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Cynthia McKinney is back

But her alliance with the “alt-right” should be food for thought for Republicans, too

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Even in her tediously corrupt congressional district on Atlanta’s east side, Cynthia McKinney was always considered an outlier. The six-time Georgia congresswoman is not merely a 9/11 Truther; she’s a Tupac Shakur Truther who actually sponsored a bill  “modeled on the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992” to investigate possible government involvement in the murder of Shakur, a violent rapper murdered in Las Vegas in 1996.

With antics like this, and her increasingly shrill denunciations of Israel, the Democratic Party heaved a deep sigh of relief in 2006 when McKinney was finally expunged from Congress and deported to the Green Party.

But that was the Democratic Party circa 2006. In the ensuing decade, McKinney has been looking less like a Democratic Party outlier and more like a Democratic Party bellwether. Barack Obama put a palatable resume and a Harvard pedigree on the hardcore radicalism of McKinney and her peers. After he gained the White House he opened the door, and the radicals streamed in.

The reason the Obama revolution worked while the McKinney revolution didn’t has more to do with class and generational differences than with race (i.e. Obama being half-white) or even sex.

For, if history has taught us anything, it is that leftist radicals always like a certain standard of living for themselves as they impose their revolutions on others. Unfortunately for her, coming from a middle-class background, McKinney never had the institutional resources to offer the trust fund Marxist Comp Lit graduate student cabal much more than the promise of damply tabling for the IWW at some lame anti-Israel protest.

In contrast, Obama had the generational good luck to be starting his career just as academia finally disgorged the last few sane people and swam to the deep end of the warm and luxurious bath of Fabian socialism from which they planned to stage the Marxist revolution against America. He inherited a movement that was nicely saturated with six-figure salaries for staging the socialism-for-others-then-communism-for-others takeover of America.

Obama also had the wiles to take advantage of a political machine built by previous generations of Tammany Hall-style politicians in Chicago (the real “you didn’t build that”). He had the exquisite timing to have various political sponsors in Chicago buy him a cushy University of Chicago teaching position, a no-show legal job, a mansion funded by mobster Tony Rezko, a no-show “community services” hospital job for his wife, and several well-remunerated non-jobs on prestigious nonprofit boards before he ran for Congress.

Politically, Obama is just a more sophisticated, younger version of McKinney, but when it comes to class differences, he is a world apart. One dishonest stump speech about “unity” and a bestselling autobiography that turned out to be lies later, and he was, like Chauncey Gardiner in the movie Being There, sitting in the White House, and McKinney was, like the hardworking servant in the movie Being There, still sitting in the kitchen wondering how in the heck he got there.

If I were Cynthia McKinney, I would either hate Obama or be blackmailing him.

But, being Cynthia McKinney and a woman of some energy and absolute beliefs, she just continued selling Marxist snake oil and waiting for Democrats to catch up with her. You do have to respect her tenacity, if nothing else.

Now McKinney is back, dragging a long trail of anti-Semitic behavior that is less embarrassing to the Comp Lit crowd than it used to be. In the tradition of both second sons of plutocrats and second-string Marxist revolutionaries, she has spent the ensuing years on a sort of Grand Tour of Europe (and Israel’s beaches) while waiting for her reputation to mend back home.

With a letter of introduction from the posthumously-still-sleazy Alexander Cockburn in her pocket, McKinney attracted the attention of the Voltaire Network, the Kremlin-cum-Iran-cum-Lebanon-funded French Marxist conspiracy theory propaganda machine. The story of how Voltaire Network devolved from frothing at the mouth at America to climbing into bed with Iran is the oldest story in Marxist politics (hint: it begins in bed with Iran, but does not end with it), but such behavior barely registers on American soil – because the American media refuses to tell of it.

And so, as America hovers on the precipice of being completely taken over by Marxist grad school students as soon as they depose the speed bump that is Trump, McKinney has returned to remind the Democrats that her politics are their politics now. Unsurprisingly, Democratic Party insiders and their media mouthpieces are breaking out in hives at the prospect of being forced to deal with McKinney’s blunt exposure of everything about their politics that they like to keep under wraps.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution practically moaned:

Former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is back.

The six-term Democrat, who was defeated by Hank Johnson in 2006 and went on to spend time in an Israeli jail for her Free Gaza efforts and unsuccessfully run for president as the Green Party nominee, is embarking on a nationwide “#UNRIG” bus tour “to restore truth and integrity to governance.”

McKinney is looking to build support for legislation — which has yet to be introduced in Congress — that would nationalize the country’s central banks, enact universal voter registration and open primaries while mandating the use of paper ballots in elections. The tour, which is being coordinated by the nonprofit Earth Intelligence Network, is meant to highlight the concept that political parties are rigged and the media and “deep state” are colluding with them. …

The last time McKinney was on our radar she gave props to a controversial French comedian who had a history of making anti-Semitic jokes and appeared to support the Charlie Hebdo gunmen.

It might seem that McKinney’s return is cause for celebration on the Right.

Her dreadful optics appear to be a gift that keeps giving. But don’t break out the champagne just yet. McKinney is still partnering with the Right’s answer to the loony Left: Ron Paul’s libertarian troops are on the same bus tour, just as Ron Paul joined McKinney at the Voltaire Network, where he was even more entrenched in their anti-American conspiracy theories than she was.

The AJC adds:

McKinney is being joined by Robert David Steele, who says he is a former CIA case officer and Nobel Prize nominee. (We couldn’t confirm either tidbit.) They billed themselves as the “alt-left” and the “alt-right” uniting in order to take back the political system for the people.

A tsunami of support is unlikely.

The bus tour stopped in Atlanta over the weekend and also has plans to stop in Colorado, Oregon and Ohio.

The image on the side of the bus is something else:

(Editor’s note: The newspaper embedded the above tweet in its online article.)

It doesn’t matter that the Paulites have about as much power on the Right as pro-life Democrats have on the Left (or maybe less) while revolutionary Marxists have gained control over all the institutions of the Democratic Party, including its plutocrats. What matters is how the media digests and regurgitates the story, and for the media, the Ron Paul movement is the golden vaccine protecting Democrats from a bad outbreak of Cynthia McKinney. So long a there is a single “alt-right” (or purported “alt-right”) person on that bus with her, McKinney and her anti-American, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories become a bipartisan problem that can be further fluffed by the media into a Republican “alt-right” problem, which can be further fluffed into a “Republican Alt-Right” problem.

Meanwhile, the revolutionary Marxists of the left slink away unnoticed and Voltaire Network’s Thierry Meyssan and his actually-Kremlin-funded Marxist revolutionaries laugh all the way to the bank.

Of course it isn’t fair, but expect McKinney to continue being depicted by the media as someone Good Democrats will have nothing to do with while Republicans get saddled with “alt-right” baggage they never encouraged or accepted, let alone re-elected to Congress five times.

The unfairness of the media is well-established. The organizational problem for the Right remains: what do we do about Paulites and others who stake out property on our side of the snake-eating-its-own-tail circle of politics while pushing the conspiracy theories and prejudices of the hard Left?

If we do nothing about them, get used to the smell of those moldy Workers World newspapers piled up in Cynthia McKinney’s closets. They smell like the future.