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Like a snowflake only dumber: American Bar Association President Linda Klein doesn’t get it on immigration

Tina Trent author image / /   35 Comments

American Bar Association President Linda A. Klein recently lashed out at President Trump because Trump dared to criticize a Seattle judge who blocked his immigration order.

“Make no mistake,” Klein fumed, “personal attacks on judges are attacks on our Constitution.”

Oh are they now?  Judges are magically transparent standard bearers of constitutional DNA?  Judges cease being political creatures the moment they don the robe, and therefore, they must be kowtowed to in prostrate-position silence?

One would think Ms. Klein had never met a real judge. But that can’t be true, can it?

Klein’s outrage isn’t run-of-the-mill stupidity. It is the sort of stupidity that can only be nurtured in all-powerful, self-congratulatory, carnival mirror hothouses such as academia, newsrooms, and the American Bar Association.

This is Master Black Belt Six Sigma-level stupid.

“Let us be clear,” Ms. Klein continued, up to her waist in the hole she was digging, “the independence of the judiciary is not up for negotiation.”

She continued shoveling the muck: “It is vital that our judiciary remains independent and free from political pressure — independent from party politics, independent from Congress and independent from the president of the United States himself.”

You know: independent, neutral, and politics-free – the way the American Bar Association is independent, neutral, and politics-free.

Here in the real world, the American Bar Association is a special interest group that shakes down lawyers for dues and certifications in order to bankroll its left-wing politics. The ABA is about as politically neutral as UC Berkeley and every bit as ethical as any other shakedown mafia.

The real mafia probably wishes it had thought up the ABA’s racket.

In recent years, the ABA has increasingly dropped the mask of political neutrality.  When its leading lights aren’t obsessing over diversity quotas, attacking the Second Amendment, demonizing police, and taking partisan positions on healthcare, they’re taking money from such politically neutral luminaries as George Soros to agitate for wide open borders.

The ABA’s Commission on Immigration takes Soros money to lobby on immigration law in Congress and promote open borders in the media, always using the smokescreen of “professional neutrality” to claim credibility.

Discover the Networks details the ABA’s radical immigration agenda:

According to the ABA’s 2003 Legislative and Governmental Priorities regarding immigration, “The ABA supports legal immigration based on family reunification and employment skills, due process safeguards in immigration and asylum adjudications, and judicial review of such decisions … the restoration of public benefits to legal immigrants and refugees, and improving the wages, working conditions and legal status of farm workers in the United States. The ABA opposes laws that require employers and persons providing education, health care, or other social services to verify citizenship or immigration status.” [emphasis added] Under a separate heading dealing with anti-terrorism measures, the ABA states that it “opposes the incommunicado detention of foreign nationals in undisclosed locations by the INS or the Department of Homeland Security,” and that it “supports disclosure including the names of the detainees, the nature of the charges involved, and public removal hearings except in extraordinary circumstances.”

Klein is bald-faced lying when she claims the ABA stands for constitutional principles: its official position on immigration law literally encourages people to violate the Constitution. But don’t expect the media to report that.

Klein ended her attack on Trump with a cavalcade of loud fibbing. “Let me tell you what the most important border is: It’s our Constitution and the rule of law it embodies,” she shouted. “We as lawyers are called upon to protect it.”

“We protect the rule of law. We defend the Constitution. We are lawyers. We took an oath and these are our values … We will never give in. Never, never, never, never.”

The sooner the general public understands what the American Bar Association really is, and precisely what Ms. Klein means by this battle cry, the better.