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Maryland public defender trashes Trump in government email

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Trump hater Paul DeWolfe used Maryland taxpayer resources to attack President-elect Trump, reports blogger Jeff Quinton of the Quinton Report.

In a Nov. 13 email to colleagues, the Maryland Public Defender whined about how terrible it was that Trump won.

It has been less than a week since the presidential election. Many of us are still in shock and despair over the results. I am old enough to remember the presidential election of 1968 when Richard Nixon and a wave of “law and order” Republicans were elected at all levels of government. This resulted in the reversal of so many of the progressive reforms brought about by the struggles of the civil rights movement. The legislative reforms such as the federal voting rights law were suddenly in peril. The criminal justice reform of the 60’s (largely the work of the “Warren Court” and the United States Justice Department) were systematically replaced over the next 30 years with public policies such as the “war on crime” and the “war on drugs”. This, of course, resulted in the mass incarceration of poor people, the vast majority of whom were people of color.

You get the drift. It’s left-wing horror propaganda. And it shouldn’t be going out on the State of Maryland’s communications network.

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