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James Simpson on Manchester: Beyond fed up! Time for talk is OVER!

With the latest Muslim-led slaughter in U.K., President Trump should revive the travel ban

Goddammit! Beyond fed up! Time for talk is OVER!

God forgive me. I was enjoying a rare respite from my work yesterday, when my senses were suddenly assaulted with the news of yet another terrorist slaughter — this time of at least 22, mostly young people and little children, at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

Here we go again!

How many families, how many children, how many brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers need to die in senseless mass murders before the political class will see the light? How much horrible loss will we as a people tolerate before we scream “Enough!” and pick up torches and pitchforks and literally drag them out of their homes? Are we ever going to reach the breaking point where the deadly consequences of their policies that we have to face every day will finally percolate into their incomprehensibly dense psyches? Will they ever be compelled to do what is right?

When, oh when, is enough, enough?

I traveled to Los Angeles, California this weekend to attend American Freedom Alliance’s Heroes of Conscience awards dinner for two American heroes: David Horowitz and Philip Haney. Horowitz, a former leftist, heads the David Horowitz Freedom Center, battles for free speech on college campuses and has been a stalwart defender of conservatives and conservative causes for decades. For his efforts, he is routinely threatened, sued, and demonized nationwide by our sick media and political class (including more than a few “conservatives”). Haney is the Department of Homeland Security whistleblower, who was targeted and investigated by the Obama administration for his work as a DHS intelligence analyst exposing Islamic terrorists in the U.S. For his efforts, he was punished by his employer, threatened by nameless others, and vilified in the sick media. He wrote a best-selling book about it, See Something, Say Nothing.

James Simpson (right), Geert Wilders (center), and David Horowitz (left) in Los Angeles, May 21, 2017.

The keynote speaker at this event was Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, or PVV) in the States-General, which is the Dutch parliament. Wilders has spoken out forcefully against the incremental Islamization of Europe and the West. For his troubles he was convicted of “hate speech” in his native Netherlands, has had his life repeatedly threatened, and must travel with a small army of security professionals forever at his side. He’s been shunned by the Dutch political class, despite a strong showing in recent elections that made his party the second-largest in the House of Representatives and is smeared as an “Islamophobe” by the sick Western press everywhere.

Is there an echo in here?

Wilders’s speech carried a powerful message: we must stop bowing to political correctness. We must name the enemy for what it is: Islam. And Wilders emphasizes, it is not “radical Islam,” but plain old Islam. He says that while there are plenty of moderate Muslims, Islam is not moderate. It is not, he notes, merely another religion. It is not even primarily a religion. It is a totalitarian political-military doctrine of conquest. And we ignore this distinction at our mortal peril.

The next day, Muslim terrorists struck again. Following the horrific attack in Manchester, British Prime Minister Theresa May stated:

The images we hold in our minds should not be those of senseless slaughter, but of ordinary men and women who put concerns about their own safety to one side and rushed to help.

But all I could think about was the impossible suffering of those parents who will now have to bury their children.

Reciting what sounded like tedious left-wing pap, the prime minister said there were: “messages of solidarity and hope of all those who opened their homes to the victims.”

Messages of solidarity and hope? Solidarity with or for what? Cleaning up yet another mess? Hope for what? Good weather?

She solemnly predicted:

There will be difficult days ahead. We offer our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of those affected. We offer our full support to the authorities, the emergency and the security services, as they go about their work, and we all, every single one of us, stand with the people of Manchester at this terrible time.

That is so reassuring! And I am sure the good people of Manchester are bubbling over with gratitude to the PM for such nice sentiments.

And today, let us remember those who died, and let us celebrate those who helped, safe in the knowledge that the terrorists will never win, and our values, our country and our way of life will always prevail.

Wait… what? “Safe in the knowledge that the terrorists will never win”?

Safe in the knowledge? Never win? On March 22, five others were killed and 50 wounded when a Muslim terrorist plowed into pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge in sight of Parliament. There have been numerous terrorist attacks in Great Britain going back years.

What, pray tell, is the body count that defines the prime minister’s definition of “winning”?

“Our values, our country and our way of life will always prevail”?

When? When is this going to happen? When will our values prevail?

We are surrendering them every day. When will our country prevail, when it is increasingly not our country at all, but a destination for welfare-sucking communities from hundreds of nations, speaking hundreds of languages turning it into a Tower of Babel?

When are we going to see one single action taken to halt this lunacy? Because for my money, these elitist politicians have been surrendering the entire store to our enemies for decades! And now the chickens really are coming home to roost.

Prime Minister May spoke platitudes, nothing but platitudes! And promised nothing but more of the same!

All I could think was:  this is your fault. Yes, you. You, the political class. You, the spineless, politically correct elitists. You the debauched, treasonous media. You the treacherous, hypocritical and destructive Left — who out of countless self-serving motives or simply abject cowardice, have allowed ceaseless immigration of openly hostile, arrogant people, who don’t assimilate, don’t intend to assimilate, and tell us every day, what they intend to do — and then, surprise of all surprises, they do it!

When are you going to face the consequences of your actions? When will you acknowledge your bottomless stupidity? What will it take for the truth to percolate into your empty, pretentious heads?

And I would ask of us, when are we going to force you to do so? Do we literally have to pick up the torches and pitchforks? Be forewarned: there is a tipping point beyond which we will no longer tolerate the intolerable, we will no longer accept being endlessly taxed to support a nation of ungrateful aliens who attempt to murder us in the streets then join the media echo chamber calling us “bigots” and “Islamophobes” when we object.

American Center for Law and Justice chief counsel Jay Sekulow posted a very good piece earlier today titled, “Anyone Want to Argue Against Trump Travel Ban After UK Attack?”

Do they? Let’s ask them.

Donald Trump needs to right now, today, issue another executive order against travel to the United States from those same terrorist-plagued countries that were included in the earlier orders (EO 13769 and EO 13780). Dare the judges to defy him yet again. He also needs to demand an emergency appeal of the prior EOs to the Supreme Court. If newly minted Justice Neil Gorsuch is truly the genuine conservative constitutionalist everyone is claiming, that should settle the issue once and for all rather quickly.

The time for talk is over. The time for mindless platitudes is over! The time for action is way past due. So let’s not waste another second.

The time is NOW.

(For more hard-hitting commentary from this author, read James Simpson: I am fed up!)

The Author

James Simpson

James Simpson is an investigative journalist, businessman and author. His latest book is The Red Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America. Follow Jim on Twitter and…


  • Shoshannah

    The time, I think, was a long time ago. The left has been infiltrating our public institutions for so long that the numbers in our country who still know what America really stands for are dwindling. I live in a small town in Oregon and I was shocked when I stopped to talk to people flying Bernie Sanders signs. I asked if they knew he was a Socialist. They did and they thought America should be too. The ideology of the Communists and Nazis; I could hardly believe it. You are right! Since the time for action is way past due, we had better figure out something that will make a huge difference…now. How about enforcing our Constitution?

  • Seachase

    Remember Beslan. In 2004 islamic terrorists burned alive hundreds of school children.

  • RamingtonStall

    We must acknowledge that the Enemy is ISLAM and that Enemy, ISLAM, is unwavering in their resolve to destroy us!

    • highsider

      I believe that the enemy is Satan and Islam is the extremely devious tool created by him long ago, to accomplish much of what is described in the Bible during the end times.

  • CreoleGumbo

    It will not end until it is widely recognized that Islam is NOT a religion.
    It is a political ideology and the Koran is a political manifesto.

    • RamingtonStall

      and until more people familiarize themselves with the life of the prophet, Mohammed and his Sunna. See to get the three books that tell you everything you need to know about ISLAM: Sira (Biography of Mohammed), Hadith (Traditions of Islam), and lastly, the Koran.

  • Michael S. Dersch

    I agree. We’re not organized Jim. How do we get organized? Globally, now.

    • Oldfart

      To get organized people will have to get together and when two or more get together at least one is a government agent. I’m not one but you don’t know that any more than I know you’re not. Building trust is difficult. That’s why some outlaw groups require a recruit to commit a murder while other members witness it.
      BTW, if or when we do get organized we will be classified as outlaws. Where would you like to go from here?

  • dicksview
    • ATTPIAinFL

      LOL…… EXCELLENT question!

  • LadyImpactOhio

    Europe is lost. They will just go about there same old diversity is better than security and safety. As far as Trump and his travel ban, he should just enforce it any how. Let a judge try and pull him out of the Oval Office and jail him for contempt. Obama’s people were under contempt many times. Are any of them in jail? As far as Ariana Grande, I’m sorry to say I hope she got a huge wake up call. After being a smart ass snot nose 2 years ago, and licking donuts in a donut shop and say “I hate America and Americans.” I’m sure she’s holong up in a posh London hotel wishing she was back in the states and more upset her concert was ruined than upset about the loss of life.

  • Charles Martel

    Unfortunately, we will continue to “waste another second”. I met Geert Wilders at the “Free Speech Summit” in April of 2009 organized by Tom Trento of The Florida Security Council (now, The United West). Not much has changed other than Merkel and the EU have opened the flood gates to refugees to make the problem much worse since then. I don’t know if I despise the Islamists or the progressive globalists more for allowing this cancerous ideology to metastasize.

  • Carowal

    Get this message viral! You have captured, painfully, explicitly, the logical conclusions of what results from the fifth column working against us. It is our seemingly normal leaders. Our mainstream media. And all the Pollyannas, our lazy, determinedly uneducated followers. This sly system has ruthlessly and calculatedly painted any warnings from knowledgeable sources into a corner they call hate.

    Here’s a supremely bizarre quote by Theresa May in today’s Washington Times, while visiting the injured in the suicide bombing: “(She) did not want the public to feel unduly alarmed,” she then warned that “a further attack may be imminent.”

  • tantoes

    I don’t believe all Muslims hate or want to kill NON Muslims.
    I know that that sort of hateful lunacy is why so many moved away from the radicalized areas. They like the European and American way of life.
    But…the responsibility of proving this is with those peace loving ones.
    They need to be as proactive as humanly possible at preventing this maniacal way of thinking from taking hold. At stopping the crazy ones by identifying those who are suspected of being a threat to all of us.
    Else they will be lumped together as all bad. I DO believe in surveillance of every sort, from internet, phone to snail mail.
    Why would anyone have a problem with that unless something is to hide?

    • freshideaguy

      Even the “moderates” can win martyrdom by simply donating to The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, etc. If they believe in the Quran they believe in Sharia. They must return to their home country cesspools and convince the government to allow us to come there in peace and received the same freedoms and benefits they demand from us. Call it the Doctrine of Reciprocity, (Whats Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander), Doctrine of The Golden Rule. Absent those guarantees we will close one American mosque every day, deport 100 Muslims everyday until compliance is met and guaranteed. No more Doctrine Of Hijra!

      • RamingtonStall

        Islam is a Dualistic Ideology that has no Golden Rule. There is a set of Standards for True, Mainstream Muslims and they have a totally different set of rules for dealing with KAFIRS or DHIMMIS.

    • keenosmith

      There were many Germans who did not agree with Hitler but, just like the peaceful muslims, they did absolutely nothing to stop the evil.

    • Bill Mullins

      You are too stupid and ignorant to rate an answer. Keep believing that right up until some guy in baclavah starts sawing your head off with a butcher knife. I sincerely hope your last words are, “But! But! B . . . . .”

    • RamingtonStall

      The ones you describe as radicalized or crazy are actually the ones who are patterning their lives to follow the life of the perfect Muslim, MOHAMMED, whom they are all required to follow in Every Aspect of their lives. To not fully pattern their lives after the Prophet is to earn the title “Apostate” and become candidate for beheading.
      See Bill Warner’s YouTube Video “1400 years why we are afraid” or visit to understand what the true Muslims believe and how they treat KAFIRS like us.

  • freshideaguy

    Envy you for going there. Envy you for meeting Phil Haney, David Horowitz and Geert Wilders. Keep going on, we need your time and effort. Maybe consider a “shoulder cam” and drone training. Seriously.

  • Bill Mullins

    “With the latest Muslim-led slaughter in U.K., President Trump should revive the travel ban”

    To what end, Mr Simpson; to what end? If a single judge can hold such a ban in abeyance indefinitely, how does reinstating the ban make us one whit safer? Face it, sir. The predominantly lib/prog judiciary has the bit in its teeth and there’s no stopping it from legislating from the bench, setting policy from the bench and even telling the POTUS to sit down and shut up! If Mr Trump could instate a ban and make it hold up, THAT would make us safer. But as things stand today the judiciary can checkmate the POTUS without raising a sweat.No one who wants to immigrate here – or even find asylum here unless they agree – IN WRITING – not to even apply for any form of public assistance until/unless they have been gainfully employed at least 10 of the last 12 fiscal quarters. If they DO so apply they are to be deported as expeditiously as possible and permanently banned from re-entering U.S. Territory upon penalty of 5 years at hard labor in a penitentiary – without possibility of parole – upon being apprehended. Penalties would double with each re-entry. As criminal aliens, not citizens. they are not entitled to full civil rights. Does ANY other nation on the planet recognize full civil rights for criminal aliens? Then WHY . . . . . . . . . SHOULD . . . . . . . . . WE!?!?

    • RamingtonStall

      We now have a chance in the SCOTUS to overturn the Lib-Tard Federal Judges that Obama appointed. Hopefully, President Trump will get to appoint 2 more Justices in Short Order and the Nuclear Option, having already been used, will make it possible to get them confirmed.

      • Bill Mullins

        Breaking news: An appeals court upheld the lower court. When liberals get a chance to work together they always do. One would hope that the WH would take it to SCOTUS. Unfortunately just because the administration appeals to SCOTUS, that doesn’t mean SCOTUS will hear the case. The Justices get to pick and choose which cases they hear. I’m not sure a sufficient number of Justices will be willing to put up with the potential hassle no matter HOW they finally rule. I expect SCOTUS will punt and not grant cert.

        Unfortunately, when the inevitable occurs and someone from one of those banned countries kills a bunch of people, the Dems will do the happy dance in the victims’ blood and solemnly pronounce that the victim’s blood is on the President’s hands. They will swear that if the Prez had only done his job those poor people would still be alive. The media – now including Fox news – will play that meme for weeks – MONTHS if it happens in 2020.

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  • great_grandma

    It’s a mighty big swamp. But we still outnumber them.

    • tantoes

      I’m afraid we do NOT outnumber them.
      And we certainly seem not to be waging war against them as the multitude of lunatics in their ‘religion’ do.
      Resettle refugees where they are wanted….they are not wanted here

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