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Maine Marxists are working with Chellie Pingree and taking over the state Democratic Party

Marxists are working overtime to take over the Maine Democratic Party, from the congressional to the local level.

Since its founding in June 2016, Maine Democratic Socialists of America, the Portland-based local of this country’s largest crypto-communist organization, has become a significant force in Pine Tree State politics.

Members of the Maine DSA recently met with Jesse Connolly, chief of staff for leftist Congresswoman Chellie Pingree: “Topics ranged from health care to crafting progressive messages and programs.”

Facebook, May 11, 2017, Jesse Connolly center

Last November Maine DSA comrade Mike Sylvester, running as a “Democratic Socialist,” won a Maine State House seat representing the 39th District.

Now another Maine DSAer, Joey Brunelle , is running for Portland City Council as a “progressive.”

At the grassroots level, Maine DSA has effectively conquered the state’s most influential Democratic Party club, the Cumberland County Democrats.

Last November DSAers Harlan Baker (a former Democratic state representative) and Kathleen Worcester were elected vice chairs. Barney McClelland was elected secretary and Tim Goodwin became treasurer.

Another DSA comrade, Shannon McCartney, came within four votes of taking the Cumberland County Democrats chairmanship.

Maine has long been a blue state, but never a socialist state. I’ll bet most Maine Democrats have no idea that their party is being hijacked by neo-Marxists, socialists, and outright communists.

There is nothing “democratic” about Democratic Socialists of America.