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Left Coast NAACP wants to ban national anthem

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The left-wing NAACP in California wants to dump the national anthem, fantasizing the patriotic tune is somehow racist, according to CBS Sacramento.

“This song is wrong; it shouldn’t have been there, we didn’t have it ’til 1931, so it won’t kill us if it goes away,” said president Alice Huffman.

Now-unemployed substandard football player Colin Kaepernick launched his pre-game protests kneeling during the anthem, to draw attention to alleged racial injustice, but then attention shifted to the national anthem and the American flag, Huffman asserted.

“The message got distorted, the real intentions got overlooked, it became something that’s dividing us, and I’m looking for something to bring us back together,” she claimed.

Huffman is full of it, obviously. Kaepernick was deliberately giving America the middle finger. That was the whole point of the exercise.

But she continued whining:

Huffman adds that the protests did lead her to look at the lyrics of the “Star Spangled Banner” especially the parts of the anthem we don’t typically sing.

“It’s racist; it doesn’t represent our community, it’s anti-black,” she said.

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