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Lame duck Obama accelerates refugee resettlement


President Obama has so little time remaining to inflict lasting damage on the country he hates.

So he’s moving quickly.

In the first 11 weeks of the federal fiscal year 2017 that began this past Oct. 1, the United States took in 23,428 individuals as “refugees,” according to data from the Refugee Processing Center. At the current rate, the country will resettle about 110,580 this fiscal year, which would go beyond President Obama’s target of 110,000, WND reports.

Compare these figures with last year’s when our nation admitted just 13,786 “refugees” in the first 11 weeks of fiscal 2016. By the end of that fiscal year on Sept. 30, 2015, the U.S. had taken in 84,995.

WND news editor Leo Hohmann sees these bumped-up processing rates as part of a “concerted effort” by the Obama administration to get as many “refugees” in as possible before Donald Trump becomes president on Jan. 20.

“Get them here before Trump takes office on Jan. 20, because you don’t know exactly what Trump will do with regard to this controversial program,” said Hohmann summing up the administration’s attitude. “The left is in panic mode because this program has run on autopilot for 35 years, and now for the first time we have a president who has expressed an interest in taking a hard, critical look at how it is run and the effects it’s had on our cities, states and country.”

He is referring to the U.S. State Department’s Refugee Admissions Program, which Hohmann wrote about in his brand-new book Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and the Resettlement Jihad.

The WND article continues:

This program does not need to be renewed each year; it has run on autopilot since Congress passed and President Jimmy Carter signed the Refugee Act of 1980. However, the president has the authority to set an annual ceiling on the total number of refugees admitted, as well as to determine which nationalities and how many of each to let in.

While Obama has set his sights on admitting 110,000 refugees this fiscal year, Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at Conservative Review, noted Trump can block the roughly 80,000 who are scheduled to come in after he takes office.

“To begin with, §212(f) of [the] Immigration and Nationality Act gives the president unilateral authority at will to shut down any form of immigration under any circumstance,” Horowitz explained in a recent column. “In particular, §207 delegated to the president full authority to set the number of refugees to be admitted in a given year. Thus, Trump can easily shut down refugee resettlement through executive action on day one of his administration.”

Hohmann holds a similar hope the president-elect will use his executive power to curtail the refugee resettlement program.

“Trump could decide to put in place a complete moratorium on all refugee resettlement from Muslim-majority nations like Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq, or he could significantly slow up the influx from these countries using what he calls ‘extreme vetting,’” Hohmann advised. […]