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Kaepernick and the clowns who honor him


A number of organizations have beclowned themselves over Colin Kaepernick.

First there was ESPN, which gave Kaepernick wall-to-wall coverage as he embarked on his silly protest of AmeriKKKa when he kneeled during the national anthem before NFL games during the 2016 season. In the weeks leading up to the 2017 season, ESPN harped on why Kaepernick had not been signed by a team. The most obvious answer, that Kaepernick alienates fans, seemed to completely elude the worldwide leader in suckage…er…sports.

Next up to don the costume of a horse’s ass was the NAACP. In late August, the organization held a protest at NFL headquarters in Manhattan, and sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell demanding to discuss Kaepernick “being victimized and discriminated against because of his exercise of free speech.” The Atlanta branch of the NAACP then called for a boycott of the NFL until a team signed him. It was great to see that the NAACP finally did something to help a black man get a job. Too bad the man the group helped was already a multi-millionaire.

Next up was the American Civil Liberties Union. On Sunday the ACLU of Southern California gave Kaepernick its Eason Monroe award at the organization’s annual Bill of Rights dinner. Jane Fonda, who was also being honored at the dinner, counseled the unemployed football player to “keep kneeling until you can’t stand up.”  Apparently no one saw the irony that Kaepernick was protesting an oppressive society, one that is so oppressive that someone like Hanoi Jane can continue to make millions of dollars as a movie star even after she who gives aid and comfort to those who are killing American soldiers.

Bringing up the rear of the clown brigade is Sports Illustrated. On Tuesday evening, Kaepernick received the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award from SI. The award was presented by singer Beyoncé who said, “It feels so good to be here on such a special night of appreciation. Thank you Colin Kaepernick. Thank you for your selfless heart and your conviction. Thank you for your personal sacrifice.”

It seems odd that Kaepernick would receive a “legacy” award since it is difficult to know what his legacy will be merely one year after his antics. But, then, what can one expect at a gathering where multi-millionaires congratulate each other for their “sacrifices.”?

Watching the jackass Kaepernick being fawned over is tedious. Watching these organizations wallow in idiocy, though, is rather entertaining. Eventually, this man will be forgotten. But ESPN, the NAACP and the rest will go on making fools of themselves for a long time to come.

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David Hogberg

David Hogberg is a writer living in Maryland. He is author of the book, "Medicare’s Victims: How the U.S. Government’s Largest Health Care Program Harms Patients and Impairs Physicians."