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Maybe I don’t need a diet and a personal trainer: I’m in GQ!

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A film crew from Gentlemen’s Quarterly dropped by the Capital Research Center booth today in the “Hub” at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) outside the nation’s capital.

GQ is now home to the buffoonish Keith Olbermann, who blocks people on Twitter at the slightest provocation. (He’s done it to me twice — not that I’m complaining.) That’s his prerogative but he’s still a goof.

Before the two-man crew turned their camera on me, I asked if a particular columnist still worked there. Then I corrected myself and said I must have been thinking of Esquire. 

I apologized for the mistake, adding “I’m always getting the two glossy, homoerotic men’s fashion magazines confused.”

I think I probably navigated my way safely through the minefield they set for me. They’ll still find a way to make me look dumb. It’s an occupational hazard.

They seemed to be trying to get me to say nice things about Russia and fascism. I acknowledged that Russian-made Baltika beer is very good and said something critical of Benito Mussolini.

На здоровье.

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