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Letting Hillary off the hook is a bad idea, Democrat says

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Letting Hillary Clinton off the hook isn’t a good idea, according to Pat Caddell, the non-insane Democrat pollster and pundit.

After President-elect Trump made a statement earlier today that was interpreted to mean he won’t appoint a special prosecutor to pursue Clinton, Caddell said he was “not sure it’s a good idea” to hold back.

“I think we’ve got a division here,” Caddell told Matt Boyle of Breitbart News on SiriusXM radio. “On the one hand not looking like a banana republic, throwing our opponents in jail. … But on the other hand, the rule of law here has been terribly abused.”

“But I do think when you’ve got three-quarters of the American people who believe that there are two standards of justice, one for the rich and powerful like the Clintons and one for the rest of us, that that’s a problem,” he said.

Caddell described the Obama administration’s probe of Clinton as “one of the worst-handled investigations of all time.”