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Journ-O-List Lives!

Matthew Vadum author image /

The conspiracy between left-wing journalists to manufacture news favorable to Democrats and the Obama administration known as Journolist isn’t dead.

After dismissing all the Obama scandals now raging as bogus, unethical bloggers Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo and Ezra Klein of the Washington Post suddenly changed their tune after visiting the Obama White House. Now Marshall and Klein say the IRS scandal is a real scandal but President Obama has nothing to do with it. 

“What I glean from this is that the previous White House position — nothing more needs be done, this is all a ‘partisan fishing expedition’ — is now inoperative, and a new defense — fire Lois Lerner and then claim that nothing more needs be done, this is all now just a partisan fishing expedition, again — is now in effect,” writes blogger Ace of Spades.