he was elected. The assault started almost immediately and hasn’t ket up for a moment. We all need to rally behind our President. He gave up a heavenlike life to help a country he loves deeply and dearly and obviously couldn’t sit by watching it get destroyed after eight years of obama. He has been abused unlike any man should ever tolerate. If he yanked all his assets and left this country I couldn’t blame him. Time to rally behind him and all of us get on the phone to representatives and newspapers and demand this childish bullshit stop now. We are the “TERM LIMITS” and we have the ability to drain the swamp instantly with our votes. So please America let’s do this.

  • Clifton Watts

    This guy need medication to help with his delusional state.

  • Stan126

    Please. It is outrageous that Trump helped expose Clinton’s corruption to win the election, and thus undermine democracy! All before the media could properly do its job doing exactly the same thing to him to find more private audio recordings of him saying rude stuff! He must be impeached for exposing corruption…and trying to cover up the attempt to stop someone trying to prove that he exposed Clinton corruption…all while the ‘free press’ was helping to cover up the actual corruption…. er…no, wait a minute, you’re correct, thats absolutely f-ing nuts….

  • Stan126

    The great thing about all this is that the left has actually been forced into a no win situation. If they cannot bring down Trump, and he continues to be even marginally successful, he will become a steam roller through our political quagmire. But even if they are successful they can’t stop there but will have to continue taking down an entire democratically elected administration. When done what will be left? Absolute political carnage on a scale this nation has never seen as the various leftist factions that now control the democrat party all begin fighting over the resulting power vacuum. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have any leadership capable of bringing them all together without an overt and complete repudiation of the Constitution. Maxine Waters is their new leader. The Republicans will be finished as a viable party. Talk about a perfect storm.

  • Cat Carillo

    Well Said James Simpson

  • GinniaC

    There’s a possibility that Comey was the leaker or he sanctioned the leaking. That may be why Trum tweeted that Comey better hope there was no wiretapping of their private conversation. The truth might come out.

  • Bob Mills

    Perhaps it’s is once again time to break out the Rails of old along with the Tar and Feathers and run these Carpetbagger’s out of DC once and for all. Or better yet set up a gallows along with a peoples court and judge the lot of them. After all congress is the reason our Republic is in it’s current state. Let’s fix it.

  • Walter Siebert

    When I see the Flag I fought for burned, our police murdered, our illegal immigration, people cheating on welfare, disability fraud, and the government not working for the people, and not one liberal or democrat complaining about it, Something is wrong and Our President Donald Trump is a movement to save this country. The more I see Our President attacked, makes me happier that I voted for him !!!

  • LisaGinNZ

    Good commentary. #StandWithTrump

  • Jackie Ricca

    Sometimes I wonder if the Swamp People have been cloned! They are puppets of Obama and Hillary and make me sick!

  • Thank you for taking the time to write out what a lot of people are thinking!

  • nkj777

    They are just desperately fighting for their lives. Didn’t I read that about a third of D.C. is involved in the Clinton Foundation swindle? Many will end up in jail probably. And also the pedophilia which many are involved in. This is no small fight for them. It is life and death.

  • Herbertificus

    Hey, everybody, our country is not in jeopardy. Our way of life is not in jeopardy.

    Our domestic tranquility IS in jeopardy.

    There are millions of us who will take to the streets WITH GUNS — LOADED GUNS — if and when the media and the Democrats and the spineless RINO’s get close to an actual coup. Donald Trump is the duly elected President and will REMAIN the duly elected President until he leaves office Constitutionally.

    The Left is going to fine out the hard way that while we conservatives are not disposed to public protesting or displays of absurd physical, visual and auditory antics — chanting “hey hey, ho ho” slogans, wearing genital headgear, carrying signs with vacuous statements — nor do we engage in useless histrionics or hyperbolic reactionary behavior, nor do we engage in rioting and pointless destruction of property . . . we can be provoked into MEANINGFUL action that is not pointless or unfocused or politically consequential. When WE the streets, we will have very explicit goals in mind that will have precise political consequences and results. We’re not a bunch of mentally undisciplined, under-30, perpetually immature, childish brats having a public temper tantrum.

    The Left is just stupid enough to push the country to a place that they themselves are not going to like. All of the media and Democrats like Schumer and that incomparable idiot, Maxine Waters, are going to find out the hard way that neither they nor the propaganda-media nor their petulant, fascist, rioting class are a match for mature, intelligent, focused and determined citizens who are not going to stand by while 240 years of Constitutional, democratic tradition and freedom are squashed.

    • rob1367

      Well said. When “we” take to the streets, it will be meaningful and trust me the left will be brought to their knees.

  • diggerdon1960

    I’m really getting tired of all the “Watergate” comparisons, especially from those that have no idea what the entire hoopla was about……For the uninformed, I will explain.

    During the 1972 elections, the Democrats KNEW they were in trouble- all the Democrats had to offer up was George McGovern- a candidate that inspired NOBODY. Knowing the Democrat’s propensity for hyperbole & dirty tricks, as well as their intense hatred of Nixon, who was the guy who “got the goods” on the communist spy and left wing ‘darling’ Alger Hiss and sent him to prison, some in the GOP wanted to know IF the Democrats were planning an “October surprise”. So GOP operatives burglarized the DNC headquarters at the Watergate Towers hotel and apartment complex. The “burglars” were not really good at stealth and were caught……..A HUGE embarrassment for the powers that be at the GOP. But rather than just admit what was afoot, the RNC immediately “circled the wagons” and began a cover-up…….a time honored tactic that is STILL alive and well in D.C, today. Nixon unwisely participated in the cover-up even though he (as we know now) had no knowledge of of the plans to burgle the DNC offices. Nixon was a coarse and vulgar person and a pretty crappy president, but he was LOYAL- a very rare quality in politics, especially on the GOP side…….so he ran interference to “protect”his friends and cohorts.

    The Democrats treated the entire affair as an opportunity to “get revenge” for Nixon’s efforts in nailing Hiss and to discredit the GOP. To do this, they enlisted their willing accomplices in “the media” who were all too willing to use their power to “bring down a president”. Endless, salacious, and often inaccurate “news stories” were broadcast and printed daily and remember there was no “conservative view” or balance in the media at that time- so all people herd was the trumped up, sensationalized, version of the story and what was a really minor event was soon being cast as some kind of monumental “constitutional crisis” by the SAME PEOPLE that actually PARTICIPATED in stealing the 1960 election! Nixon HAD to be “got”…..He has exposed Hiss and the deep ties the liberal wing of the Democrats had to communist agents!

    Due to the endless “news coverage” the knee-jerking hyperbole, and the feigned and manufactured “outrage” from the Democrats, the GOP had finally had enough and decided to cut their losses. The entire party was being broad-brushed by the collusion of the Democrat left and their willing sycophants in the media and as there was no other side to counterbalance the hyperbolic hysteria the left was ginning up, The leadership of the party demanded Nixon resign- otherwise they would HELP the Democrats impeach and convict Nixon, making him the first president ever removed from office. Even he had done NOTHING that was even CLOSE to an impeachable offense, Nixon “fell on his own sword” and resigned. That act actually infuriated the Democrats even further! The WANTED to impeach and remove Nixon! Several Democrats even suggested that the congress and senate refuse the resignation just so they COULD impeach and convict him!

    Nobody died as a result of Watergate- Nixon wasn’t hiding in a foyer of the White House enjoying a knobber form a young girl only slightly older than his own daughters…..Nixon never perjured himself, nor did he wag his finger on camera and tell a bald-faced lie- Clinton did ALL those things……Nixon never once circumvented the Constitutional separation of powers by changing LAW via executive order for political expedience, nor did he ever trot out a senior staff member to openly LIE about an event that left 4 Americans dead….But Obama did!

    All in all, “Watergate” was much ado about NOTHING but it drove the Democrats bat-crap crazy- the SAME Democrats that IGNORED and excused far worse transgressions by THEIR guys- BOTH of which came into office men of very modest means but left as multi-millionaires!

    That bothers me does it bother anyone else?

    • Tony

      Many people thought Nixon was a good president that just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and got lynched for it.

      • diggerdon1960

        In all actuality Nixon was NOT a “good” president……..His economic initiatives were totally wrong and made NO sense, which led to the decade of “stagflation” and other economic woes- He was the one that signed the voting age change that delivered yet another ready-made constituency to the left, and he readily signed off on one of the largest military down sizing pogroms in history. Other than “ending” the military effort in Vietnam that had been thoroughly sabotaged by the left wing Democrats thus guaranteeing a defeat, there is no “accomplishment” or positive legacy of his administration.

  • DatBus

    The writer is absolutely correct, but what he seems to miss – what a lot of us seem to miss – is that the media answers to an authority other than truth. Globalist powers, the Communist Party, the deep state and the “secret-societies” that have been running our country OUTSIDE the will of the American people for many years have their hooks in deep and don’t like a guy who promises to give the country back to the people.

    • Roberto Deramo

      Amen Bro, I keep saying we are not fighting against stupidity with truth, we are literaly fighting EVIL!

  • Diana b.


  • Valeria Eastman

    I have never read a more accurate and awesome truth about the current situation in our great country. Thank you Mr. Simpson for telling it like it really is.

  • MyLovelyNose


  • MyLovelyNose

    Christ, what a bunch of PUSSY LIMPDICK WHINERS. OH, the nasty liberals making your pathetic worms wilt.

  • NoToTheMark

    This will be prominently bookmarked to post to well spoken (short-sighted) patriots like Ann Coulter who relentlessly bellyache about the wall not yet built (despite the number of illegals pouring over the border is down over 65%). Bravo! Actually I have a more sinister suspicion on this – the outrage is justified and taunted. I seriously believe they want us in the streets to tangle with Gyorgy’s animals. The globalists want 70% of the peasants gone!

    • rob1367

      In what’s the first order when communism comes into play? They kill the very same people that supported them. If I were a professor, I’d be very concerned.

  • Chaps1956

    like the left in germany,calling weimars facists,they brought on the nazi party! They used watergate to gotcha nixon,THIS IS NOT 1973!!

  • dantastic773

    Boo fuckin hoo. Cry me a gold river.

  • Craig Toney

    it is nice to see some real journalists still exist

  • Deborah Johnson

    Submit That The Media Be Prosecuted For TREASON, For Creating A
    Completely FALSE Narrative About Our President Trump. I Have NEVER Seen
    Such Vitriol & Hatred! We Finally Have A Commander In Chief Who Is
    Doing GREAT Things To SAVE This Country, Yet All MSM Wants To Talk About
    Is Impeachment! WHAT A FREAKING JOKE… What About:
    1. You said nothing when Obama used drone strikes to execute people abroad.
    2. You said nothing about Russia for 50 years until Trump was inaugurated.
    3. You said nothing about Hillary’s campaign manager’s brother being paid $175,000 to lift U.S. sanctions on Russia.
    4. You said nothing when Obama engaged in military interventionism in Libya without Congressional approval.
    5. You said nothing Obama greatly expanded presidential power through the use of Executive Orders.
    6. You said nothing when Obama filled his White House with lobbyists after he said he wouldn’t.
    7. You said nothing when Obama gave 47 of his fundraisers Administration jobs.
    8. You said nothing about the murders and rapes at the hands of illegal immigrants.

    9. You said nothing when Hillary’s net worth rose over $100 million as
    Secretary of State, in part, because her husband took money from foreign
    10. You said nothing after Obama’s net worth rose over $10 million as President.
    11. You said nothing when Obama’s Justice Dept. wiretapped/surveilled reporters such as James Rosen and the AP.
    12. You said nothing when Obama restricted immigration 6 times with Executive Orders.
    13. You said nothing when Obama set a record for deportations.
    14. You said nothing when Bill Clinton met Loretta Lynch on the airport tarmac during the Clinton investigation.
    15. You said nothing when Hillary was fed debate questions.
    16. You said nothing when Obama and Hillary lied about a video and Benghazi.
    17. You said nothing when Obama’s IRS abused the rights of taxpayers.

    18. You said nothing when Obama’s White House held meetings with
    lobbyists in coffee shops near White House to avoid disclosure
    19. You said nothing when Eric Holder sold the guns you hate to criminals and some were used to kill Americans.
    20. You said nothing when the Clinton’s took White House property.
    21. You said nothing when Hillary laughed off defending a child-rapist.
    22. You said nothing when Hillary lied about her private use of a private email server as Secretary of State.
    23. You said nothing when Janet Reno, under Bill Clinton, used a tank to kill the Branch Dividians.

    24. You said nothing when, on May 13, 1985, a bomb was dropped on a row
    house in Philadelphia to uproot the black liberation group known as
    Move, resulting in a fire that eventually burned down 61 houses, killed
    11 people (including five children) and injured dozens.
    25. You said nothing was Elian Gonzales was forcibly deported using guns.
    26. You said nothing when George Soros paid protesters to burn parts of Ferguson.
    27. You said nothing about states’ rights until Trump’s Executive orders on immigration.
    28. You said nothing about Obama’s smoking.
    29. You said nothing about the record numbers of people on government assistance.
    30. You said nothing about the number of part time and low paying jobs under the Obama recovery.

    31. You said nothing when Obama had SWAT teams raid a Gibson guitar
    factory and seize property, on the purported basis that Gibson had
    broken India’s environmental laws—but no charges were filed.
    32. You said nothing when Obama claimed that the Fort Hood shooting was “workplace violence” rather than terrorism.

    33. You said nothing about when Obama ended some terror asylum
    restrictions, by allowing asylum for people who provided only
    “insignificant” or “limited” material support of terrorists.
    34. You said nothing when the national debt doubled under Obama.
    35. You said nothing when 9 times the Supreme Court unanimously overturned Obama’s expansive use of Executive Power.

    36. You said nothing when Obama dismissed charges filed by Bush
    Administration against New Black Panther Party members who were
    videotaped intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling station during
    the 2008 election.
    37. You said nothing when Obama released Guantanamo detainees were released and went back to kill Americans.
    38. You said nothing when Obama unilaterally changed Congressional law by Executive Order.

    39. You said nothing when Obama fired an inspector general after
    investigating an $850,000 AmeriCorps grant received by a nonprofit run
    by former NBA star and Obama supporter Kevin Johnson.
    40. You said nothing about the 36 Obama’s executive office staffers that owed $833,970 in back taxes
    41. You said nothing when Obama Killed four Americans overseas in counter-terrorism operations without a judicial process.

    So if you are voicing your objections about three months of Trump, I’m
    sorry… we can’t hear you because you said NOTHING before!!!

  • Mike Marston

    I said it pre election. Not a one of the Senators and Representatives are worth voting for.
    Not one.

  • bilgerat57

    I enjoy and commend the tweets! One of the things driving ‘lamestream’ media insane is the fact that Trump talks directly to people. We no longer have to suffer through the ‘talking heads’ saying “Let us explain what the president means by that.” Yes the plain language ruffles a few feathers (including mine) at times, but I much prefer that to the semantics games most politicians (and so called ‘reporters’) play. As far as the wailers go, let them scream….until the next round of elections come up. I predict some interesting results headed our way…….

  • Roger

    The Democrat’s are every bit the enemy, along with a number of Republican and media to our freedom that ISIS ever thought of being.

  • Brimestone

    In the day of great courage and hate stands alone one man and a family of much respect to a husband and a Father.
    I will never in my life pray on a person or people in regards to their life while growing up and one day maturing into greater things, and lesser things were just avenues on the Journey to become a better person.
    If the soil of foolishness is available during the walk of finding hope in one self to become better so be it.
    So in judgement of a person or people stands to be weakened because they have come out of adolescent and walked into the roll of humanitarian.
    Why we feel we need to dig up mistakes or faults of past life is nothing but a sign of weakness and hate and anger in a place of desolation the surrounds days of old.
    If a true change comes in a person’s life then so shall wisdom and knowledge follow along side of them as they embrace a better future for themselves and people that may come and go in their life.
    Know one is born with WISDOM or KNOWLEDGE. It’s only inviting during the growth cycle of life from a youth to an adult. My own personal failures have eluded me many times.
    My demons fought with vengeance for my soul and body. My soul being my thoughts of intent and misconceptions​ of direction as I stumbled with the world’s desires of many impressing moments.
    Demon don’t rest in the day time or night. They are walking hovering continually like a Bad Out Of Hell. Hoping to find a soul who’s light is not on in their body. They look for DARKNESS. They look for a chance to STEAL KILL DESTROY and enter words and thoughts into ones minds to become DESTRUCTION to many souls of our world.
    In breaking free from the clutches of immortality and lust in all faucets of hate anger mind power and control, it can either free you or turn you into a person or people of satanic WARFARE of torturing yourself and becoming a weapon of choice in the area you choose to walk it thru. Drugs alcohol rape pornography child abuse sexually. Abusive with tongues of poisonous Venom. Beaters of wives and children.
    Thief’s, mind controllers, self gain and control of weak souls. But the greatest and most desiring enjoyment of one staying in an adolescent state of thought and being rest in GOVERNMENT ATMOSPHERE. The continual control of all mind games.
    The life of filth and lust and sex and money and gifts of Romance leading into deception of truth verses lies. Operating at a level of power that preys on the weaker vessels and leads their minds into the DARKEST hole known to man. The GOVERNMENT LIFE.
    If their is a heart beat where is it. It’s the GOVERNMENT. If there’s a blood vessel of strength and endurance and encouragement and Power and hope and Dreams, would not the intended recipient be a welcoming doorstep for demonic activities. I say yes to all those who have ears to hear.
    I’m not writing this letter to impress or to capture attention for myself. I’m writing to show a side of good and evil. It’s unfortunate but, good and evil are the same word. They enhance the action of the word on both ends.
    The main heart beat today has to be the people. Not our failing government. Their is so much history where AMERICA put her nose in things that should not of been her place. Silence keeps the war going on and peace keeps your mind in the dark of truth and deception and continual mischief that you never see. When the story breaks out it comes at a rate of speed that digs deep into ones mind, and can only comfort you with lies.
    Our government has finally proven their demonic hate and demonic lies their demonic adolescent of immaturity, and their willingness to STEAL KILL DESTROY US AT ALL COST OF MIND CONTROLS.
    Plz see the real truth of what they have been hiding for centuries. This is a WAR GAME like the movie they made….. “Do you want to play a game”.????
    No you don’t. The government have stolen our souls and minds. They’ve taken our wife’s our children our homes our jobs our peace our joy our integrity, and completely turned it into a sex pool of lustful pleasures by allowing AMERICA to become the Land of the Free. Our country isn’t free. It’s in bondage to homage of death and lies and deception and sex drugs alcohol PERVERSION and lust list is endless. What the government has basically done here is this.
    They’ve provided AMERICA with toys of all kinds of disgrace to ourselves and called it…. THE LAND IF THE FREE…. It’s not free. It’s killing us because we have excepted it into our life. And in doing so. While we are playing with all the perverted avenues of every legal substance in America…. Our government is wide openly killing us and stealing from us. Luring by ways of media. Seperating us as American’s. Dividing us into hate groups. DESTROING our homes marriages jobs lifes, and sucking the life right out of us.
    It’s been years of plotting this out. And American’s have excepted the sick diseases to the point that we are now under collapsing as a COUNTRY.
    But then a great leader shows up and says let’s TAKE AMERICA BACK…. and the LIBERIAL PARTY of SATANIC activity for years lets her waepons lose and Because American’s have been playing with their toys of DESTRUCTION…..
    The libs walk right in and completely over throw decietfulness and lies against our great redemption given by God to help our country rise us from the wreakage if illusions.
    But since we have been playing PERVERTED games all these years…. We only NOW FARE ABOUT ONE THING. DONT TOUCH MY TOYS.
    We are in a state of emergency. For God sake. As I’m writing this my heart is breaking. Plz wake up AMERICA. Snap out of this. President Donald Trump is a blessing not a curse.
    Remember in my final words of closing. Five Presidents have lead our country into this state of emergency.
    Donald Trump has know doings it what has happened to our country. But now you beat him down and insult his family Because he’s trying to safe and wake up AMERICA from your slumber if sex PERVERTED pools of toys…. What’s its gonna be AMERICA… Toys or the LIBERIALS continue to use you to the point you will be nothing but junkies. Because they gave the toys and they can take the toys.
    Plz see my truth in this letter. Our world our country is dying. You think it’s gonna get better.???. If the LIBERIALS continue this plot, and you allow it…. It will be a cold day in hell for you.
    The truth is all in the hidden lies that AMERICAN seem to except as good. Check out on YouTube​…. Bohemian Grove in California…. Remember…. You gave the LIBERIALS that place with tax dollars. It’s the satanic home of demon’s and rituals.
    Wake up AMERICA…. If not… One day it will be to late….

  • Brontefan

    I was reading this article… until I came to the compliments for Chuck Schumer: ” that stalwart example of political grace, politesse, and comity,” … and I felt ill.

  • rockhitsciuntest

    We need about 10 million James Simpsons actively looking these demons in the faces they possess and challenging their authority. I think we have 100 Million that just don’t know their calling to protect and defend the Foundations of Faith and Freedom given to us by the shedding of blood and the battles between outright wickedness and those wanting nothing by the opportunity to build on Kingdom of God Principles in a land free from government and globalist dominion.

  • JustCuriosity

    Been saying for years, a “D & C” NEEDS to be performed on DC.

  • usmcr

    You know you have the right guy in the Oval Office when all of the career politicians and the “paid for” press are losing their minds. That happens when you LOSE CONTROL.

    • rob1367

      You are correct! Semper Fi

  • pat

    It’s a shame we have people who will still blindly vote for these guys. I like Trump. He says things like normal people would. So, he has them do a report on Comey. He wants to fire him. What does it matter which came first? He should have fired him on day one. President Trump is doing what he said he would do. Sadly, the swamp has more gators than expected. Republican and Democrat gators. The last potus we had was a traitor to the USA and just crickets from the pews. Makes you wonder what those gators are.

  • Grumpyolman


  • caliconservi

    maybe weshould put on a little demonstration, like make getting into and out of cnn studios impossible !

  • Mick Lee Green

    When millions of people lose their health insurance, and when the Wall Street traders, allowed once again to run riot so that millions more lose their life savings, when coal miners realize there aren’t more jobs, and when manufacturing jobs continue to decline because of automation, well naturally, none of this will be Trump’s fault. Who do you suppose he will try to blame?

    • Charlotte Elliott

      I have worked at least one job since the of 14yrs old. I used to have pretty good insurance for my family that I could afford. It wasnt cheap but I could manage to swing it and it was insurance that I could actually use. Reasonable deductibles with reasonable coverage at reasonable rates. Since Obamacare I now am forced to pay a premium price for insurance with deductibles so high that unless Im hospitalized I will never be able to use the insurance and the actual price for this is much higher than the price I paid for the coverage before that I could actually USE! Besides all that, if I cant afford the insurance that I will never be able to utilize then I am fined to the point of doubling my income tax bill! This year it cost me my income tax return of $4000.00! All of these millions of people you speak of that are losing thei health insurance, how many are able bodied people who refuse to work while I take on a second job so that they can continue to keep the GREAT insurance they have now? Seriously? The people paying for the GREAT insurance are the ones getting NOTHING so that the people NOT paying for it GET it? Anyone that doesnt see that is messed up is obviously mentally challenged!

      • Mick Lee Green

        I understand your anger and frustration, it’s well justified. But the reason your premiums went thru the roof was not because other people got help with their premiums, it’s because the Republicans reneged on a key portion of the ACA, which was for the government to fund reserves for the first ten years, to give the insurance companies time to recoup losses during that period. After ten years, they would be on an even keel, and no longer need to be subsidized. But after just two years, Republicans in Congress voted NOT to fund the reserves, despite agreeing to do so when the ACA was passed into law. Hence the rise in your premiums, and more insurance companies opting out of the exchanges. Republicans say the ACA was a ‘disaster’ but they themselves are the ones responsible for most of the problems it has. Put the blame where it belongs.

  • Murphy’s Mom

    I want to repost this. I am certain though that those I want to read it and learn from it will erupt in crocodile tears and sjw catch phrases and learn nothing at all. The media is corrupt and until more people figure that out and stop getting their info from huffpo and the 5:00 “news”, I don’t hold out much hope.

    • Larry Beedle Jr

      If you think FOX news is fair and balanced you are truly deceived and ignorant (lack of knowledge).

      • FedUpLibBS

        Sir… you passed ignorant a long time ago!!

        • rob1367

          Just ignore Larry. Look at his last name, the poor guy must’ve went through hell in his early years. Historically, left wingers were generally bullied throughout their adolescence and this is their only chance at retaliation. Poor poor Larry… Regular old beetle bug

  • Russ Foster

    James Simpson is long winded and can not get his stuff read.Way too long and not interesting. If you read whole article you need a life.

  • FedUpLibBS

    Liberals … “50 SHADES of STUPID”

  • Cyndee Hicks

    I too is getting sick of all these democrats telling lies..but i stand behind my President Trump ..!

  • Bill Schweigart

    The thing is the dems and left wingers and all othe libs are blaming Trump for what Obamanation did. Obama, not Trump, alienated our allies like Israel. Does anyone remember how Obama dissed Netanyahu when he visited by invitation of congress. Then Obama made friends with our enemies like Iran who hate us and do in fact support terrorist. Wake up you lame people. We voted Trump in because we are sick and tired of the way our country has been flushed down the toilet and into the swamp. We real Americans do not want to be socialists. Keep what you earn and live with it. I do not want to pay for someone who is able to work but just wants a free ride. It makes me sick to drive by people who are firing up the grill and cracking beers then waving to me as I drive to work. It is like,
    thanks buddy go make me some more welfare.

    • Larry Beedle Jr

      America doesn’t have full employment so our government had to create safety net of money, food and housing for those less fortunate. There is about 5% of the population that needs help from the government. It was 10% after the crash of 2008. The more the public educates them selves the more they understand the system. Politicians are the ones who cause divisions within the American people.

    • Larry Beedle Jr

      GOP created the Quagmire in the middle east and then bitch about war and terrorism! Retards!

      • Larry Beedle Jr

        update: Some Dems did vote to go to war in the middle east! they were retarded too!

    • Larry Beedle Jr

      Your assumption is that all people work during the day. There are lots of workers who work all thru the night. So you could be falsely accusing hard working America. Your too simple and think that all Americans live just like you. NOT!!

    • Larry Beedle Jr

      Trump got himself in trouble, he can only blame himself. People whom want to be president definitely need to have political experience. Trump did not and so goes the country.

      • FedUpLibBS

        Washington is FULL of people with Political Experience… all they’ve done is EFFED OVER the entire Country… which is WHY Trump WON!!!

  • Rosanne Calabrese Bosh

    Finally someone who speaks the truth.

  • Alan Bowie

    For those who do not yet know, there is no democratic party. It still uses the name, much like March of Dimes did when polio was cured, they just started collecting funds for birth defects. Same organization, but with a different focus (a good one, both). But the democrat party of today is a marxist based party intent on destroying the constitution (Keep in mind that the ACLU was started in 1922, by an american communist who vowed to use american law to destroy the constitution). It has been infested with far leftists for decades, including the KGB (soviet era & now FSB agents as well as Cuban and extremist muslims such as CAIR). Propaganda ? Fact: you still hear about ‘right’ wing McCarthyism. When the Soviet Union fell, the Russians allowed the KGB files open for review (except the most sensitive). McCarthy files were there and documented. The info FBI provided to McCarthy’s committee was correct. Right wing NAZI’s ? The NAZI’s were socialists (German Democratic Socialist Party) That is a leftist party. Oddly, Bernie Sanders was funded by George Soros, who had been, as a teen, a subcontractor for the NAZI SS & Gestapo to clear the furniture out of the homes of people being sent to death and labor camps, and Bernie Sanders is, by his own description, a Democratic Socialist. WISE UP AMERICA. And most of the press has been involved with this deception wittingly and unwittingly (Most are not that bright, you may have noticed)

  • madzonie

    So you wish your “liberal” friends would read this and completely give up on the idea that 45 is a bogus potus? I’m liberal and take offense at how demeaning your comments are toward me. The cons rail and scream about how unfair and unaccepting the libs are…but you are presenting your argument in the same manner. 45 is a disgrace to the office of POTUS. Period.

    • FedUpLibBS

      And Liberals are a disgrace to the human race!!

  • ElPolacko

    The Dems figure if you tell a big enough lie ,long enough some one will actually believe it.

  • Mike Gilley

    love trump. the best president in our lifetime

  • Helen J

    As Mr. Simpson pointed out, President Trump needs to take the bully pulpit and talk to the people. However, with the left leaning media, he will never get the chance. They will not televise a speech like that. They, and I include Fox New, will cut, dice, splice everything he says. Further, I wonder for how long we, conservatives, will have use of the internet to express our point of view.

    • Larry Beedle Jr

      Fox network is a joke!

  • Caprock

    Democrats have mastered the Joseph Goebbels technique of, tell a lie, repeat it frequently, and soon it will become the truth…In the eyes of their half wit worshipers.

    The same people who voted to bring Hitler to power in the 1930’s Germany, are called Democratic Party voters in today’s USA. Every culture has a group within.

  • Randy Benoit

    Well spoken truth!!

  • Stan Davis

    I agree with everything I read, it’s all true and it frustrates me and scares me! I’ve been telling everyone I know that if the left are victorious in burning President Trump at the stake this America that we all love and grew up in will be know more! The draining of the swamp phrase that is significant with the President is a little bigger and wide spread than even he knew and it’s spreading! Our young people who our walking out of college’s, walking out of graduation ceremonies, protesting, destroying private property it’s all related and it needs to stop! Most of them don’t realize what is at stake! The President is a busy man I know but I believe wholeheartedly that he needs to start making good on that phrase and remove these Obama holdovers as well as some of the Republican hold overs who are week in the knees! Get It Started!

  • Teri Nealand

    WHAT can we do to put a stop to this???? short of out right war with our neighbors???

  • Aaron Bollack

    The only way America is going to heal itself and become great again is if we lose the “Kill ’em all” attitude towards opposing parties and adopt a “we F’ing need to start compromising before we have another civil war!” I am not anti-Trump, I am anti anti-Truth” my problem with Trump started when he called the media “Fake News” and the “Enemy of America” – had he said “Biased News” I would agree with him 100%, but to say that the 1000’s of Americans who make up the media are the enemy of Americans is fundamentally wrong, especially to be said by the man who holds the highest office in the nation.

    • rob1367

      Put yourself in his shoes for a moment. Have you never exaggerated a point when you were pissed off? After all, he is human, just at a different level. If you have a witness on the stand and they tell one lie, Do they not lose credibility for the rest of the trial?

  • Kenneth Bliss

    With all due respect pinhead…………. Blow me!

  • Kenneth Bliss

    So glad I made it past that first paragraph!

  • Degotoga

    Simpson is worst that a donkey turd covered in maggots. Someone needs to start removing these type ASSHOLEs for this planet.

  • hadit_upto_here
  • Don AKA Big Papa

    That is some case of Rectal Cranial Inversion,,, you are a special kind of stupid.

  • Freeman-MAGA!

    Excellent! I agree with every point because I have said everyone myself. But James puts them in a understandable extremely well written format. Kodoos and many thanks.

  • 3will3


  • Nancy Kashif

    I am also fed up…James Simpson, I agree. Enough Already… Deep State, Democrats, CNN, MSNBC, ALL MEDIA OUTLETS WHO ARE SPREADING … NOTHING BUT LIES!


  • Nancy Parish

    So true…… the republicans need to STAND UP for this president and call the resistance what it is. A coup on democracy and freedom….

  • Don Seibert

    We need to rally around our President right now and in a big way!

  • goducks58

    Way to stoke the nut jobs and DrumpfSuckers. I’ve never seen so much disinformation and outright bullshit in one post. You must really enjoy contributing to the stupidity of a shrinking population of already dumbass Murkans.

    • Kevin Stone

      Hard to reply to truth,other than well done.

  • E Stoneback

    the msm no longer cares if anything they report is truthful or accurate but they have been playing that game for many years. But its come to where hearsay,rumors, and any other form of made up stories are now printed as news as long as it fits their own political agenda. Even other leaders from other countries are calling CNN and others fake news. That should be a wake up call, but it isn’t. I’m afraid if this country doesn’t start coming together that we will have another civil war, and I really don’t think we are that far from it. With tentions as high as they are today. It would start easily with the wrong spark.

  • Ian

    Blah, blah, blah, nothing we haven’t heard before.

  • Katherine Bitzer Tate

    I d on’t take them seriously – but they’re asking for another civil war.

  • Katherine Bitzer Tate

    I don’t take them seriously. But if they don’t settle down, they’ll get a civil war.

  • Sonny Nelson

    I agree with every word Mr. Simpson has written here. The other comments that followed that were made by other readers were mostly positive, always have a nay sayer or two which is their right, but the theme through out the comments seemed to be, “let’s march and show our support” .That is a good idea, but frankly folks, knowing politicians as I do , and having studied them and dealt with them on a personal basis for nearly fifty years while in business, a strong letter writting, e-mail and telephone campagn , and by strong, I mean millions of messages, gets their attention much faster than a march. I can’t recall the exact figure, but a survey of congressmen shows that they feel that for every letter they receive about an issue, there are something like 2500 other voters that feel the same, but did not write, so you can see the pressure that this type communication presents. We all know that the liberal media will not give conservatives any more publicity than they publicly have to do, but private communications mentioned above are not subject to media ridicule, censorship, or debate. It tells the true story to your Representative or Senator. Believe me, having been a member of one of the largest agricultural trade organizations and political action action committies with nation wide membership, a huge voting bloc, when we flooded congress with the written word, as a group, with our thoughts on heavy legislation such as the national farm bill. or environmental issues, anything that we, as an industry felt might harm the American farmer and/or the satilite industries supporting the ag industry, we got their attention, and got it in a hurry. We folks that voted for Mr. Trump need an organized effort now, to use the same strategy in awakening the republicans in congress to our dissatifaction, and get them back onto the Trump Train. If you agree with this , contact your friends and put Ma Bell, the Post Office and the internet on seven days handling the communicatins traffic between us and Washington to get those that are supposed to do as we elected them to do.

  • Gordon Daniel

    A very good article. What we are seeing is a non-military coup probably orchestrated by special interest groups. Multi-national corporations, etc. Unless something is done to stop the media propaganda machine–fake news–there will be but one inevitable conclusion.

  • diana

    we are really fed up with the lying loser liberal lunitics like you IDIOT back off shut up YOU LOST YOU MORON grow up

  • CatoYounger

    You could be forgiven if you thought you were actually watching the Reds maneuver to take over the Soviet Union. There is a reason liberals defend communism and communists – they’e ideological cousins and utilize the same tactics.

  • Dave Youngman

    “”Schumer (D-N.Y.), that stalwart example of political grace, “”
    “”…heroic John McCain, ever a voice of level-headedness, moderation, and grace,..””
    Your sarcasm LOST 90% of anybody starting to read your article. Good thing read the rest or I would have assumed you were just another marxist moron SO OUT OF TOUCH with reality and still no concept of what is really happening.

  • Amanda Elles


  • Rebecca Booth

    Excellent article!! Every bit of it is truth.

  • Gary Bishop

    This is not a game! These libtards and all the other names I can think of are fighting with real bullets. When the fighting is over and the police arrive, the witnesses are questioned and the evidence is presented, heads will roll! God have mercy on their souls.

  • David Boehringer

    Mr. Simpson I almost didn’t sign into Facebook tonight because I am sick of reading about the very subject you so successfully just expounded upon. So thank you for making my week you spelled out exactly what I’ve been thinking, but couldn’t put into words. The more the lying treasonous criminal leftist and even the Republican establishment elite hate President Trump the more I love him.

  • Epaminondas

    Perfectly said. We need to move the capitol out of D.C.

  • Brian Smith

    James Simpson is a moron.

  • Terri Chapman

    yup…but what is amazing, those of us who voted for him are standing strong…we may not be pushing people around, we may not be blocking roads, BUT we are working and pushing forward…it won’t be long and those that are standing for the BROKEN government of the past will have to wake up…

  • John Mathis

    You’re right on, James Simpson.

  • DCRoutt

    amen, perfectly summarized

  • Kiki

    “Seemingly compulsive need to tweet…” pssst: He’s Autistic Savant, playing 3 level chess vs. colorblind checkers players… Consider his tweeting his nervous twitch or his version of a “spinner” (Lord knows it’s mine at IG: Freesoliloquy) He’ll make some mistakes (annnnd WHUT???) But in the grand scheme of life, the I.N.T.E.R.N.E.T. is his ONLY way of direct connection – where betwixt a solemn prayer for our Country or spending 20 minutes fascinated at watching Dr. Pimple remove a pus filled abcess…. LEAVE HIM BE!! MSM is 100% lies (100%, let that sink in), surely you can forgive the man his momentary autistic SAVANT moments in “fidgeting” as he thinks… He’s been at the “negotiating” table of life 40+ years…step back and watch the magic unfold.

  • Born to be free
  • fmore

    ( . )( . ) have some cool aid and chill out

  • Jack Pearlie

    The clinton kool-aid runs deep in this libtards veins.

  • tommyknows

    You fucking people are crazy. On the day Barack Obama took office the Republican leadership in Congress met and decided that they would pass nothing that President Obama suggested. If that isn’t treason, it’s about as close as you can come.

  • Jean Johnson

    Bravo Mr Simpson.

  • JCHPSU77

    James, You will be happy in Liberia. No evil white Republicans within miles to upset you. Of course the locals there will enslave you, or eat you. But you will be among 100% Obama lovers!

  • Jd Creager

    Where is the crowd on Hillary and her leaks of States secrets.
    She was briefed and briefed again. She knew she was wrong but she is above the law.

  • Rick Brohmer

    President Trump is the top classifier in the United States. He determines ultimate classifications of all government documents. The CIA can state “Top Secret.” President Trump can change that classification to “unclassified” for any reason he chooses to. It’s President Trump, who determines what classified information can and cannot be shared with allies and or enemies. That is a right of all Presidents. Congress, the American people, liberals and especially the media need to understand “civics” before they demand anyone to resign!

  • Andy Miller

    Thanks James for saying what I have wanted to say for a long time, didn’t know how to put it in words! But you did it perfectly!



  • Devlyin Jones

    op is a bitch and those still supporting trump are the scum of the planet

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  • Probably the best piece on all of this that I’ve read.

  • Bill Dushane

    What Tump is really saying “let us take back our country” patriots need to stand together with Trump and every God fearing lovers of America demand this stupidity stop! We need to start wfith the media the voice of the left and shut them up! Then go for the hypocrites dressed as republicans and finish with communist democrats who would destroy our constitution. How you ask! the same way our patriotic founders stood their ground against the dictorial monarchy of England. By every means necessary with every ounce of our being. God and country are at stake! How do we want to leave this country for our children and our grand children. With people like Obama running the show? Right now that is what it is a show that is diluting the minds of our children. We need to first take back our schools from those who would poison the minds of the young with garbage designed to brain wash them. Vote out every politician who show their hatred for America by their actions(republican or Democrat) But most important of all we must turn back to God the foundation which made this country Great! Every voices counts so we need to let ours be heard loud and clear and drown out the stupidity of the left!

  • James Wood

    Nice article spelling out the truth not the DEM?Media fictions……

  • JamesMEnos

    Absolutely Fabulous!!! You should do tours!

  • texanfree

    I’m amazed at the number of normal, good people that are duped by the liberals.

  • rushisavietnamwarhero

    Yes, that’s right James Simpson; the criticisms of Trump are hyperbole, but your criticism of Obama is NOT – good one! And after”…eight years of an almost daily assault on our economy” – yeah, that “assault” tripled the stock market, and cut unemployment rate almost in half. I’ll take it, because it sure is nice having a job, which MANY people did not have eight years ago.

    • Charlotte Elliott

      you should really do your homework more thoroughly. Obama DID NOT lower unemployment at all! What he DID do, however, is change the way they figured unemployment rates. The NEW and IMPROVED OBAMA way only counted the people actually drawing unemployment BENEFITS! That is only a small fraction of the ACTUAL unemployment rate. PLEASE educate yourself! The truth shall set you free!

      • rushisavietnamwarhero

        I DID do my homework, and Obama DID lower the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate has been measured the same way for decades; via those on unemployment benefits; Obama did not change this. I guess I’m also imagining the fact that I, and so many others, have a job now, which we did NOT have in early 2009. This country was losing 700,000 jobs per month in late 2008/early 2009. Thanks for your advice, but I have educated myself.

  • Spiritforce

    Well said!

  • Kevin Vincent

    Wow ‘ really? Stop fucking crying and do like everyone else did in history, support your fucking president till next election!!!

  • Lance Brown

    Pretty sure I’m in.

  • guestwho2

    Even we must admit it’s good comedy value watching Schumer, in a role he never wanted, sight-read the melodramatic scripts his true-believer lackeys type up. It’s clear he’s never laid eyes on them before so he attempts to inject some energy but rarely manages to abandon his normal drone. He doesn’t believe what he’s saying any more than we do but he has a 2 Million Watt amplifier in the form of the media so some fools out there take him seriously.

  • wrongway

    Mr. Trump is right on course, took 40 years to make this mess, it won’t be cleaned up very soon, just thank God and Greyhound Hellery is gone !

  • Patricia Gibson

    Bravo Mr Simpson. Louder I think because we see it and so many others still seem to be in the dark.

  • John L. Grumbach

    Typical actions by the Democraps – we can expect no better from them. They got us into the mess Obama made so we have to work hard to fix it. Trump is doing a great job no matter what the media & Dems say.

  • USAnowMSAsadly

    America is back!

  • John Lofgren

    They are all liars, check my book Atlas Shouts, James – I proved the left are all willful, fully aware fakes and liars.



  • JustMe

    Thank you for telling it like it is. Completely wraps it up in one article.

  • TJ

    Riiight. He didn’t mention the fact that Trump is also mentally ill, inconsistent and very much a hypocrite. I had problems and spoke out as a Democrat, regarding things Obama did. Only “brain dead” Republicans don’t speak out against the ridiculousness, the unconstitutional EO’s, the child like tweeting, etc. etc. This guy is a Nationalist, he’s afraid of immigrants and wants nothing more than to white wash the Untied States. As is apparent, from his new book. Which is why he’s drawing attention to himself. 😉

  • Linda McDonald Hamlett

    Kudos! I could not agree more!! The only justice would be if everything we know about the Dems actually came to light. Short of that NOTHING is going to shut them up so we just need to stay the course!

  • I am guessing that history wasn’t watching during the eight years of the obama administration. History only watches republicans. I’m thinking liberal democrats didn’t get several messages of rejection since 2010. The press trying a memory wipe and reset. 2018 should be yet another shellacking because they just don’t get it. Liberals are short on memory and very long on hypocrisy. Chucky is a real piece of barnyard tripe. After losing over 1,000 seats they still think they are the apple of our eye and project the same. Republicans are protecting the swamp and the rhino’s need a pink slip. It will take many Americans to again vote out liberalism. It is not a vote of this over that but a positive direction and liberalism is not it and to prove this value is to look at our youth in the street from liberal colleges burning down businesses wrecking personal property. These are the values taught by liberals starting with children and indoctrination in our grade schools. I can only hope that the pursuit of the truth and conviction will drive Americans once more to get rid of the road blocks within the government so Trump can continue to change that which we the people have rejected.

  • Carol Hunt

    Just one comment. You made mention that the democrats are out to destroy Trump. He will do that on his own. In this whole group of coments you forget to mention that at the beginning of Obama’s administration Mitch McConnell stated that his only objective was to disrupt not work with the president and make sure he was a one term president sometimes what goes around comes around. Your side started the fight. Why should the democrats work with you.

  • Eddie Ray Lemmon

    Right on James Simpson!

  • Radio

    An investigative journalist? That’s hysterical! What’s he investigating? A propagandist is more like it.

  • Larry Brule


  • John Deer

    The Democrats and the liberals are Pushing the USA into a civil war Revolution although they are by far in the Minority, but they have SWAMP Media to push their Agenda.!!! Dangerous times ahead unless Pres.Trump does something them. Sue them for ALL and ANY False News and accusations. The only way to squash this SNAIL.!!!!

  • Bullhead1


  • linda

    I am fed up with you and the democrats that spout garbage without one ounce of proof. Someone told me, a well connected person said, I heard from someone in the know, blah blah blah. Well, someone well connected told me you were a sore loser because your piss poor candidate hillary didn’t win when it was supposed to be “her turn”. Maybe the DNC shouldn’t have screwed over Bernie Sanders. Maybe she shouldn’t have had a private server, maybe she shouldn’t have deleted over 30,000 emails when told not to. And on and on. Go suck eggs you pathetic person.

  • lucky

    As I read through your post and others, which either defend or refute your claims, one point is absolutely sure, the United States is I fear irrevocably broken. My own personal opinion differs from yours. I know, I know that debate and compromise should be the norm for both sides but is this case we have zero common ground.

    One side seems determined to compare everything with the Clintons which I have no idea why. Hilary Clinton was not elected president. Bill Clinton hasn’t been president since 2001. Let it go already. What am I missing? The Clintons have been investigated ad nauseum and have been charged with zero, zilch.

    The other side is angry at how President Obama was treated for 8 years and now it doesn’t matter what Trump does they will hate it. And before you go off and say he was treated just fine; let’s just agree to disagree. You say Democrats want to destroy the Trump presidency and I say, “Hmm that sounds familiar.”

    I want us to find common ground. I want the United States to be strong; morally, ethically and economically. But bringing back coal? Who are we competing with here? The middle ages? Why aren’t we energy leaders? Climate change? I’m no scientist. Are the ice caps melting? yes. Are we responsible? I don’t know, but I see pollution. I see smokey skies, polluted water, trash everywhere and a disposible society that seems hell bent on filling landfills qucker than we can dig them. How is that defensible? Even if climate change is a fairy tale.

    Do we need a bigger army? Really? Russia our largest enemy has a population of 145 million was spending about 65 billion on defense. (This has dropped this year to 48B) China with their 1.6B people will spend about 150B. We spend 550B to defend our population of 350 million. We don’t just overspend on defense, we grossly overspend. Yet some Americans will tell you that buying birth control pills for the poor is what is crippling our nation. Insert sigh here.

    We are not going to become strong by overpricing education and healthcare while becoming the worlds arms dealer. Why are we surpriseed when we end up having our own weapons pointed at us?

    So there’s my rant which by the way is not directed at you. I could go on but this is after all your blog not mine. 🙂 I have no doubt that you care about America but do you have any idea how to bring us together? because I am more than discouraged.

  • Candace McNeill Turner

    Exact Truth! So what do we do about it!?

  • HotHunt

    In talking with another Trump supporter a few weeks ago, we both agreed the best thing we liked about Trump was his unpredictability. I like the fact that he goes about his business, all while keeping his domestic and foreign enemies off balance and confused about his real intent. Trump is a very smart man and his antics belie that intelligence.

    He is always a step or two ahead of the media and his political enemies while they think they have finally him figured out. They haven’t a clue. They’re talking about bringing him down. Ain’t going to happen folks.

    Some people wish Trump would be more “presidential” but I say that as the sitting president, whatever he does is “presidential”. Get over it.

    Donald Trump is the right man, for this job, at this time our country’s history, because he will not wilt and tuck tail and turn and run from this mess. Any other presidential candidate from the GOP side who might have made it this far, with these same kind of relentless, 24/7 attacks, would have crumpled under the sheer weight of the negative propaganda against them.

    Trump’s not perfect but he is exceptional.

  • Preston

    Yet another term added to the Leftist Dictionary. Word – Proof / Definition – unsubstantiated, here-say, unconfirmed, unsupported, uncorroborated, unverified, unattested, unproven; unfounded, groundless, baseless.

    Example: Schumer has proof that the President broke the law.

    I have other words and definitions from the Leftist Dictionary, such as transparent, tolerance, love, free speech, hate and others.

  • T Anne


  • PhDMIT

    Trump is violating the Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution. But it seems you are willing to accept that because you agree with other actions he is taking? I do not call that being patriotic (and neither would have my father, a WWII vet who fought fascist in Europe, or his father, a Marine with the very first US troops to set foot in Europe in WWI).

    • Scruffster

      Then why haven’t charges been brought against him?

  • Preston

    The media keeps talking about the President’s dismal approval ratings, but are conveniently ignoring their own, which now are tracking at the same level or lower. And we won’t even mention the approval rating of congress, but here’s a hint: Its lower than the media’s.

  • Sage Nighthawk

    I’m FED UP with these CLOWNS, it’s time for all Patriotic Vigilantes to act against these immoral, unethical demo-craps. Maybe if we put some of them out of our lives (by any means necessary) the others would be to damn scared to ever open their lying mouths again. And if that doesn’t do the job then we keep ending them (BAMN)!

  • Joe

    It is time to exterminate liberals off the planet for the sake of humanity. If you are against Trump then you are against America and freedom and should be taken out now. Time to rid the planet of the disease called liberals.

  • Alye Rae

    You tell ’em!!!

  • vana

    Great post and so very true! They will never stop. The goal is to keep the swamp afloat.

  • Well said, Mr. Simpson! Well said! As an author myself, I tend to let my mouth and hubris get carried away when that “organ” is in gear, as opposed to my fingers. You’ve said it succinctly without damaging your credentials. I salute you!

  • Saml31

    All democrats are vermin and need to be destroyed, in order that our republic can be saved and preserved.

  • Rick Fry

    It’s hypocrisy at it’s finest. They say nothing for 8 years, now all of the sudden it’s time to save America.

  • dcnj

    Erick Erickson = turd.

  • Wayne Briggs

    James, I had NEVER heard of you before now, but this piece you just wrote explicitly describes how I feel, so I am a big fan now. Trump is not perfect, but he is trying to do what he promised, which since he won the election means it’s what Americans put him into office to do. The fact that those that opposed him continue to do so instead of honoring and respecting the position he now holds absolutely amazes me. Americans need to get them out of office, boycott their shows or publications and do whatever it takes so they recognize that they do not have the right and power to overstep their first amendment rights.

  • Leigh Persky

    And now you know, the rest of the story….except it’s truth

  • Charla Bruton Johnson

    Sir, I agree wholeheartedly. Pres.Trump must not give those people what they want. He must be strong no matter what they do. And, Melania must stand by her man.

  • FatZero

    I agree with you James but sadly it is too late. By 2035, the U.S. will look like Russia in the early ’90s. It’s the only way out of this mess now.

  • robert hartson

    What I just is Bull SHIT

  • Ratchell Richter Do tell me what impression you want to leave for future generations……I shake my head at the notion of these snowflakes and old prunes that think they have power just by throwing tantrums……..

  • United we Stand

    God forbidden, but in case another terrorists attack happen, wish it would be blown at some Fascists media. Can anybody envision the outcome of it? Would they continue bitching on Trump or they would start finally kissing his azz…? Hope every one for No Trump would think twice before continue self killing…

  • Bill Giles

    It started with Theodore Roosevelt as the poster child for the “Evolution Stops Here” movement, where the left wing progressives made a pact to dismantle the founding Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, by encouraging the uneducated to engage in binge philosophies which would empower the rich and corrupt Democratic Party leaders to segregate the race groups in America. Woodrow Wilson followed up with government mandated segregation for Federal employees and early 20th Century German socialist led American universities, which included many professors who agreed with Hitler’s philosophies which taught that blacks, Jews, and many other races needed us to manage them because they simply were not mentally developed enough to managed themselves. Next we have Franklin D. Roosevelt who authored the “New Deal” which butchered the separation of powers by creating regulatory agencies that had the power to make rules, enforce them, and punish those who violated them. This destroyed the power of Congress and the Senate, and gave the power of dictatorship to the office of the president. Then we have Lyndon B. Johnson, who thru his “Great Society” made the jump from the progressives to the liberalism that we know today. Not veering too far from FDR’s “New Deal” he continued to govern with the belief that blacks were inferior and unable to govern themselves, and discouraged them from having equal participation from the process by leaving their grievances to the Federal government to alleviate. This left Obama to claim that we our labors had nothing to do with our success, because what we have was provided by the Federal government, when in fact everything the Federal government has was provided by the taxes that the taxpayers contributed. There is not much left that the political left can take from us before we come mindless slaves of the state. It’s time to limit government and give back to the people.

  • disqus_aUWn8DRjvR

    Satan himself is heavily, directly involved in this historic display of near insanity level hatred being displayed by the DNC (media included, as they are only the propaganda arm of the Dems). Probably not since the mob was incited to demand Christ’s execution have so many been directly possessed and guided by demons. John McCain himself has a Prince (the Prince of Persia?) likely in direct control of him. Folks, our President needs our prayers, as we are battling against principalities, and powers, and spiritual wickedness in high places!

    • Tony

      President Trump has been prayed for more than any president in history. That is why you are seeing all the forces of hell coming against him.

  • Surly Curmudgen

    To stop the steady decline from prosperity to poverty, from liberty to tyranny, the Ideology and agenda of the left, the Democrat party, must be ended, banned!

    Long term rule by Democrats and their party inevitably lead to what we see in Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore, Gary Ind, Washington DC, and even states and the nation as a whole.

    The left must always lie in order to further their ideology and agenda. While the right’s ideology is liberty and the agenda is freedom and it is never necessary to lie about them.

  • Shelly Jones

    You do realize that the whole paragraph about Obama BS and what was done to US/THEM, and enter Clinton (of course), can’t leave her out, all of that is just absolutely nuts for anyone to believe any longer. Of the FOUR groups that are not in agreement with 45 and his cra-cra behavior and lack of respect for our constitution you have REPUBLICANS who are in the majority in both houses and then the (FAKE REPUBLICAN) in the WH, and these people are going to get their way. Yes, you have 1:) The Freedom Caucus, and they are going to make sure 45 listens to them or you will get nothing, NADA, passed as legislation. 2:) Yes, there are the NEVER Trumps, they are the REAL REPUBLICANS, the GOP that acts in a respectable way, has values and knows that 45 staged a coup against THEIR party and their party’s policies (even to change their platform just hours before accepted) to not have restrictions against the Russians. The GOP (REAL GOP) did not/still do not, appreciate how the Alt-Right took over their party. 3:) Then you have the other Republicans who are not believing any of 45’s rantings, stupid ideas and railing stupidity, they are the Washington GOP (what you Trumpites refer to as Elite), why? Because these people have knowledge about how to work across the aisle with the Democrats to get things done. 4:) You have those left leaning Democrats, they are stopping anything that the GOP is trying to get through in Washington. Notice however! The bills that you have trouble passing can not even get a majority of their own party without PORK IN THE BILLL (i.e. AHCA), pass by 3 votes!! HA HA HA What are the left doing besides trying to make the DNC take responsibility for interfering with Sanders’ campaign. That’s it, we know the undoing of 45 will entirely be his own.

  • Ted Williams

    How can you obviously a very intelligent man be so misled and stupid good God get a life…

  • Rick

    I do not have anyway to voice my opinion, this is it. I do not wright a column for any big news paper or have a daytime talk show. But I am 58 years old and have been on this Earth for a while. I have seen the 50s 60s 70s and so on, The TRUTH HAS TO GET OUT SOME HOW. How do you hold the main stream media accountable for their OUTRIGHT LYING. And holding back the real News from AMERICA. Yea Trump Has done some Stupid stuff. But HE is our President LIKE it or not. I was a journalist in school ( a long time ago ) I know the difference between News and Commentary.
    SOMEBODY has to step up and scream it from the house tops that has a voice that America can hear Please

  • Jonathan Miller

    Excellent article and tells the stark truth…

  • Gregg628

    Amen Mr. SImpson. That Sir hits the proverbial nail on the head.

  • Lisa B

    So well said. Unfortunately the ears that need to hear this or the eyes that need to read this, never will because it doesn’t fit into their vicious and contemptuous agenda. The great thing about their behavior is that it’s getting more and more conservatives riled up and ready to vote. We need to be diligent though because we know how corrupt they are when heading to the polls and will do anything…ANYTHING…to win.

  • Denise Cunniff

    This administration has already set in motion major improvements for the V.A. with lots of Executive Orders. That alone is more than Obama accomplished in 8 yrs. At least in terms of “successes”.

  • Billie Spink


  • FaCubeItches

    Folks like Schumer, McCain, and Erickson need to be given a wakizashi, a white kimono, and 5 minutes to write a haiku.

  • jeff

    Classic! He says he’s sick of hyperbole, then: “After being treated to eight years of an almost daily assault on our economy, our Constitution, our culture, and our national security; where casual disregard for the rule of law and eye-popping corruption and scandals were so commonplace they rarely received more than passing comment.”

    What a clown.

  • Pat Aman

    Amen, James. I wish you could stand before the entire Congress and deliver this message. Most politicians have forgotten who employes THEM! There is so much individualism going on among Congress. President Trump is up against a BRICK WALL when it comes to being backed up. I thank God that Hillary didn’t get elected.

    • Tony

      Money wins elections. It is really hard to unseat an incumbent because they have all the money behind them.

  • Marie O’Neil

    Can you imagine what the reaction would’ve been if the Republicans ran off @ the mouth 4 or 8 years ago like the democrats are doing right now? We’d be labeled racist @ the very least if not thrown in jail as terrorists.

  • Jeanne Marie McLaughlin

    Well said!

  • Truthseeker123

    I am fed up too…just try to figure put how we can take our country back….short of a civil war?

  • WonderBoy2

    I have forward this article to my U.S. representative and Senators. They all need to understand that I voted for Trump and will not be voting for them in the future.

  • tommyknows

    The only person who has really been investigated that we know of is Michael Flynn who took $45,000 from RT (a Russian media company) and lied about it to investigators who were checking his suitability to be National Security Advisor, and took $500,000 from the Turkish government then as the NSA influenced the Trump administration in Turkey’s favor in discussions about arming the Kurds, our best ally in Syria fighting ISIS. Shall Congress give him immunity? Or wait until we know how many American soldiers’ deaths he has been responsible for after taking those bribes?

  • Gary Bourne

    YEs, Obama was never called the devil, a Muslim, a Kenyan, or anything. We treated him with respect and care!

  • ReckonSo

    if there is to be Civil War it needs to be while Trump is President.

  • Count me in against the Deep State! #ProudAmerican

  • martinize

    I think ALL of you need to get a job and stop belly-aching !!!!!!!!

  • Menthia Carpenter

    Why is it that so many of us are afraid to speak up? Why? Because we are afraid of the name calling and the hostility that will be directed at us. Trump supporters are being beaten and harassed so bad that most stay silent. Schools are teaching liberal ways and anything other than a liberal agenda is being attacked. Hollywood elites and pop stars are bashing our President and influencing their fans. Maybe if the conservative people stopped supporting their incomes by boycotting their movies and shows, it might stop some of this. The show of force shown by conservatives when they tried to boycott Chick-fil-A helped to keep the restaurant strong. Why not show a force against Hollywood and pop stars that are bashing our rights? If we don’t united and start standing up against all this hostility, we will become a party of one and it won’t be a conservative party.

  • Ian

    Everyone saying they want change. Then why was the reelection rate 97% for House and 87% for Senate in 2016. Because it’s easier to bitch than actually do something about it. You are responsible for the BS in Washington.

  • Lucy Cowgill

    What a great article, James. Too bad most Americans are busy watching the Kardashians or CNN to get the real picture. In my 76 years I have never experienced such political hatred, and most of it is lie after lie. I support our President 1000%. To do otherwise is like wishing that the pilot on your plane would die.

  • Susan J. Swift

    so if we are all fed up, someone do something about it

  • Victro La

    Somehow people need to keep Liberal suffering in perspective, and have faith that their attempts to overthrow the government will fail

  • RedWhitenBlue

    EXCELLENT! Screw the left-wing, democrat/communist subversives & boycott their media tools. Make America Great Again.

  • Raye Duke

    Well Stated and so true the BS from the liberals and The Democratic party are just that BS. Every single thing they make up backfires in their own face .

    • Tony

      They have plenty of help from RINOs in the republican party which makes up the leadership of the republican party. You know, those that don’t want to rock the boat.

  • DLinz
  • Very well written piece. As it stands now, it is the Washington “Elites” (Media /establishment politicians) that are doing more to harm our country, than the terrorist organizations that we face globally. They are trying to destroy us from within. We need a governing body that works FOR us instead of for their personal self interests.

  • Flgranny

    Very well said, Mr. James Simpson! Pres. Obama’s agenda was to destroy our Constitutional Democratic Republic and he almost succeeded. His cohorts & liberal left anarchist are still working to achieve that goal. I’m so thankful that the people have risen up in unison & elected Pres. Trump who was the only man with the gall to stand up against the embedded corruption in our nation. Obama also appointed over 300 liberal activist judges & career bureaucrats who are still a great threat to our freedom.

  • Ruth Matthews

    “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.” Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany.

  • FED UP! Drain this damn swamp!

  • Jim

    I am with this writer all the way and know that more must be done to stop this anarchist uprising, I believe that is being led by Obama and his shadow government.

  • Ruth Burns

    well said

  • Patsy Franks Mills

    Your first paragraph sounds like you are saying these things about Trump. Need to correct that…PLEASE….

  • Marge Marchelletta

    A pleasure reading this. So well written. TRUMP is our only hope of pulling out of this downward spiral that we are caught in, it boggle s the mind the depth of corruption in our government and the expanding ignorance of the public. There is only one way Trump. MAGA

  • markbaker

    Well said and I’m afraid of a civil war THE TRUE AMERICAN IS FED UP AND READY TO TAKE BACK THEIR COUNTRY

  • Pamela Hickey

    They have NO proof of anything because it doesn’t exist. Never vote democrat ever again, just look at this mess. We weren’t happy for the last 8 years. We kept trying to tell our representatives this. They did nothing. Gave Obama everything he wanted. Trump is perfect for this job, that’s why we voted for him. We certainly didn’t vote for him because we thought he was a nice guy. We knew it wouldn’t be a nice guy that fixes this mess. So far, so good even faced with opposition at every turn.

  • scott miller

    You sound a little whiney. Attacking your own party because you refuse to believe their charges. You don’t like the facts that Republicans are digging up too? Throw them under the proverbial bus. Traitor. “Investigative journalist”? I think not. I eagerly await a hateful response.

  • Marvin Crowther

    Good article, I sincerely wish every American could hear or read this article rather than the Anti-Trump propaganda that is being spread by the enemies of this country. I for one am very proud to have voted for and supported Donald J Trump!

  • George Snedeker

    excellent observation and put into words precisely what the issue it

  • Susan Tomlin

    It is so infuriating how the liberals operate. They are the ones doing wrong but they quickly accuse those that are innocent to shift the blame away from themselves. It’s a self-protective device for themselves. We want so badly for them to get caught but they are very clever. I have a strong feeling that they will be caught and justice will prevail. Such a heavy load for our President, and the negativity directed toward him as well as his hectic schedule of travel. He is looking tired. And he is doing it for us, for America. We must all protect him as he is looking after us. Please give him your support!

  • Tony Fields

    Thank you for your eloquence in stating what every true patriot is fed up with as well.

  • Tony Fields

    I copied and shared on my wall.

  • Laraine Santagato

    Yes, they are dispicable idiots they cannot see for the life of them the good Trump has done already, nor will the press give him any credit either. They white wash away OBUMMERS years of corruption Killary’s too so fed up with the democRATS they are unbelievable trash !!

  • jon siegal

    Awesome writing James…thoroughly enjoyed this piece.

    • Jan Wommack


  • Right Uppercut

    The voters are sick of this shit. And the media, along with Antifa and the progressives in Hollywood, the radical feminists and far left extremists are an extremely vocal minority. There is nowhere close to the level of dissatisfaction with Trump that is claimed in the media, by the Democrats, and by the RINOs. If things continue as they have so far, the midterm elections are going to be a bloodbath.

  • Jonny Realnews

    #RINOHUNTING2018. 70% of voters do not turn out to vote during the primaries…and that is why we have a hard time getting rid of RINO republicans.
    Does everyone remember Eric Cantor? He was the first sitting House majority leader to lose a primary since the position was created in 1899. His loss in the primary was described by the Los Angeles Times as “one of the greatest political upsets of modern times”. PLEASE GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT THE PRIMARIES…. So everyone, Google “Eric Cantor Defeat”…learn and get ready..and lets continue to clean house!!!

  • Margie Guare

    Mr. Simpson, there is none so blind as those who will not see. Trump doesn’t have ‘powers of persuasion’, he is just a bullshitter. And 65 million voters did not buy his bullshit.Which is the worst “assault on our economy”: when Obama signed the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009 to spur economic growth amid the most severe downturn since the Great Depression. As of October 2016, the economy had added 15.5 million new jobs since early 2010 and set a record with seventy-three straight months of private-sector job growth. The unemployment rate, which hit a sustained peak of about 10 percent in 2009, has dropped to 4.6 percent as of November 2016. Or was it when Obama reduced the federal deficit from 9.8 percent of GDP in 2009 to 3.2 percent in 2016.”

  • Robert Christopher Hayes

    This. This is what delusion looks like. When you’re so partisan as to ignore what’s right in front of your face.

  • Jeffrey Stockdale

    Just the fact that many people are concerned and talking about it, they are accomplishing their mission.

  • Ss

    I so agree and am very frustrated that this disrespect can even be allowed to happen. They overlook the good things being accomplished and focus on falsehoods and getting away with. It seems no one has the smarts to shut this down. What needs to be done is the Democrats and some traitor Republicans need new people who have half a brain and are really for the American people. And also respect and support our President. All of the news needs to be shut down. It’s not Freedom of speech it’s freedom to lie. And how do we know if this Special Counsel is honest, because they say so. Right! It makes me sick

  • burlofearl

    Well I am sick of people like you who think that obama the shit head was a good president, or even a person. He almost destroyed America, and would have if all you IDIOTS had your way.

    Like this article?

    ***SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!***
    Quit trashing Obama’s accomplishments. He has done more than any other President before him. Here is a list of his impressive accomplishments:

    First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.
    First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.
    First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States.
    First President to violate the War Powers Act.
    First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
    First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.
    First President to spend a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready” jobs when there was no such thing as “shovel-ready” jobs.
    First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.
    First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.
    First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S., including those with criminal convictions.
    First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.
    First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.
    First President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.
    First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation.
    First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.
    First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.
    First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons for their rate increases.
    First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.
    First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).
    First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.
    First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).
    First President to fire an inspector general of AmeriCorps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.
    First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.
    First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.
    First President to golf more than 150 separate times in his five years in office.
    First President to hide his birth, medical, educational and travel records.
    First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.
    First President to go on multiple “global apology tours” and concurrent “insult our friends” tours.
    First President to go on over 17 lavish vacations, in addition to date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayers.
    First President to have personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.
    First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.
    First President to fly in a personal trainer from Chicago at least once a week at taxpayer expense.
    First President to repeat the Holy Quran and tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth
    First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states (Mexico vs Arizona).
    First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they “volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences.”
    Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion. (Thank God he didn’t get away with THIS one.)
    First president to allow Iran to inspect their own facilities.
    First president to have blood on his hands from Benghazi to the assassinations of several police officers.
    First president to trade 5 terrorist for a traitor
    First president to facilitate the Iranians to acquire nuclear weapons.
    First president to light up the White House in rainbow colors to honor men that lust after other men’s rear ends.
    First president to put young children in danger by forcing states to allow men in women’s restroom and showers.
    First president to marry a man.
    First president to smoke crack cocaine in the White House.
    I could go on for days but you get the point. that is unless your just to damn stupid.

  • Burgess Krell ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    All the democrats can do is pick at nits… If Trump would shut down his Twitter Tweeter they would have nothing to do but simmer in their own sewage.

  • Ned O’Donnell

    All these comments are spot on. Except no one is stating the obvious, Regulations and Deregulations by both parties equally, always enrich those at the top. Our politicians, including Trump, are beholden to Big Corporations and Special interest period, and we (the person who wrote this opinion piece and everyone reading it) are of no interest to them. Tax breaks, Loopholes and the rest only benefit the politicians and people at the top(P.P.A.T.T.). I am all for a Corporation or a person earning as much as they can, just not at my expense, which is what has been going on in Washington since before I was born. And now all the wealth is pooled at the top! And now wages are down! And now there are more part time jobs than ever before! And now deregulation of the people’s right to organize and bargain is being crushed and the “P.A.T.T.” have figured out how to pit ourselves against each other, to serve their own good. And now a household must have both parents working 2 jobs to survive! And now we think that 2 adults with 4 jobs is normal! And now because taxes collected from us the working class on low wages and increased PT jobs can’t fund the Gov’t. we are going to fight with each other instead of focusing on the problem, P.P.A.T.T. And now that most of the wealth in this country is pooled by P.P.A.T.T. we think that cutting common good social programs for ourselves or those among us, which could be paid for easily before the shift of wealth in this country, is the right reaction. And now we’ve accepted this scenario as normal!

  • LandofDave

    When I got to … “Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), that stalwart example of political grace,” I knew the writer was a delusional twit.

  • Broke Obama

    Very well stated sir . The swamp is deeper and wider than anyone thought . We knew there was corruption but the scale of it is endless on both sides of the aisle . Never has a president worked so hard and faced such odds . I’m sticking with him all the way .

  • Harry T. Bagger

    You mad, bro? Maybe we shouldn’t have elected a traitor to the White House.

  • III Frogs

    Well-presented, thank you. I agree with you all the way, and have been saying the same things to anyone who’ll listen. We should be prosecuting sedition in this country. I think we have enough glaring cases, not to be accused of a pogrom. Like, we could REALLY start with those three Muslim brothers who were given, through their IT contract, complete access every aspect of the sensitive workings of our congressional intelligence committees. Hired by Democrats, they were almost certainly passing information to our enemies, including to Yemen where the raid we made turned out to be expected by our enemies. They were prepared and practiced for the exact location and plans of the raid, and it resulted in the death of one of our young, brave SEALs. They were dismissed, very little known about the extent of their damage, nor what has happened or where they’ve gone since. I read an article yesterday that posited good reason to believe that they are controlling much now through blackmail with the mountainous pile of information they must have accumulated on absolutely everybody. Why haven’t we heard more about this? Where are the charges? Where the investigation? Where the interest of the press? No. They’re in collusion with the aims of these spies, trying to tear down the duly elected President, undermine the workings of government and supplant the Constitution.

  • Tim Bryce

    Jim – good piece. It is in-line with my column today:
    Huffington Post – THANK GOD FOR DONALD TRUMP – Standing up to the news media.

  • 4Dees

    Chuck U. Schumer and the other “brilliant” Democrats remind me of the childhood book about Chicken Little, where they ran around shouting “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”, and nothing came of it. Chuck U., Pelosi, Sanders are not stupid, because they know exactly what they are doing and what segment of our society they are effecting with their lies. It’s a shame to see such hatred of one’s own country, its president, and its people being put on daily display by people who are supposed to be protecting our country and upholding the oath of office they took to protect and defend our country. These are subversives at best and treasonous people at worst.

  • Gloria Lee Borges

    Most of us are tired of the trash distractions aimed at our President Trump, VP Pence and the Trump family. It seems to me two things are important for me to understand here: 1 – When we tell a lie often enough we begin to believe it. 2 – When we won’t accept responsibility for our own actions we project those same issues onto others. I am no psychologist but this has been my personal experience in life. Can we see the results of these being a major part of all that is happening in our government? The positive side of our President Trump being on twitter…we can relate to him as a real person and many have become loyal to him as a result.
    Thank you, Mr. James Simpson, for having the courage to speak up. Many blessings to you and yours! <3

  • akboss

    McCain….is nothing but a RINO and has been for decades.
    If he speaks it is with a liberal tongue.
    Democrats are the same.
    Media, if you dig you will find out they too vote Democratic and lean way to the left.

    This is why I dont have TV (just netflix/hulu no commercials) and I dont read the papers and I especially dont listen to any of the “cable news”. I go out and usually in a minute of two I will find more than enough to debunk a liberal in his tracks using google.

  • Cola_GCock
  • Paul Westhelle

    “Where is the outrage when President Obama unilaterally halted the amply justified investigation into Hillary Clinton’s serial wrongdoings” Yes, well the current POTUS also chose not to investigate Mrs. Clinton, despite his campaign promises. Fed up with that? No? Because he’s “your guy”? Because he’s white? Be honest, please. If you are confident that there has been no wrongdoing in this administrations’s Russian connections and the firing of FBI Director Comey, then an independent investigation should clear everything up. The main problem here is that POTUS and his team has never had to be so legally accountable and subject to such intense scrutiny. Under that intense microscope, and with such breath and depth of inexperience, they were bound to fail.

  • Ivan Willis

    Spot on James!

  • paidmineinfull

    I see it as a “red herring” to distract from the illegal &/or unethical activities of the DNC and Hillary when she was in the State Dep’t. The old “Best defense is a good offense” plan. It also distracts from Obama’s “shadow gov’t” that I firmly believe is being contrived on American.

  • PursueJustice

    What needs to happen is a few lawsuits. Take these people to court for slander. That is all they seem to understand.

  • tonk8120

    Unfortunately, the left laps this BS up as if were the nectar of the Gods….. the left, libtard, snowflake, or whatever you want call them are going to self-destruct to the point of losing all credibility. The politicians who leave the dems and either become independents, form a new part or join the Republicans had better make up their minds soon so we can prosper and become the world leader we once were. If we continue for 4 or 8 more years of nothing being done in DC under the guise of witch hunts we are going to decline to the point of total anarchy and mob rule.

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  • Faith Moeller

    Why is no one prosecuting or putting these clowns in jail. I had to say this, but I believe that we need a revolution in this country. Enough of the liberal, democratic rhetoric! I want America to be moral, have ethics, and be respected throughout the world again. That means term limits and laws that are enforced. Hillary and Obama were both treasonous, and Bill Clinton is a rapist. They all belong in Leavenworth!

  • John Edward Meredith

    Hear Hear!!!

  • Mayor of Merritt Island

    Great read! I too, am fed up!!

  • ltc444

    How many billions of dollars in new investment. 350 billion in contracts on this trip. Opened China to our coal, LNG and beef. Potentially billions in sales. Manufacturing hiring, Miners back to work. Housing starts up.

    Criminals are being evicted from public housing. Contractors are being held to the terms of contracts. Job training programs and hiring requirements are being enforced. Hopefully, those contractors who took money for those programs and did not comply will be held to their contracts, forced to repay the money and if warranted banned from federal contracts.

    Millions of unused dollars in grants and aid are being recovered and returned to the treasury.

    No wonder the swamp is scared.

  • David G

    If John McCain hadn’t married money and been in the Senate for a generlation, how would he have earned a living!

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  • Judi Biss

    The voice of reason. Thanks, wish the people who are causing all the chaos would listen!

  • Gregg Hess
  • Leslie Neblett Howell

    Charlotte, I don’t hate anyone. I am very politically savvy. I have watched the entire version. Having a handicapped son, well there is no excuse for such bulling of anyone. As for letting the adults do the voting you look like a child in your profile pic, just saying. You are passionate about what upsets you and vice versa.

  • John Eichler

    No one seems to be able to figure out what Trump accomplishes with all the tweets about every little thing.
    1. For him or against him, the People are paying attention. Not just about what he’s doing but about what he’s thinking. These aren’t the carefully crafted speeches from a politician. These are the thoughts and words of a real person. Obama was always known as being such a great orator. But let him try to answer a question that wasn’t on the script and see what happens. Watch him when he doesn’t have a teleprompter feeding him lines.
    2. For him or against him, the People are INFORMED. It’s pretty darn hard for the Media to put a spin on it when it’s so easy to go straight to the source.
    3. This may well be the single most important. For him or against him the People are INVOLVED. People are discussing what’s in those tweets. People are actively taking part, forming and voicing opinions. And it doesn’t take any nationwide domestic spying or computer hacking to get a pretty good idea of overall or majority opinions on different matters.

  • John Sigman

    This is war dammit, get to war.
    We-The-People having suffered for 8 years living under a Shadow Gov’t puppeteer by the Shadow presitent, Globalist George Soros, “” & his paid for useful idiots, A “cabal” (50) front organizations, MSM, Establishment Politicians & Deep State perform a slow motion Coup d’etat | political intervention in pursuit of a “New World Order”.,,,,(clandestine totalitarian world government). Statement: “The main obstacle to a stable
    and just world order is the United States of America.” ~ Globalist George
    Soros”. For the love of our country we best get to war.
    Our last best HOPE is President Donald J
    Trump. Don’t Blow it!

  • Mike Laborde

    I see the criminality of the left and RINO’s. They all belong in an assylem for the criminally insane.

  • John Sigman

    This is war dammit, get to war.
    We-The-People having suffered for 8 years
    living under a Shadow Gov’t puppeteer by the Shadow president, Globalist George
    Soros, “” & his
    paid for useful idiots, A “cabal” (50) front organizations, MSM, Establishment
    Politicians & Deep State perform a slow motion Coup d’etat | political intervention in
    pursuit of a “New World Order”.,,,,(clandestine totalitarian world
    government). Statement: “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United
    States of America.” ~ Globalist George Soros”.
    For the love of our country we best get to war.
    Our last best HOPE is President Donald J Trump.
    Don’t Blow it!

  • LoveMonkee

    Awesome commentary.

  • jooberdoober

    You are so high, Trump is corrupt as any politician!

  • Gina Norman

    Wow. Ugh! Hard for me to believe such opinionated self-centeredness and hatred continues to persist beyond Donald Trump himself. So incredibly sad and disappointing- and I mean that in all sincerity. Are YOU serious?! You’re fed up with “these clowns”? You’re talking about Donald Trump, an ABSOLUTE BAFOON! Of all the politicians in the world to defend – what a colossal waste of time and energy. I will keep this sad community in my prayers. I’m sorry for your personal hardships in feeling “fed up”. Really, its all going to be ok. There really are worse things in life! This is not one to fret over.

  • William Trefethen

    Missing the forest for the trees talk. Both parties have been in collusion for a long long time. The situation we find ourselves in today does not represent divisional forces at work rather a concerted effort by power hungry and greedy individuals, cleverly (not so cleverly, if you can rise above the stench from every direction) disguised to create a Jeffersonian Split. The fact is both sides of extreme are drinking 40 gallon drums of Kool-Aid each day, likely served by Jones himself. Most of the moderates are constantly pulled in two directions to varying degrees, based upon their political and moral leanings.

    BUT Everybody agrees that there needs to be a real audit and true accountability for activity unbecoming of our nation. ALL politicians should be publicly scrutinized to the fullest and punishment not withheld, stressing public humiliation and a historic recording so as to recall who brought our nation to this low point. When this country finally wakes up and unites against the true forces working against them, rather than buying into all this rah-rah party crap and “blame your neighbor” attitude hoping for a better future, the worst in all of us will shine; continuing the natural course for humanity.

    OR some idiot starts WW3 and all our current concerns melt away into the basest forms of survival. Given the stated exit strategy of the elite, I’m pretty sure the latter cleansing is in store for the rest of us. Delaying a climax to our situation is all part of the process. Only after having removed the last shred of decency and respect in society is achieved will starting over seem logical, practical and finally acceptable.

  • Carol Debord

    In my opinion if all the crimes that have been reported on certain high ranking officials are true, not that I don’t believe they are true, why are these people not being prosecuted and thrown in jail! What about the death list numerous names of people murdered, the e- mails, the foundations, I also am fed up with what’s going on the swamp needs to be drained whoever is in it. Trump needs a filter on his mouth I think most people would agree, he’s not politically polished, but with him you don’t have to guess where you stand, most people like this about people, but for the Democratics this is not politically correct which is a favorite saying of there’s! I stand for President Trump he tells it like it is and wants to change things that need to be changed and makes no bones about it, other countries need to pay their part for protection instead of the the U.S.A paying more than others bans need to be in place for refugees to protect us from terrorism, which is worldwide I don’t care how the democrats try to explain it away or doesn’t believe it exists, food stamps Medicaid, and disability is widely misused everybody knows a lot of claims, not all mind you but a great majority are fraudulent! Let’s drain all the swamps And become a great nation where people take pride in themselves and their country! Let’s take our country back from the crooks! Whoever they are, and I feel that President Trump looks at it that way too!

  • An excellent artical exposing the corrupt hiprocisy of the Liberal Democratic Party and gangster quality media. Thank you for the article.

  • Paku

    sold foreign policy to highest bidder, and Obama gave monies away shows you do not have a grasp of how our government works or you are a Fascist Troll who spreads false propaganda to uneducated sheep! In all your accusations you act as the dominating Republican legislature has no power to act! They past the laws, the budgets and who gets the monies as well as military spending! So go back into your hole you are not a Patriot but a Russian Troll trying to sew dissension in our great country and we are tired or your false rhetoric.

  • Saul Goodman

    You are so totally full of shit it isn’t even funny.

    The first four sentences of this diatribe were absolute truth. After that, lunacy took over.

  • Tman1027

    So this whole article is a joke, right? There is no way that someone really believes all this right?

  • Delaney Coffer

    Great writing.

  • jeffykay

    too bad this cant be on the front page of every news paper and fake news TV supposedly telling the “truth” about all politics….

    • Alki


  • George R Stanton

    Truthful insights but I fear you are preaching to the choir.

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  • Neva Kubik

    You poor fools. What are you going to say when it comes out that Trump has laundered money for decades? Wait, you won’t care. You voted for a sexual predator.